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Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2008



Sued for Comment.

Take the fear out of HS

Starting high school is often a strange and stressful time for new students. Although they had previously visited the high school, heard the positive stories (and some negative) and feel ready to move on, there is still a certain inclination to stay put in the safety of primary school. Comment.

Resources for college applicants

The Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (clcu) has released four new resources for students, parents, and school counselors to assist current and aspiring college-bound students. The 2008 editions of Your College Search, Admissions and Financial Aid Bulletin, College Quick Tips, and a new color poster mapping independent campuses throughout the state, clarify the college search and financial aid process, and provide suggestions for making the most of the college experience. Comment.

Fear removed for college aid

If you need financial aid to help meet college costs, you are very likely to receive it. Many colleges also offer merit scholarships where financial need is not a factor. Always apply for aid and meet the deadlines. Comment.

Tireded of NYMTC

You reported that one of the attendees at September’s transportation workshop, sponsored by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC), attributed the low attendance to poor publicity. Comment.

Sticking up for P.S. 207

I am currently a sixth grade teacher at Public School207. It has come to my attention, that some of our neighbors, have been saying unkind things about our school. Comment.

Steel and sunsets

Re: “The Bones of September.” Comment.

Outrageous rent hike

I have lived in a rent-stabilized apartment for over 30 years in Sheepshead Bay. Comment.

MTV delivers again

Re: “Music-Schmusic VMA Was A Bust,” “Not for Nuthin” column by Joanna P. DelBuono, 9-11- issue. Comment.

Give the money here

Instead of handing wall street close to a trillion-dollar bailout and bankrupt ‘main street,’ maybe the feds should hand every legal head of household a check for $100,000. Comment.

Box office washout

I am very disappointed in the quality and content of movies, lately. Comment.

Anti-abortion booster

Voicer Julie Kirshner, president of Brooklyn-Queens National Organization of Women, says, “Sarah Palin is anti-woman because she doesn’t believe in the ERA, embryonic stem-cell research, or the right to choose, even in cases of rape or incest.” Comment.

A man for all seasons

Shavana Abruzzo, (“A Britisher’s View”), I just read your beautiful column on Paul Newman [RIP: Paul Newman, 1925-2008). Comment.

NOT FOR NUTHIN’ - Pearls of wisdom from my father

The other morning, while sipping on a hot cup of coffee and enjoying a family breakfast moment, my husband turned to my daughter and said, “You know, you should never chew food when you have to sneeze.” Comment.

A BRITISHER’S VIEW - ‘Muckity-Mac’ leaves a lot to be desired

This is the first installment of a two-part column on presidential challengers John McCain and Barack Obama — ABV. Comment.


Unless people start demanding change thirsty working families waiting for some economic relief to “trickle down” can probably wait to hell freezes over – it just ain’t gonna happen under these house rules. Still, the Consumer Corner is here to help you uncover the best bargains and deals in town so that you can get the most out of your consumer dollar. Comment.

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