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December, 2014


Mystery meat: Underground dining club invades Brooklyn

Guess who is coming to dinner. Comment
Prospect Heights

Dough! Fancy doughnuts arrive on Flatbush Avenue

Finally! A place to buy $3.75 doughnuts in Prospect Heights! Comment

November, 2014

Greenwood Heights

Bulgarian pickling workshop comes with a side of cultural exchange

This class is kind of a big dill. Comment
Prospect Heights

Pie in the sky: Williamsburg pizzeria delivers by drone

It was one small step for pizza, and one giant leap for pizza delivery. Comment

Upper crust! Become a pie-witness expert this Thanksgiving

Stuff this in your pie-hole. Comment

October, 2014


That’s the spirit! New book highlights local liquors and libations

Lovers of both booze and Brooklyn are going to drink this up! Comment

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Recipe: Royal Ascot Cocktail

Make this variation on a Pimm’s cocktail from Boerum Hill’s Cuilding on Bond at home. Comment

Pump-king! Brooklyn pumpkin ales go head to head

Orange you curious who makes the best pumpkin beer in Brooklyn? Comment

September, 2014


America the booze-iful! W’burg bar creates a cocktail for every state

A drive to all 50 states would take a long time — especially when you factor in Hawaii. But a new Williamsburg bar is offering an alcohol-soaked road trip that will allow patrons to circumnavigate the states from the comfort of their bar stools. Comment

Region-themed bars around Brooklyn

Drink in California, Maryland, Texas, Minnesota, or Illinois without leaving the borough. Comment

August, 2014

Brooklyn Heights

Meet maitre d’ Markowitz: The former Beep buses tables at Noodle Pudding

This public servant got a taste of a different kind of service on Friday night in Brooklyn Heights. Comment

July, 2014

Prospect Heights

Deck the beer halls! Celebrate Christmas in July at a winter brew party

Santa is coming early to Brooklyn — and he is bringing beer. Comment

Fowl play! Brewery celebrates beer-loving chickens

Which came first — the chicken or the keg? Comment

Garbage gourmet! Do-gooder foodies dine in W’burg dumpster

Industrial decoration and outdoor seating are all the rage in the restaurant world, so it was only a matter of time before someone decided to host a gourmet dinner inside a dumpster. Comment
Coney Island

‘Jaws’ of wife! Joey Chestnut gets engaged ahead of wiener win

The hot-dog-eating titan got engaged in front of a massive audience in the pouring rain to work up an appetite for the 61 hot dogs he gobbled to clinch an eighth straight championship. Comment
Coney Island

Ocean brews: A new beer fest is brewing in Coney Island

Get beer-sodden by the sea! Comment

June, 2014

Red Hook

Sweet relief! Popsicle shop pops up in Red Hook, Sandy be damned

A beloved Red Hook snack factory that bounced back from Hurricane Sandy has opened a frozen treat shop just in time for summer. Comment

First bite: Bushwick gets a food fest

Consider it a rite of passage. A delicious, delicious rite of passage. Comment
Cobble Hill

Kicking the high balls: Drink your way through the World Cup

Hunter’s Restaurant in Cobble Hill has created a cocktail for every team in the World Cup. Comment

Brews clues: Fermentation fans battle it out at Beer Geek Trivia

All those years of beer drinking could finally score you more than a gut and an unnecessarily large collection of novelty koozies. Comment

Coal on ice! City wants to raise price of coal-oven pizza

Coal pizza ovens, contrary to popular belief, are not bound by much red tape, but that could change if a new law passes requiring old-school pizzerias to buy $10,000 air filters for their pie cookers. Comments (4)

Un-brew-sual: Rare Beer Fest features strange suds

Brooklyn Brewery will host 26 breweries from around the state, all offering up their weirdest, most hard-to-find concoctions. Comment

May, 2014


Get the scoop on cooling cones

If the name doesn’t say it all, don’t be surprised to find foods like chorizo, beets, celery, pumpernickel, manchego, or olive oil in your fresh scoops of this small- Comment

Brooklyn’s backyards: The best restaurants with outdoor seating and eating

Any day now, it’s going to be time for some al fresco dining. Comment
Brooklyn Heights

