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IMMIGRATION * ABUSED OR ABANDONED SPOUSE: If you are married to a US Citizen or green card holder who is abusive or has abandoned you, you may be entitled to work permit and green card even if you are divorced or have certain criminal record. You do not need your spouse to file for you or sponsor you or attend the interview with you. This relief is also applicable to child (including step child), fiancé and parent of US citizens or green card. * PARENTS OF US CITIZEN: Are you a parent of a US Citizen Child? You may be entitled to relief! * ILLEGAL ENTRY: You may still get work permit and green card. * THE DREAM: Young Persons Immigration: If you arrive in the US at least 4 yrs ago, you arrived when you were less than 16 yrs and you are currently less than 35 yrs, you need to talk to us! * CRIMINAL RECORDS: WAIVERS & PARDONS: If you are convicted or pled guilty to a crime in the past, you may need pardon or waivers. NY Governor has set up a pardon panel. Call for help! * CONDITIONAL GREEN CARD: We can help remove conditions on your green card, even if your spouse is not filing with you and even if you have been denied and placed in removal proceedings. You need not wait for 2 yrs if you are abused by your spouse or if your spouse died. * If you are a child living with a guardian or someone else other than your parent, you may be entitled to work permit and or green card. * ASYLUM PROBLEMS AND DEPORTATION ORDERS: Your deportation may be suspended and get work permit & green card. Call Now: SALIS and ASSOCIATES PC, 42 Broadway, Suite #1133, NY10004 (By Bowling Green) #4 or 5 train to Wall St. or call 212-810-7111, 212-542-0214; fax # 212-742-0549. Email: KEEP THIS AD and Show it to others. Save this number 212-810-7111, in your cell now!

Updated May. 3, 2013
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