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A Britisher’s View

December, 2011

A Britisher’s View

Ring in 2012 with great expectations

A Britisher’s View wishes all its fans — and foes — a Happy New Year! Read on! Comment
A Britisher’s View

Impeach Judge Evelyn LaPorte!

Our columnist thinks that the judge who released accused cop killer Lamont Pride should have stuck with her first choice of profession — airline stewardess! Comments (5)
A Britisher’s View

Human rights in the birthplace of Islam

Our columnist thinks that a pair of recent parallel events clearly show why east-west differences may be unreconciliable after all. Comments (8)
A Britisher’s View

JFK still alive for photog

When our hard-boiled cameraman met Jack, it was a Camelot moment! Comment
A Britisher’s View

Hey, Brooklyn Museum! Show Muslim art!

Yet another anti-Christian exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum? The ho-hum archive needs to promote free speech and public debate — with some Islam-inspired art. Comments (1)

November, 2011

A Britisher’s View

Everyday is ‘Thanksgiving’ in America!

A Britisher’s View wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving — and puts gratitude in perspective with some food for thought. Comments (2)

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A Britisher’s View

Statehood? Palestinians just aren’t up to the job!

That, folks, is the opinion of our columnist, who thinks jealousy over Israel’s national successes has fueled an antagonistic Palestinian agenda. Comments (1)
A Britisher’s View

Hajj — a spiritual journey to Hell

As believers from across the world perform one of Islam’s holiest rites — Hajj — our columnist sheds light on the perilous pilgrimage. Comments (29)
A Britisher’s View

Betrayal, greed and crookery? The ‘Finest’ they’re not!

Blue-hoo! Our columnist thinks the rogue’s gallery of cops is getting noxiously prolific — with hundreds of NYPD officers arrested so far this year for allegedly exploiting their badges for personal gain. Comment

October, 2011

A Britisher’s View

NO MORE-mar Khadafy!

Our columnist says the Libyan despot’s NATO-spurred assassination sends a crucial world message to authoritarians in Muslim-majority countries — you’re next! Comment
A Britisher’s View

Can cash-flushed ‘Occupy Wall Street’ walk the walk?

The now fabulously-funded Occupy Wall Street crowd is a beer-bottle toss away from becoming its own nightmare — a corporation! Our columnist hopes the movement holds itself to the same scruples it demands from the targets of its wrath. Comments (2)
A Britisher’s View

Burn in hell, Anwar al-Awlaki

Another lethal al Qaeda tentacle has been disarmed, thanks to a targeted U.S. drone strike — cause enough for celebration, says our columnist. Comment
A Britisher’s View

Ground Zero’s ‘mosquerade’

Our columnist says the proposed mosque and community center in Lower Manhattan is open to the public — but it continues to close the door to some frank talk. Comment

September, 2011

A Britisher’s View

Dinner with a tyrant? Wake up and smell the coffee, America

Did we have to canoodle with a creep? Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s dinner at the Warwick Hotel gave our columnist indigestion. Comment
A Britisher’s View

‘Dem’ bums invincible no more, thanks to Turner win

The special election for the Ninth congressional district turned up some major surprises — some of which are unearthed here by our columnist. Comment
A Britisher’s View

Jumaane incident proves NYPD needs ‘CPR’

Our columnist says Councilman Jumaane Williams should have forgot about the color of his skin when he publicly derided the NYPD over his treatment during the West Indian Day Parade, and should have focused on the rank-and-file cops’ failure to adhere to the department’s standard of Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect. Comments (2)
A Britisher’s View

Surviving the terror: One woman’s story, Pt. II

A Brooklyn woman, who was in the thick of 9-11, recalls the horrors in this final installment of a two-part column. Comment
A Britisher’s View

Surviving the terror: One woman’s story, Pt. I

A Brooklyn woman, who survived 9-11, recalls the horrors in this final installment of a two-part column. Comment

August, 2011

A Britisher’s View

Bklyn wall remembers 9-11 heroes

Brooklyn’s Wall of Remembrance tops Manhattan memorial by providing a timely tribuite to 9-11 heroes. Comment
A Britisher’s View

Hail our wag-nificent pals on National Dog day

August 26 is National Dog Day — occasion enough for our columnist to deliver a woof-tastic salute to man’s best friend. Comment
A Britisher’s View

Deport DSK maid back to Guinea

Our columnist thinks that Nafissatou Diallo should be sent back to her homeland for making a mockery of the U.S. justice system. Comments (2)

July, 2011

A Britisher’s View

Is Linda Sar-serious?

Our columnist says the head of the Arab American Association on NY needs to wave the Stars and Stripes! Comments (1)
A Britisher’s View

Rot in hell, Betim Kaziu! 

America has made another example of an aspiring anarchist, and other extrmemists should take heed. Comment
A Britisher’s View

Blimey! Wot will ‘appen to the ‘Page 3 girl’ now?

With the end of the News of the World, our columnist explains what ‘that rag’ meant to Britain. Comment
A Britisher’s View

‘Same-VEX’ marriage for bishop

New York’s marriage equality triumph should indicate that we’ve come a long way, but not even the law can budge some indoctrinated homophobes. Comment

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