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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bay News

Panel says ‘no’ to concrete on Boardwalk

Concrete-wary members of a local panel banded together Tuesday night to reject the city’s plan to replace wooden planks on the Boardwalk with a road — a surprise victory for those who feared the iconic seaside attraction would start to look like an everyday sidewalk. Comment.
Bay News

Prime cut: Woman wigs out at Prime Meats

Prime nuisance Comment.
Bay News

Rezoning rescinded!

The city has killed a controversial elementary school re-zoning plan that some parents feared would force their kids to travel too far to get to class. Comment.

Coastal rallyers form a human chain in Coney Island

-— Shavana Abruzzo Comment.
Bay News

No new mosque in ‘Brooklynstan’

Muslims should be the first to understand why a mosque in 2010 Brooklyn, USA would be problematic. Comments (1).
Bay News

The anti-Valentine’s Day parties

There’s not just good eating in the borough this Valentine’s Day. Check out the events below for some special love-themed events in Brooklyn, some traditional, some not (murder ballads, anyone?). Comment.
Bay News

Tribute to jazz great Joe Maneri

This February 9, the Irondale Center will hold a tribute to Joe Maneri, a Williamsburg-born jazz musician and composer who died this past summer due to complications of heart failure. Comment.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bay News

Class KO: Student knocked out in Sheepshead Bay HS fight

Knocked unconscious — in school! Comment.
Bay News

Parents group hopes to stop charter invasion

Parents from a Coney Island public school are appealing the city’s decision to cram a growing charter school into their West Avenue facility, which they say is already overcrowded. Comment.
Bay News

Lost in the flood!

The offices of the Brighton Neighborhood Association were left in ruins following a massive May 17 flood — a disaster that the director of the 34-year-old advocacy group claims was man-made. Comment.

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