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November, 2012


When attending a play set in Rome …

Et tu, audience? Comment

Fairy tale search for a star

Disney’s got talent! Comment

Playwrights find new home in Bath Beach

Southern Brooklyn theater’s got bite. Comment

September, 2012

Columbia St Waterfront

Columbia Street puppet theater on last legs

Who’s cutting the strings on this puppet theater? Comment
Fort Greene

‘County of Kings’ comes home

The “County of Kings” is finally going on stage — in the County of Kings. Comment

August, 2012

Bay Ridge

Way off Broadway! Manhattan theater troupe hits Bay Ridge

Why go off-Broadway when you can go off-Ridge Boulevard? Comments (1)

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Drink like a rhino

This must be what college was like for theater kids. Comment

July, 2012


Sci-fi spoof shows robots enslaving humanity using Facebook

The evil robots are taking over — one Facebook update at a time. Comment

Video game theater series gives audience the controller

The players are on stage — and in the seats, too. Comment

May, 2012

Park Slope

Attention deficit theater

You’ll laugh, you’ll scream, you’ll cry — but make it quick because each of these plays are ten minutes long. Comment

April, 2012

Bay Ridge Courier

Their eyes are watching her

A play about famous writer Zora Neale Hurston is a true character study — and not just of the writer herself. Comment
Park Slope

Night on the ‘Town’ — Gallery Players take on Broadway classic

It’s a big Broadway play in a little Brooklyn theater. Comment

March, 2012


Join the movement!

Nick Silver’s play, “The Altruists,” deals with the complicated nature of protesting. Comment
Park Slope

‘Raisin in the Sun’ doesn’t prune with age

There are no wrinkles in this theatrical remake. Comment

February, 2012

Checkin’ in with

Sheepshead Bay on off-Broadaway

Hometown playwright’s new play hits the stage. Comments (1)

Classic Kushner play ties Reagan to Hitler

An early work by the man who brought you ‘Munich’ comes to Brooklyn College Comments (1)

January, 2012

Bay Ridge

To beat, or not to beat?

That is the question in Bay Ridge-based Genesis Repertory’s racy BDSM re-imagining of Shakespeare’s classic. Comment
Brooklyn Heights

‘April’ in wintertime

The Heights Players bring a springtime classic to the stage. Comment

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