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December, 2013


What to read this week

Neighborhood booksellers give their recommendations. Comment
Park Slope

Funny photos: Greenpoint photographer captures comedians in the act

Seth Olenick spent seven years photographing the likes of Weird Al, Judd Apatow, and Zach Galifianakis for his new book, “Funny Business.” Comment

Brooklyn ghostwriter pens Kim Jong Il’s ‘autobiography’

Meet the man trying to resurrect Kim Jong Il. Comment

Cooking the books: There is a Brooklyn cookbook for every taste

Just in time for the holidays, we bring you a definitive guide to this year’s best borough-baked cookbooks. Comment

Master blaster: Prospect Heights dad wrote the book on Nerf

It is a book that should be a blast for every budding engineer and cubicle combat enthusiast to read. Comment

November, 2013


Booked in: Authors to sell their own books at borough stores

Authors across Brooklyn will don employee badges at their favorite indie bookstores on Nov. 30 as part of a nationwide movement to support small businesses. Comment

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Pun and done: Author mixes cocktails and classic literature

Author and comedian Tim Federle will serve up his literary-inspired cocktails such as “the Old Man and the Seagrams” and “the Rye in the Catcher” at Greenpoint’s Word bookstore on Nov. 22. Comment

Smoke this book

Just about everyone handles illicit substances, according to journalist Peter Madsen, whose new book “Dealers” is a collection of anonymous interviews with illicit substance handlers of New York that show how far getting high cuts across social strata. Comment
Park Slope

Old wounds on display at soldiers’ stories session

The site of the American Revolution’s first battle will host veterans of modern American wars to share stories of their harrowing experiences — of fighting and of returning home. Comment

Boys gone mild: A local duo tones down the ‘Kama Sutra’

“The Married Kama Sutra” is a PG-13 spoof on the ancient Hindu sex manual. Comment

October, 2013


Poetry barn: The city’s only poetry store opens in DUMBO

Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop focuses on creative, unconventional poetry books from small, independent press houses that would not find a market in most bookstores. Comment

What to read this week

Neighborhood booksellers give their recommendations. Comment
Bay Ridge

Fecal Matters: This book has the scoop on poop

A Midwood author’s new book is full of fascinating facts about your excrement. Comment

Pack a blanket! Book traces Prospect Park’s history from picnic haven to Lakeside Center

Did you know that, during the late 1800s, picnics were illegal in Central Park but allowed in Prospect Park? Comment

September, 2013

Crown Heights

Open sesame! Central Library gets pricey new doors

Notice something different at the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library? Good, you shouldn’t. Comment
Bay Ridge Courier

A stacked day

Home to some of the best independent bookstores in the city, Brooklyn is once again hosting its famed Book Festival. Comment
Bay Ridge

The old country

A new book about a Sicilian family in Brooklyn takes readers on historical journey. Comment

August, 2013


Poetic pups

The Paper talks to a Brooklyn dog about life in the city, literature, and sniffing stuff. Comment
Fort Greene

Of dice and men

A journalist’s new book tells the story of how a set of 20-sided dice, a character sheet, and a monster manual known as Dungeons and Dragons changed the world. Comment

July, 2013

Bay Ridge

Lone Ranger

An army vet is the main character of this new spy novel, and he’s going back into action — this time, solo. Comment
Fort Greene

Entrepreneurial journalist starts site for untold stories

In the age of Twitter, quick-shot blog updates and 24-hour cable news headlines, one journalist wants to step back and take the long, slow view. Comment

City decideds to not cut library’s budget for first time in five years

The city did not cut the Brooklyn Public Library’s budget for the first time in five years. Comment

June, 2013

Bay Ridge

Century 21

New novel follows two women from two different eras trying to make it in the fashion business in New York City. Comment

Chimeras gone wild

‘Scientist’ mixes man with animals in illustrated novel. Comment

The lady and the tramp

A real estate agent and the artist he’s tasked with clearing out from a Park Slope building are characters in a new romantic comedic novel. Comment

May, 2013

Fort Greene

Tall tales: New book shows off artist’s work with stilt dancers

Lauren Anderson Barbata has friends in high places. Comment

Characters not wanted: New comic book depicts Brooklynites, hipsters

The main character of a new comic book struggles with life in Brooklyn — where he’s surrounded by hollow friends, vain artists, and pathetic hipsters. Comment

The return of the fanboy: Free Comic Book Day hopes to regain lapsed readers

In case you haven’t picked up a comic book in ten or twenty years — local shops are giving them out for free. Comment

April, 2013


Here are some awesome things Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe said to us in an interview

Knicks legend Earl “The Pearl” Monroe had a storied career — and a life worth telling. Comment
Park Slope

God complex

The gods must be crazy — especially when it comes to family. Comment

February, 2013


Bookish attractions

What does $5 get you in a DUMBO cathouse — a poem job. Comment

Tell-tail poets: Excerpts from poems about love, loss, and lust

Bards throughout time have figured out novel ways to twist words into tantalizing turns about love, loss, and lust — pretty much as soon as someone figured out how to recite poetry. Comment

January, 2013


Granny power! New book highlights activist grandmothers

They don’t call her grand for nothing. Comment

The low down on getting high

Heroin’s a hell of a drug. Comment
Park Slope

Sword in the brownstone

An artist has turned the neighborhoods of Park Slope and Bay Ridge into characters in a new graphic novel. Comment

Book with a twist

The new Miss America lives in Windsor Terrace, is dead, and now a contortionist gets ready for her big interpretation of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five” — and so it goes in Brooklyn. Comment

Reading at the edge of town: Authors talk Springsteen in Greenpoint

They will work for their love. Comment

Gertrude Stein marathon! Get ready for 52 grueling hours of action, literature

A long, dense, and difficult book calls — and Brooklyn answers. Comment
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