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July, 2016

A Britisher’s View

Dimwits: Baby, I’m an anarchist — against the USA!

Knock it off. Extremists, antagonists, constipated progressives, and ornery apologists need to stop their useless uprising, and celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in America or move to a real police state, writes our columnist. Comment
A Britisher’s View

Mow-tivated! Tycoon Trump was a typhoon teen who cut grass like a dynamo, sez Courier shutterbug

Say what? Long before Donald Trump was a turkey-tawkin’ mogul and tentative presidential nominee bound for the Republican National Convention in the Buckeye State next week, he was a polite and pompadoured teen who was a whiz laborer, legendary cameraman Jim Romano tells our columnist. Comments (2)
A Britisher’s View

Booters! PS 24 is not a cool school for playing soccer with a human rights hooligan

Penalty! The Sunset Park school sold its soul to score a free soccer field from an Islamo-government that oppresses and tortures people, but it can still redeem itself and return the foul handout, writes our columnist. Comments (2)
A Britisher’s View

Happy Birthday, America — you’re the greatest!

Brexit was Britain’s “independence day,” but July 4 is America’s opportunity to hail a country without which the world would suck, writes our columnist. Comment

June, 2016

A Britisher’s View

Crunch time! The Islamo-adulteration of the West

We need a frank, national chat about a community that’s front and center of global terrorism, writes our columnist. Comments (2)
A Britisher’s View

Islamo-moderates pray while Islamo-nuts prey on Americans

Moderate Muslims? Come out, come out, wherever you are and destroy radical Islam as only you can, says our columnist. Comments (1)
A Britisher’s View

Right on! ‘Tough-love’ moms are super heroes for turning in thug teens

Well done! Our columnist applauds and commends the Brooklyn moms who dragged their daughters off to the police precinct, after learning they may have beaten up a senior. Comments (1)
A Britisher’s View

The rise of the Muslim politician in the West imperils free societies

The historic election of London’s new mayor — the first Muslim to lead a major Western city — underscores the free world’s Islamification, writes our columnist. Comments (5)

May, 2016

A Britisher’s View

U.S. veterans, dead and alive, deserve our gratitude and support on Memorial Day — and every day

Memorial Day is more than a day for shopping, barbecues, and welcoming summer, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of our battlefield bravehearts — deceased and living — writes our columnist. Comments (1)

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A Britisher’s View

Facebook or Farcebook? Social network no friend of free speech

Facebook portrays itself as a friend of free speech, but the gossip in the grapevine suggests it’s more a first amendment foe, committed to dismantling the ideals brave Americans have died defending on the battlefield, writes our columnist. Comment
A Britisher’s View

Cower-dy Arabia! Saudis in a falafel over 9-11 bill

The proposed legislation could open up a can of worms about who was behind 9-11, but victims’ families deserve the whole truth about America’s worst day, writes our columnist. Comments (1)
A Britisher’s View

Trump-bashing celebs? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Cheerio! America would be much more wonderful if Trump-thrashing celebrities made good on their threats to leave the nation if he’s elected, writes our columnist. Comment

April, 2016

A Britisher’s View

Dachau’s D-day! A Brooklyn veteran remembers the horrors, Part 2

American soldiers liberated Nazi Germany’s first concentration camp 71 years ago today, and Homecrest vet Seymour Kaplan was among the first to enter the infamous hell-hole and rescue Holocaust survivors. In this final installment of a two-part column, the heroic freedom fighter shares how Dachau’s D-day altered his life forever. Comments (1)
A Britisher’s View

Dachau’s D-day! A Brooklyn veteran remembers the horrors, Part 1

American soldiers liberated Nazi Germany’s first concentration camp 71 years ago next week, and Homecrest veteran Seymour Kaplan was among the first to enter the historic hell-hole and help return Holocaust survivors to freedom. He shares how he became a changed man that day, in the first installment of a two-part column on Dachau’s D-day. Comments (2)
A Britisher’s View

Sympathizer-in-Chief has love for illegals and contempt for the law

Law of the underhand! President Obama may be as lawless as the illegal immigerants he wants to protect and uphold, thanks to the deferred action program he created without congressional approval, writes our columnist. Comments (3)
A Britisher’s View

Migraine-t! USA should bone up on Europe’s refugee crisis

Castaway depot! President Obama’s pledge to take in hundreds of thousands of mostly Muslim refugees by 2017 raises concerns about the rise of a Europe-style Franken-society, writes our columnist. Comments (2)
A Britisher’s View

Brussels aftermath? Muslims must reform their culture and religion

Our columnist wants to know why Muslims aren’t clearing the cobwebs off Islam and beginning the overdue conversation about why so many of them are lovin’ terrorism. Comments (4)

March, 2016

A Britisher’s View

Riding the Cyclone Roller Coaster is a Brooklyn rite of passage

Whoopee! Our columnist recalls her maiden voyage on the wooden warrior. Comments (1)
A Britisher’s View

Muslim subway posters fall flatter than steam-rolled frittatas

The Muslim brand needs more than a subway poster campaign to restore its fallen image, writes our columnist. Comments (34)
A Britisher’s View

Ink fascists rip Trump over KKK non-remarks, but bypass Obama’s black supremacist ties

Media caesers invented a KKK flap for Donald Trump, but continue to ignore President Obama’s fondness for black supremacists, writes our columnist. Comments (6)
A Britisher’s View

Why are feminists so hush hush about female genital mutilation?

The sordid practice of mangling vaginas to sate sadistic men is a non-issue for feminsts on International Women’s Day, writes our columnist. Comment

February, 2016

A Britisher’s View

What the hack? Apple and Uncle Sam rumble at the techno-fault line over terror phone

The tech titan’s lawsuit against the feds will seem like the good old days, once forthcoming mind-control powers set a new bar for good and evil, writes our columnist. Comment
A Britisher’s View

They don’t make an aspirin strong enough for Hillary’s headaches

Our columnist counts the ways why Hillary Clinton would make a lying president. Comments (2)
A Britisher’s View

Love is color blind, and conquers all — in true Valentine’s Day fashion

The road to true love can be paved with prejudice for inter-racial couples. One pair of lovebirds shares its pleasure and pain with our columnist for Valentine’s Day. Comments (1)
A Britisher’s View

Illegals, not American travelers, may be bringing Zika to our shores

Connect the dots between illegal immigration and the Zika virus in the USA, writes our columnist. Comments (2)

January, 2016

A Britisher’s View

Why did Ridge rallyers condemn America and not radical Islam?

Whiners, not winners! Bay Ridge residents rallied against Islamaphobia on Martin Luther King Day, but ignored the murderous rages of radical Islam, writes our columnist, who wants to know why. Comments (16)
A Britisher’s View

Hey, Mr. Mayor, Brooklyn’s community gardens don’t deserve a date with the wrecking ball

Community gardens make the community grow and City Hall must rethink razing four Brooklyn green spaces that are a borough asset, writes our columnist. Comment
A Britisher’s View

Jihad! Muslims need to crush terrorists

What are Muslims waiting for to wage their own jihad against the terrorists? Our columnist wants to know. Comments (1)
A Britisher’s View

Trumping logic! America’s love affair with The Donald

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign surges onward with the shelf life of Yoo-Hoo, writes our columnist. Comments (1)
A Britisher’s View

Freedom in the USA! Make a New Year’s resolution to preserve freedom in the freest nation of all

Cheers to freedom in the USA! It’s a New Year’s resolution worth keeping, writes our columnist. Comment

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