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Not for Nuthin’

February, 2017

Not for Nuthin’

In Jo’s New York: Degradable bags and zero tolerance for drunk driving

I have several points to ponder this week. Comments (1)
Not for Nuthin’

Jo wants to bring back the three R’s

Teachers from elementary school through college are telling students how to distinguish between factual and fictional news — and why they should care that there’s a difference.” This is the opening lede in an Associated Press item I saw the other day in the New York Post. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Super Bowl ads too preachy

Our columnist sermonizes. Comments (2)
Not for Nuthin’

President Trump is locking the doors at night

Say what you want — but all our President is doing is keeping us safe. Comments (8)

January, 2017

Not for Nuthin’

Inauguration Day whiners need to suck it up

Spoiled children having a tantrum. Burning cars, breaking windows, sitting in the streets causing traffic jams and disturbing the civil liberties for the rest of us. This is what the non-deplorables did on Inauguration Day. Comments (7)

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Not for Nuthin’

Hollywood losers need a new script

I know, I know, I did say I didn’t want to be bothered by election rhetoric any longer, but I just can’t help myself. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

FBI bungled Ft. Lauderdale shooter

What will it take for this agency to get its act together, our columnist asks. Comments (1)
Not for Nuthin’

Prescription costs are a bitter pill

Kudos to me — I lived through another holiday season, survived vacation at home with husband and daughter (no mean feat I assure you), and after 12 days of not writing anything more than an address on an envelope, I’m back busily pecking away at the keyboard. Comment

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