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Monday, April 2, 2012


Happy trails! Prospect Park nature lovers make new path to outdoor sex spot

A quirky band of do-gooders built a path to a notorious public sex spot in Prospect Park to keep horny woodsmen from trampling nature while knockin’ boots. Comment

Monday, March 26, 2012


Markowitz’s wingman solves history’s mysteries

This Brooklynite spends his days as the righthand man to a New York City powerplayer, but he moonlights as a kind of private investigator, digging up records, chasing down leads, and solving mysteries. Comment

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Ditmas Park

Cutting the G train will kill Brooklyn romances — really!

Nixing an extension of the G line is an assault on love that will push many straphanging couples into long distance mode, or even break them up, lovebirds say. Comment

This Ramone remains

Marky Ramone to play the old hits at the Bell House. Comment

Make way for fresh gefilte fish

This ain’t your grandma’s gefilte fish. Comments (1)

Lt. Dan actor will rock out in Brooklyn

Gary Sinise, known for his role in “Forrest Gump,” will perform with his Lt. Dan Band to raise money for a Brooklyn-born vet. Comment

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Check the facts! Rep. Turner a ‘show’ in the community!

The Brooklyn Young Republicans go to bat for its rookie congressman in this week’s letters to the editor. Comment

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Big Screecher

It pays to screech!

This week, Carmine once again proves the power of his prose! Comment

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Newsstand

This week’s Courier Life Newspapers are online

Brooklyn Daily is proud to present the latest print editions of our Courier Life newspapers. Comment
Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach says ‘Nyet’ to cement Boardwalk plan

Residents are slamming the city’s decision to turn their beloved wooden Boardwalk into a concrete esplanade. Comments (6)
Coney Island

Q&A: Cyclones Manager Rich Donnelly

It’s not always easy having the best job in baseball — but it’s pretty fun. Comment
Park Slope

A breed of their own! Brooklyn Mutt Show celebrates quirky pooches

Brooklyn has its own doggone pooch show — for mutts and misfits, not purebreds and perfectionists. Comment

Join the movement!

Nick Silver’s play, “The Altruists,” deals with the complicated nature of protesting. Comment
A Britisher’s View

There are no apologies in war — from either side

This week, our columnist says war means never having to say you’re sorry. Comment

Sign of the times?

Williamsburg’s Orthodox Jewish community railed against a plan to install a billboard in the neighborhood that questions the Jewish faith in both English and Hebrew. Hasidic leaders called the billboard inappropriate and cheered when a landlord stopped the sign from going up on his building — forcing it to be moved to Greenpoint. The atheist group behind the controversial advertisement claims the billboard wasn’t meant to be an insult to anyone, but instead was intended to remind atheists living in Williamsburg that others share their views. We asked two leaders embroiled in this fight to give us their thoughts: Comment
Bay Ridge

Jerk tries to rob woman — but gets hosed with pepper spray

The failed mugging leads this week’s 68th Precinct police blotter. Comment

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Jewish teens get sauced at shul

Community leaders rally to address adolescent drinking as more and more Midwood teens get tipsy at temple. Comments (8)
Marine Park

Marine Park greens to get greener

The Marine Park Golf Course is undergoing massive renovations to attract big name golfers. Comment
Bay Ridge

Ridge panel allows drinking at Amnesia — but no dancing

Patrons at Bay Ridge’s scandal-socked Club Amnesia can drink all they want — but they still can’t dance, Community Board 10 ruled this week. Comment

Anglers pulling illegal fishing scheme in Prospect Park

Lawless anglers are up to something fishy again in Prospect Park: stashing illegal tools to facilitate an elaborate fish-smuggling operation, wildlife lovers claim. Comment
Standing O

Frankie’s heroes help fight cancer

This week, Brooklyn’s Biggest Booster has a few things to cheer about! Comment
Marine Park

Goon robs woman on city bus

Plus a host of other crimes from Marine Park’s 63rd Precinct. Comment

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sheepshead Bay

Fidler vs. Storobin race too close to call!

Both sides in the special election claim victory — and wait for more than 700 absentee ballots to be counted — as the neck-and-neck fight ended Tuesday night with Storobin celebrating a slim 126-vote lead over Fidler. Comments (4)
Brighton Beach

Cat hoarder to landlord: You gotta be kitten me!

Barbara Berger’s landlord has given her two more months to get rid of her brood of 45 felines, but the unabashed cat lover says she can’t get rid of her beloved pets — and will move out of her $153 a month apartment. Comment
Coney Island

Astroland founder Jerry Albert dies at 74

The visionary brought ‘standards’ back to Coney Island, friends and associates say. Comment
Marine Park

National gas grift

Cops: Beware of con artists swindling Marine Park residents. Comment
Gavel to Gavel

Alleged mobbed-up cop killer goes to trial

The trial of Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli leads this week’s Gavel to Gavel. Comment

Gun-toting thugs steal cash, cigarettes

Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment

‘Bye, bye’ for beloved producer at IS 187

Students of IS 187’s Drama Club gave their outgoing producer a top-notch send off when they performed the Broadway classic “Bye, Bye, Birdie.” Comments (4)
Not for Nuthin’

Get Barack’s face off the stars and stripes

This week, our national affairs correspondent — and banner expert — takes on what she thinks is flag desecration. Comment

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coney Island

Casino lovers: Build a Boardwalk Empire on Coney Island

Now that Albany will allow seven Vegas-style gaming rooms to open in the state, residents want to make sure one of them will be built in the People’s Playground. Comments (1)
Sheepshead Bay

Kruger’s replacement to get eight months

No matter who wins today’s special election, the state senate seat Councilman Lew Fidler and attorney David Storobin are vying for will vanish at the end of December. Comment

NYPD: Help us find these cabbie robbers

Cops are hot on the trail of two men who allegedly robbed a cab driver that took them to Canarsie on Saturday — and investigators are hoping you can identify the suspected thieves. Comment

Flatbush residents: Traffic changes in Prospect Park could hurt us

Community leaders on the south side of Prospect Park say more studies need to be done before the city takes away a driving lane from their beloved greenspace. Comments (5)

Bus slams into building — to avoid accident!

Twelve people were injured after a truck blew through a red light in Midwood. Comment
Coney Island

Handcuffed daredevil escapes underwater tank — in under a minute!

Magician survives his latest feat at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island. Comment

It’s out of this world!

PS 253 students and staff took their science fair to the next level — a planetarium the children set up in their Brighton Beach gymnasium. Comments (1)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bay Ridge

NYPD: Fort Hamilton Parkway tire-slashing spree solved

Cops arrested three men for taking part in a car bash and slash spree, but victimized motorists say that several more people were involved. Comment

Cool science!

Budding inventors and scientists from PS 52 unveiled their projects at this year’s science fair. Check out the fun in our slideshow! Comment
It’s Only My Opinion

Stan’s tidbits keep you thinking

This week, our columnist cleans out his jacket and finds gold! Comments (1)

Sunday, March 18, 2012


‘Nyet’ to Russian-friendly Storobin

Our readers chime in on Tuesday’s special election. Comment

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