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Friday, Oct. 12, 2012

Sheepshead Bay

Cops: Husband sets wife’s hands on fire

Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from the 61st Precinct. Comment

Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012

Gerritsen Beach

Vandals smear swastikas inside PS 277 playground, watchdog group claims

Vandals smeared 10 swastikas on two park benches in Gerritsen Beach’s Dr. John’s Playground this week, say neighborhood graffiti busters who fear that the hate-filled wall scrawlers will soon return to the scene of the crime. Comments (1)

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Coney Island

Baby walrus on board! Aquarium’s newest inhabitant flies in from Alaska

Meet Brooklyn’s newest transplant: he’s only four months old, and he’s already got the hippest mustache in town. Comments (1)
Coney Island

He’s not a ghost! Coney Island is haunted by Nixon

Taking your civic duties seriously is one thing, but you should never let them go to your head. Comment
Coney Island

Brooklynites run for walruses in need

Hundreds turn out for annual Run for the Wild — which honored the mighty mustachioed walrus this year. See all the fun in our slideshow. Comment
Coney Island

Cops: Neighbor tormented woman

Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from the 60th Precinct. Comment

Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012

Sheepshead Bay

Holocaust Park has become a homeless hangout, residents say

Sheepshead Bay’s Holocaust Memorial Park has become an unofficial homeless shelter, say residents who want the derelicts they find lounging in the public space to move somewhere else. Comments (1)
Coney Island

Ancient Jewish tradition comes to new Coney park

Luna Park set up a giant sukkah inside its gates for Jewish people celebrating Sukkot to congregate, eat, pray, and have some fun. Comment

Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012

Sheepshead Bay

Sources: Aldi supermarket to open in shuttered Pathmark

A new supermarket chain is poised to open in the shuttered Pathmark building on Nostrand Avenue, this paper has learned. Comments (2)
Coney Island

Zigun’s hurt — and he needs your help!

The unofficial mayor of Coney Island is in the hospital — and he’ll gladly give you some oldtimey People’s Playground postcards if you pay his medical bills. Comment
Gerritsen Beach

Simba’s back! Wandering Persian returns home

He may not look it, but Simba is happy to be home — and he has our paper to thank for his safe return. Comment

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