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February, 2017

Fort Greene

Hope & borders: Musical follows a Somali refugee’s journey

The Muslim ban meets a Muslim band! Comments (1)

January, 2017

Greenpoint ►Video

Dancing with the tsars: Rock musical ‘Beardo’ shows life and death of Rasputin

Rah-rah Rasputin! Comment

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Head into ‘Porto’: Play about hipster barflies way better than you’d expect

It’s a locally-sourced, artisanally made delight! Comment
Fort Greene

Dancing queen: ‘La Medea’ turns tragedy into disco TV

It’s a multimedia “Medea!” Comment

Hack & splash!: Kids’ show satire leaves audience covered in gore

They’ve taken a kids’ show and added a splash of violence! Comment
Fort Greene

Singing bloody murder! ‘Anatomy Theater’ opera looks at the heart of a killer

They’ll be singing over her dead body! Comment

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