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August, 2016


Military rations! Army terminal opens food-production hub

And they’re hoping it’s a recipe for success. Comment
Fort Greene

Rice guys finish first: Jollof competition at African food fest

It is time for the great jollof-off! Comment
Bay Ridge

Yuuuuuuge news! Trump photo back at Schnitzel Haus

They’re making Bay Ridge great again! Comments (18)

Raising the roof: Where to drink up in the air

Time to get high! Comment

Raising the roof: Where to drink up in the air

Time to get high! Comment
Kings Highway

Picking the bones: Mirage Diner hopes to feast on fallen Del Rio

Diners are closing all over Brooklyn, but Mirage’s owner says he’s saving a seat for displaced denizens. Comments (11)

July, 2016


Dine and dashed: Brooklyn’s 24-hour greasy spoons are toast, insiders say

Gravesend staple Del Rio’s closing is just the appetizer, according to industry experts. Comments (42)
Brooklyn Heights

Sweet talkers: Panel will discuss history of ice cream

They are the cream of the crop! Comment
Sheepshead Bay

They’re on a roll! Roll-N-Roaster has new curbside sandwich hut

Now, they’ve got even more things to put Cheez on! Comment
Old School

Fruits of labor: Marine Park’s oldest produce shop still fresh

He’s ripe with stories. Comments (3)
Coney Island ►Video

Media consumption: Journo readies for next year’s Nathan’s contest

He’s one hungry reporter. Comment
Coney Island RIGHT NOW

Hot dog — it’s a liveblog!

We’re serving up the Nathan’s hot-dog-eating contest live, and frankly, this coverage is so down-and-dirty, you’ll need napkins at home. Comment
Dining ►Video

Red, white, and brew! Brooklyn’s American Ale versus Budweiser’s America

It’s American Ale — because Finland demanded it! Comment

June, 2016

Coney Island

On a roll: Nathan’s pumps out thousands of franks for anniversary fete

These dogs had their day! Comment

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Coney Island

Dog fight! Nathan’s and Feltman’s battle for hot dog supremacy

It was a wiener-waving contest! Comments (1)

May, 2016

Coney Island

Hot diggety! Five cent franks for Nathan’s 100th anniversary

It will be as packed as its first day in business! Comments (1)

Fighting dirty! Kitchens compete in dishwashing duel

They are looking for a good clean fight! Comment

Canarsie chef opens Fort Greene restaurant thanks to public housing program

He’s Jamaican it! Comment
Ditmas Park

Grow-rious! Ditmas Park CSA accepting applications for 2016 season

Veggie-lovers, rejoice — the Ditmas Park Community-Supported Agriculture has opened registration for the 2016 season. Comment

April, 2016

Bay Ridge

Artichoke Pizza eyeing Bay Ridge

But owners say this one ain’t ready to come out of the oven just yet. Comment
Old School

Di Fara building’s for-sale listing was ‘premature,’ pizzaolos say

Get it while it’s hot! Comment
Marine Park

Sweet anniversary! Marine Park chocolate store celebrates 70 years

That’s a lotta chocolate! Comments (1)

Getting a piece of the pie: Bensonhurst restaurant opens pizza shop in trendy Williamsburg

It’s a slice of real Brooklyn in hipster Williamsburg. Comment

March, 2016

Coney Island

Gettin’ hammered: Peggy O’Neill’s will be renovated into a beer garden

And they’re making their own beer! Comment

February, 2016


It’s all gravy! Reporter’s notebook: I made ‘Sunday sauce’ from Asian market ingredients

In which an enterprising reporter tests the hypothesis Bensonhurst’s coming Jmart will appeal to non-Asian clientele. (We think it will) Comments (1)

Cold brew: ‘Insulated Lager’ goes beyond winter beer

The weather and the mugs are frosty! Comment

Winter beer taste test

Our reporters sample three winter beers from Brooklyn. Comment

Buzz worthy: The best NYC Beer Week events in Brooklyn

Hops on over to Sanders Studios! Comment

Home sweet home: Chocolate guru Jacques Torres moves to Sunset Park

Sunset Park has the golden ticket! Comment
Manhattan Beach

Teetoddlers: Board fights Manhattan Beach beer license fearing underage drinking

Shirley Temples anyone? Comment

January, 2016


Where ya bean? Sunset Park finally gets a hipster coffee shop

Cue the Whole Foods. Comment
Cobble Hill

‘Moby-Dish’: Dinner inspired by whale tale

Call it Ish-meal. Comment

Pasta la vista! Gravesend eatery Fiorentino’s closes after 32 years

This restaurant’s salad days are over. Comments (1)

Opportunity gnocchin’: Alternatives to Fiorentino’s

Five places to get your focaccia fix now that Fiorentino’s has closed. Comments (2)

Baby, it’s warm outside: Five spots with heated patios

Chill outdoors at these hot-spots! Comment

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