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Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010


Bensonhurst celebrates Columbus Day with parade

Red, white and blue — along with some red, white and green — were seen all over 18th Avenue on Oct. 8 in celebration of the 29th annual Columbus Day Parade. Comment.

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Monday, Oct. 11, 2010

Bay News

Ida Eisenstein is our pigskin prognosticator!

Our gridiron guru Ida Eisenstein proved something this week that many in the office pool began to question, at least privately: she’s human. Ida had an off-week, winning just five of 14 contests, a devastating blow to her fans, but not to her confidence, which remains solid as a lump of osmium. Comment.
Bay News

Crooked moves: Cops looking for dancing mugger

Dance dunce Comment.
Bay News

Colton: I’ll sue to stop garbage complex

A Bensonhurst lawmaker said this week that he’ll sue if the city’s proposal for a garbage facility at Shore Parkway and Bay 41st Street is approved by the state. Comment.
Bay News

Cab drivers ignore new “No Standing” signs on Sheepshead Bay Road

New parking restrictions beneath the Sheepshead Bay Road train station have livery drivers saying “catch me if you can” to police and potential passengers in hot pursuit of their vehicles. Comment.
Bay News

Bloody family ties

An unhinged 45-year-old went wild during a clash with his estranged in-laws on Oct. 1, killing his former sister-in-law and wounding three other relatives — including a four-year-old boy — during a bloody rampage inside the family’s Sheepshead Bay home. Comment.
Bay News

Panel: Illegal business needs to go

They want him gone for good. Comment.
Bay News

A Kaddish for Nathan Handwerker

It wasn’t easy to get to know “Mr. Nathan,” the Hot Dog King with his unrelenting workaday regimen. Comment.
Bay News

Celebrating 60 years of wedding bliss, in style

My oldest sister Susie, at 90, had to be kept in the dark about the party until that morning, because the family feared she would slip up. I call both sisters everyday and many times found myself biting my tongue to keep the secret. Imagine my poor brother-in-law’s dilemma: being on guard every moment every day for over a month? Well, the ruse went well — Jennie was surprised. Comment.

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