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Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2009


‘Islamic mayhem’

Re: “Prez to terrorists — puhleeze be our pal,” A Britisher’s View by Shavana Abruzzo, 2-5 issue. Comment

Hurray! Iron fist!

Dear Stanley Gershbein, (“It’s Only My Opinion”), I would like to comment on two of your recent articles, but before I do that, let me say that you are one of the main reasons I continue my subscription to this publication. When I get my paper in the mail, the first thing I do is find your “It’s Only My Opinion” column. Comment
Williamsburg NOT FOR NUTHIN’

‘Sweet’ Sixteen: Ugh, it’s all too much

In a column long ago, I complained about the excesses of “My Super Sweet Sixteen,” a reality TV show, that, to my dismay, is still running. The girls were all spoiled, self-indulged and had parents with too much money and not enough sense to know what to do with it all. Ha! I could tell them a thing or too, I proclaimed. Comment

Islam’s thugs are whooping it up to the mosque

After 9/11 we needed justice but little was delivered, largely due to America’s political correctness. Comment

Heart Docs: safeguarding cardiac health

The heart works hard from the second we are born until the moment life ends. Comment

DCIC Business Institute: prepare for success

Is this the year you’ll find success in the business world? Comment

Consumer’s Corner

Love may be in the air for those who Cupid decides to smile on, but there’s also something else waiting through the streets of Brooklyn this week. No, not the trash - it’s the sweet aroma of savings. Let’s take a look. Comment

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