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A Britisher’s View

February, 2016

A Britisher’s View

Illegals, not American travelers, may be bringing Zika to our shores

Connect the dots between illegal immigration and the Zika virus in the USA, writes our columnist. Comment.

January, 2016

A Britisher’s View

Why did Ridge rallyers condemn America and not radical Islam?

Whiners, not winners! Bay Ridge residents rallied against Islamaphobia on Martin Luther King Day, but ignored the murderous rages of radical Islam, writes our columnist, who wants to know why. Comments (16).

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A Britisher’s View

Hey, Mr. Mayor, Brooklyn’s community gardens don’t deserve a date with the wrecking ball

Community gardens make the community grow and City Hall must rethink razing four Brooklyn green spaces that are a borough asset, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Jihad! Muslims need to crush terrorists

What are Muslims waiting for to wage their own jihad against the terrorists? Our columnist wants to know. Comments (1).
A Britisher’s View

Trumping logic! America’s love affair with The Donald

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign surges onward with the shelf life of Yoo-Hoo, writes our columnist. Comments (1).
A Britisher’s View

Freedom in the USA! Make a New Year’s resolution to preserve freedom in the freest nation of all

Cheers to freedom in the USA! It’s a New Year’s resolution worth keeping, writes our columnist. Comment.
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