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December, 2013

Park Slope

In small packages: Slope gallery proves bigger isn’t always better

At 440 Gallery’s annual “Small Works Show,” size really does not matter. Comment.

Animators go high-brow at Williamsburg gallery

When you hang out at Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network all day, this is what you do at night. Comment.

November, 2013

Prospect Heights

Final destination: An art show about death finds an appropriate venue

When Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Nancy Siesel couldn’t find a gallery for her latest show, she found it another, better home: a funeral home. Comment.

Artists: We’ll have a ball with Gowanus trash barge

The Gowanus Canal could soon be harboring quite a few more discarded bottles. Comment.
Crown Heights

Brooklyn Museum becomes a shooting gallery for this war photography exhibition

This is one exhibition where viewers will find no peace. Comment.

October, 2013

Park Slope

Leafy scenes: A photographer turns local foliage into art

For “Genius Loci,” artist Tom Bovo collected leaves from all over Brooklyn and photographed them in an ethereal light. Comment.

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Maison Bric: Arts organization unveils refurbished theater in Ft. Greene

The refurbished Strand Theater will be an all-arts venue for the first time since the 1950s. Comment.
Fort Greene

Smog alert! Rock doc follows gloomy songsmith on tour

This guy has his head in the clouds — and it is making him cough. Comment.

September, 2013

Ditmas Park

All the right notes! Ditmas Park pub-guitar store strikes a chord

Brooklyn is already home to a combination yoga studio and bar, a bike shop that doubles as a boozy cafe, and Barcade, but it turns out it was missing a place where guitar lovers could shop vintage axes while pouring back pints. Comment.
Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is the next stop for Broadway queen Faith Prince

Broadway queen Faith Prince has conquered the stage and screen — and now she is set to wow audiences at Kingsborough Community College with her one-woman show. Comment.

Pics in a box

Who let the art out? Comment.

Change of art

The storefront gate of a new art gallery has the Star of David on it, and its previous owners’ sum signage was simply “African Hair Braiding.” Comment.
Bay Ridge Courier

Album tracks

The New York City subway, more than any underground train, has always equated big city grunge. Comment.

August, 2013


Speak easy

Go to Bushwick to see experimental music, art, and now — pontificating. Comment.

It’s pine art

An art gallery is turning into a public park. Comment.
Prospect Heights

The artists are present

At night, the museum comes alive. Comment.
Bay Ridge Courier

Drawing inspiration

Grand Central art competition shows off the works of designers and architects. Comment.

Back to black

It’s the battle of the unicorn paintings. Comment.

July, 2013


Untitled artists

The revolution will be anonymous — and funny, too. Comment.

All the news that’s hip to print

Get a taste of the underground art scene. Comments (1).

June, 2013


Horsing around

Art show focuses on hoofed animal. Comment.
Bay Ridge

Storefront displays

Bay Ridge art walk joins business owners and artists. Comment.

Monsters ink, paint

Gallery celebrates 10 years of ghoulish art. Comment.

May, 2013


Impressions of Gowanus: Painters make the canal, warehouses subject of art show

Just look at the way this painting captures the hastily scrawled graffiti over peeling paint. Comment.
Crown Heights

Falling for a work of art: Plants knocked down in hurricane used for tree house

If a tree falls in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, give it to an artist. Comment.
Bay Ridge Courier

Collage garbage: Artist makes works of art with discarded everyday items

One woman’s old lingerie is another woman’s art. Comment.

April, 2013


Whirling newspapers: Artist’s tornado scultpures made of tabloids, broadsheets

It’s all the news that’s fit to make paper mache. Comment.

Insane in the frame

Just because they’re picture books don’t mean you can’t read them out loud. Comment.
Red Hook

A museum on the water

An uncanny figurine of a mutant fish-man rests next to a cool stone sculpture of a polar bear. Comment.

Brooklyn museum: Art tours highlight the writing on the wall

Feel free to touch the art in this walking tour led by an ex-graffiti artist who is treating the streets of North Brooklyn much the same way vandals do — like an art gallery. Comment.

March, 2013


Striking a wooden pose

An artist is putting a chainsaw to his portraits of New Yorkers. Comment.

Heart in the right place

Hurricane Sandy devastated Brooklyn, but a new work of public art proves the storm couldn’t break the borough’s heart. Comment.

Taxidermist stuffs rodents, poses them to look like people

Say hello to the real-life Stuart Little. Comment.

Gallery recreates tiny living spaces

If you think Brooklyn living is cramped, try Hong Kong or Japan. Comment.

February, 2013


Sounds, sights of ’80s

It’s like if Marty McFly and Doc Brown were conceptual artists. Comment.

Guitar Center’s end is nigh, two artsy indie rockers claim

Two rockers have a vision of the future of music — and there aren’t any guitars. Comment.

The writing’s on the skin: Historians share tales of tattoos, love, and tragedy

Diamonds are forever, but ink is more specific. Comment.
Prospect Heights

True grit at the museum: New sculptures pay tribute to Williamsburg Murals of ’30s

When the going gets tough, the tough get sculpting. Comment.

January, 2013


Dumb love

Sometimes, all you need is stupid. Comment.

Sense of an ending

The end of the world is coming — and it will be animated. Comment.
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