The story of Brooklyn’s pie society

Pizza historian Scott Wiener will explain how the cheesy finger-food became a staple of New York fare and how his home borough helped get it there. Comment

Swallow your pride: Wine tasting pits Brooklyn’s booze against Europe’s finest

Judge not lest ye be judged — but if you ain’t from here, fugheddaboudit. Comment

April, 2014


Cooking up a stink: Taiwanese Night Market serves up stinky tofu

“Your food stinks!” is not an insult to this cook. Comment

Basket case: We go hunting for Brooklyn’s best Easter chocolates

Forget about eggs — the borough’s top chocolatiers are making chocolate-dipped Peeps, two-foot tall bunnies, and chocolate-coated matzoh this Easter. Comment

Carol Grimaldi passes away at 75

We remember the legendary pizzaiolo. Comment

Amateur hour: Brooklyn home brewers compete for glory in Gowanus

Local home brewers will pit their best beers against each other at the “Pride of Brooklyn Homebrew Festival” — and you can help decide the winner. Comment

Home brew how-to: Where to find classes and equipment in Brooklyn

Want to make your own beers, but don’t know a wort from a trub? We’ve got you covered. Comment

Spice market: Smorgasburg fires up again with two India-inspired hot sauces

Brooklyn’s outdoor markets are gearing up for an Indian summer. Comment

Ra ra Rasputin! A dinner honoring Russia’s greatest love machine

Toast the “Mad Monk” at this educational dinner party celebrating the life and legacy of the mysterious Russian mystic. Comments (1)

March, 2014

Marine Park

Chili factor: Aviator’s chili fest has ostrich on the menu

Something spicy is cooking at Floyd Bennett Field. Comment

Saucy squabble: Is it ‘sauce’ or ‘gravy’?

What’s in a name? Would not a sauce by any other name taste as tangy? Comment

Cooking with swan

2 fresh bay leaves Comment
Carroll Gardens

Dosa, so good: New eatery brings South Indian cuisine to Brooklyn

Pancakes for dinner? That is the order of the day at Dosa Royale. Comment
Bay Ridge

Spice girl: Bay Ridge icon pens new cookbook

Tanoreen’s Rawia Bishara shows you how to make her beloved Middle Eastern food at home. Comment

February, 2014


What a crock! This cookoff has pots of chili — but no pot chili

There is just one thing you cannot put in your dish at Barcade’s Underground Chili Extravaganza... Comment

Could Brooklyn lose its flavor? Borough’s landmark restaurants aren’t landmarked

Nothing is stopping these iconic Brooklyn eateries from going the way of the dodo. Comment

Spice market: Feel the burn with these Brooklyn hot sauces

Just how many variations on the mouth-searing condiment can one borough cook up? You might be surprised! Comments (1)

New York Beer Week comes to Brooklyn

‘NYC Brewer’s Choice’ brings 27 state breweries to Williamsburg for epic tasting event. Comment

Brew-klyn: More Beer Week events around the borough

Enjoy New York City Beer Week without crossing a bridge. Comment
Prospect Heights

Three Way: The Way Station bar celebrates third anniversary

The Prospect Heights Doctor Who- and steampunk-themed bar is throwing a birthday bash, with live swing music and go-go dancing. Comment

Pro ballers: Top Brooklyn meatball-makers on their secret ingredients

Thinking of throwing down at the Brooklyn Meatball Takedown on Feb. 9? We asked the pros what makes a spicy meatball. Comment

January, 2014


Winging it: Super Bowl party catering from Brooklyn eateries

Don’t drop the ball on Feb. 2 — let one of these local restaurants cater your big game party. Comment

A taste of the Gowanus: Popular ice cream shop to offer ‘toxic sludge’ flavor

Gowanus is getting a taste of its own medicine. Comment
Park Slope

Go for a picnic while snow’s still on the ground!

“Competitive Winter Picknicking” will pit teams of cold-weather diners against each other in a battle to create the finest al-frescop feast in Prospect Park. Comment
Park Slope

What to pack on your winter picnic

Picnic like a champion this winter, with these locally-sourced essentials. Comment

Chock full: Top chocolatiers visit Gowanus for tasting party

This golden ticket will get you into a room of chocolate — and you won’t have to go searching through Wonka Bars to find one. Comment
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