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October, 2012


Butchering the competition

A restaurant in Fort Greene is offering a class on butchering large, medium, and small animals. Comment.
Atlantic Yards

Barclays Center concession will serve organic, gluten-free food

Judging by the menu, it really is Brooklyn’s arena. Comment.

August, 2012


Do or Dine chef wins TV show, our hearts, and our stomachs

A young Bedford-Stuyvesant chef has staked his reputation on something as boring as a Caesar salad — and it worked. Comment.

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July, 2012


London Olympics guide: How to root for Brits in Brooklyn

We’re all very proud of Michael Phelps and the other Americans heroically competing in sports we don’t normally care about, but it wouldn’t be the Olympics without cheering guiltlessly for some other country’s team. Comment.

New bar names itself after putrid waterway

Drinking from the Gowanus Canal is a Brooklynite’s worst nightmare, but that hasn’t stopped the fetid waterway from inspiring a new Carroll Street watering hole and other trendy hangouts. Comment.

Would you drink these libations inspired by the Gowanus Canal?

Naming your establishment after a local landmark is one thing, but taking the more than undrinkable Gowanus Canal as the impetus for a beverage — and serving it up to patrons — is walking a line between the playfully ironic, and plainly daring. Comment.

June, 2012

Red Hook

Surf and turf: Red Hook crab shack and minigolf course putts it all on the table

A rustic new crab shack in Red Hook is serving up mini-golf alongside buckets of fresh fare — and seafood loving Brooklynites are already shelling it out for the new summertime destination. Comment.
Park Slope

Get hooked up! ‘Community supported fishery’ connects fishermen to foodies

Farm to table? Try ocean to table. Comment.
Bay Ridge

New Italian market opens in Bay Ridge

A new Italian specialty store is coming to Bay Ridge this August. Comment.

Sounds weird, tastes wonderful

It’s not quirk for quirk’s sake — it tastes amazing, too. Comment.

May, 2012


Boro’s ramen men unite

The greatest minds of Brooklyn’s Japanese culinary scene are getting together to host a series of very special dining events. Comment.

April, 2012


Brooklyn’s Italian restaurants flooded by fake relatives, owners say

Name-dropping customers who want hook-ups at Italian restaurants have a suspiciously and hilariously loose definition of “famiglia,” Brooklyn restaurateurs say. Comment.

New Mexican: Lights on for DUMBO’s new Gran Electrica

Gran Electrica is adding a jolt to DUMBO’s oft-maligned food scene. Comment.

Our food columnist infiltrates Brooklyn’s underground supper club

The first rule of NY Bite Club is that you don’t talk about NY Bite Club. So much for the first rule. Comment.
Bay Ridge

Thai gets real in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge’s Glow really shines. Comment.

March, 2012


Make way for fresh gefilte fish

This ain’t your grandma’s gefilte fish. Comments (1).

It’s posher, not Kosher

Restaurants inspired by Jewish cuisine are serving completely amazing — and totally against the rules — fare. Comment.
Park Slope

Meat Madness: Slope hot dog shop pits franks against burgers

At the end of this tournament, Park Slope will have a true top dog — unless the burger wins out. Comment.

Jungle fever! New eatery boasts Italian dining, nearly naked women

Jaguars 3 is Sunset Park’s latest not-so-family restaurant. Comments (1).

This is one hot story!

An experimental play takes you on a booze cruise through a town suffering from a continual coal mine fire. Comments (1).

February, 2012


It’s a Bath Beach pork party

The other white meat takes center stage at Carnevale. Comment.

Who cares about love? Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate

It’s the only holiday where grownups are allowed — nay, encouraged — to eat sweets with reckless abandon. Here are Brooklyn’s best sweet treats. Comment.

Feel the love!

These tasty treats will fire up your mind, body and soul, just in time for the sexiest holiday of the year. Comment.

What’s an aphrodisiac?

Here’s a breakdown of the world’s sexiest eats. Comments (1).

January, 2012

Park Slope

This ‘Top Chef’ is the real thing

We were already fans of Bravo’s “Top Chef Season 4” and “All-Stars” contestant Dale Talde going in — a fact we tried hard not to convey when interviewing him about Talde, his new Asian-fusion eatery on Seventh Avenue and 11th Street in Park Slope. Comment.

Not your average cup of joe — W’burg cafe treats java as art

There are coffee houses — and then there’s Toby’s Estate. Comment.

The pickle microcosm

These briny beauties represent the changing face of Brooklyn. Comment.
Cobble Hill

A ‘Pig’ fit for Kings!

A bourgeois staple comes to Cobble Hill. Comment.
Bay Ridge

Surf’s up: Ho’Brah’s tacos are a taste of California — in Bay Ridge!

Hey bro — got a jones for some righteous SoCo-style eats? Make the drop into Bay Ridge, where Ho’Brah, Bay Ridge’s new surfer-inspired taco joint, is currently riding the sweet wave of success. Comment.
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