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Sunday, Aug. 22, 2010


We need a tree-mendous watering effort

Call it the Million Tree Parch. Comment.

Thursday, Aug. 19, 2010


Staying in a garbage hut? Here’s where to eat

One of the rules of Jill Sigman’s Hut Project is that guests cannot use the subway to leave the neighborhood. Comment.

Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010


Vans plans jams — but what about the fans?

A multibillion-dollar skateboarding company is building an indoor skate park in Greenpoint — but it won’t be for the public or for fans of the fastest growing wheel-based board sport in the world. Comment.

To stop shoplifters, W’burg store tries public humiliation

One Williamsburg grocery chain is so inundated with thieves that it’s taken to publicly shaming the offenders — by posting their pictures all over the storefront. Comment.

Laughter followed shooting of Hasidic man

Police are on the lookout for two suspects who shot a Hasidic man in his stomach, then laughed at him as he lay bleeding on a quiet residential street in South Williamsburg early Tuesday morning. Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

‘Ghost stroller’ mystery confounds Park Slope

Call it the ghost stroller. Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

Wanted: Opossum! Chicken-killing fiend on the loose in Carroll Gardens

The Ozzy Osbourne of opossums is on the loose in Carroll Gardens, making every day since late July a black sabbath for area resident Rose Unes. Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

For the birds! Homes for our avian friends pop up all over the Gowanus

Development may be stalled along the Gowanus Canal, but at least one type of housing stock is booming. Comment.
Brooklyn Heights

Double trouble on Warren

84th Precinct Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

They stole the document!

76th Precinct Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

Dancewave troupe wows them in Scotland

The Park Slope youth dance troupe that was robbed of $10,000, yet was able to re-raise that cash just in time to enter a prestigious dance festival in Scotland made its victorious return on Sunday, having been the only American representative at the Aberdeen International Youth Festival. Comment.

Williamsburg Bridge roadwork will be hellish this weekend

It is life imitating art — as the Williamsburg Bridge will be partially closed this month. Comment.

Monday, Aug. 16, 2010


No joke here as Polish vet group sells Greenpoint HQ for big bucks

The former headquarters of the Polish Legion of American Veterans has been sold for $2.3 million to a developer who intends to transform it into 18 condominium units. Comment.

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Landmarked bank building is up for sale in Williamsburg

You won’t be able to cash a check at the Williamsburgh Savings Bank anymore, but maybe you can live there. Comment.

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