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Not for Nuthin’

September, 2015

Not for Nuthin’

Jo: Did a 5-year-old really write that letter?

Our columnist has a few questions about Sophia Cruz, the little girl who ambushed the Pope with a suspiciously precocious letter about U.S. immigration policy. Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

Emmys had more lectures than laughs

After being talked at for three unfunny hours about a lot of social causes, our columnist wonders when television award shows stopped being entertainment. Comments (1).
Not for Nuthin’

Topless toddler crosses a big, red line

People can agree to disagree about toppless women in Times Square, but when one of them brings along a 2-year-old in pasties, our columnist says that’s criminal. Comments (1).
Not for Nuthin’

Condemn Kim Davis, but for the right reasons

Davis disobeyed the law and deserved to got to jail, but that doesn’t mean her personal life should be dragged into this, says our columnist. Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

Joanna remembers a murder

Our columnist recalls the murder of Michael Jones, and the on-going search for his alleged killer. Comments (1).

August, 2015

Not for Nuthin’

Baring boobs for a buck isn’t liberating

As the Mayor clamps down on toplessness in Times Square, our columnist takes a firm stance against self-objectification. Comments (1).
Not for Nuthin’

On Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump, and Rosie O’Donnell

This week our columnist calls ‘em out. Comments (3).
Not for Nuthin’

Jo says the Fox ‘debate’ was a lot of hot air

Our columnist calls out the Fox anchors for baiting The Donald, and sizes up some of the other contenders. Comments (1).
Not for Nuthin’

Joanna pines for the days of ad-free TV

The time when paying for cable meant commercial-free viewing are long gone, laments our columnist, who may have to resort to picking up a book. Comment.

July, 2015

Not for Nuthin’

Joanna is on Team April after latest ‘Sharknado’

Some people may think that three spins in the Sharknado is enough. But our columnist answers, “Oh hell no!” Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

Joanna: Give the Donald a chance

Trump may be a big mouth, but he’s a big mouth that speaks to the issues, so our columnist makes the case for “The Donald: 2016.” Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

Jo says those flag-burners have it all wrong

Protesters recently burned the American flag saying it was a “symbol of oppression,” but our columnist reminds them that, on the contrary, it’s a symbol of their right to be “numbskulls.” Comments (3).
Not for Nuthin’

Joanna reveals her secret shame

She shakes her head at folks on reality shows, but our columnist recently came to terms with the fact that she has more in common with some of them than she thought. Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

Finallly, Jo weighs in on same-sex marriage

This week, Jo weighs in on same-sex marriage. Comments (4).

June, 2015

Not for Nuthin’

Joanna crawls back into her Nook

Tired of beading and yarn-crafts, our columnist breaks out the e-reader to pass the time. Comment.

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Not for Nuthin’

Jo on fake black lady: Whatevs

Considering the real problems in our country, our columnist thinks that Rachel Dolezal isn’t worth the fuss. Comments (1).
Not for Nuthin’

Jo wishes for a pill to cure reality TV

After America’s pharmacological triumph over erectile dysfunction, out columnist wonders if we can do anything about the family dysfunction on television. Comments (2).
Not for Nuthin’

Joanna takes on the ‘Pink Tax’

Fed up with advertizers shilling overpriced products to women, our columnist offers some shopping tips. Comments (2).

May, 2015

Not for Nuthin’

Jo reminds Kuby why he can yak on the radio

Recalling her own hippie past, our columnist tells a certain radio host to grow up and show some gratitude. Comments (1).
Not for Nuthin’

Jo reminds you why there’s a big sale Monday

With Memorial Day approaching, our columnist points out that the holiday is supposed to be about more than barbecues and mattress sales. Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

Where is Al Sharpton on Mississippi police murders?

This week, our columnist wonders why the activist doesn’t say something — anything — about the murder of a black officer in Dixie. Comments (6).
Not for Nuthin’

The ABCs of Math A & B

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the Bay News this week, we are rerunning Joanna’s first column for the paper, which originally ran on Jan. 11, 2007, in which our columnist lamented the arrival of “the new, new math.” Comment.

April, 2015

Not for Nuthin’

Balltimore mom a blast from the past!

Joanna was impressed by the way a Baltimore mom was caught on camera dealing with a rioting son. Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

Joanna contemplates frozen embryos, and Mel Brooks

What to do with frozen embryos when the parents’ relationship gets icy? Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

Jo’s fallen, and she can’t get up!

It has finally happened, and our columnist still doens’t have “Life Alert.” Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

Clearly, Joanna needs to get back to work

A day-long retreat to the world of television has our columnist crying out for the old days, when mom took care of everything, and you could watch “Happy Days” five times on a Tuesday. Comments (1).
Not for Nuthin’

Jo shakes her head at tween hang-gliding

Parents have a responsibility to say ‘no’ to kids’ dangerous demands, our columnist writes. Comments (7).

March, 2015

Not for Nuthin’

Just give me my double latte and shut up

Starbucks should stick to serving overpriced java and leave race relations out of it, writes our columnist. Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

New school holidays a gift to teachers

Who benefits most from the latest days off from school? The teachers, writes our columnist. Comments (2).
Not for Nuthin’

Joanna has some thoughts on ‘wildbirth’

What the heck is wrong with women today? Do they really believe that in order to get back to nature, prove their strength, and show fortitude they have to give birth in the middle of nowhere? Or is it just to gain attention? Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

‘Two and a Half Men’ puts us out of its misery

And so we said “so long and thanks for the memories” to “Two and a Half Men.” Comments (3).

February, 2015

Not for Nuthin’

Jo’s award for worst Oscars goes to…

…this year’s show. Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

Jo plans on changing her diet — to raw eggs

Well, at least she won’t have to cook. Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

Jo’s take on Grammy outfits

Let’s just say that if you’re going to a major awards show, you better have a mirror at home, at least according to our columnist. Comment.
Not for Nuthin’

Jo’s Super Bowl picks — for best commercial

She’s done it again! Our own Joanna DelBuono tells you which commercials made her pee her pants! Comment.

January, 2015

Not for Nuthin’

Sno-nado! Joanna battens down the hatches!

How difficult was it to get ready for the storm of the decade of the century? Well put it this way: It was much easier to shovel. Comments (1).
Not for Nuthin’

Charge it! Jo’s fired up over missed party invoice

To find out whose side she’s on, click on the link above! Comments (1).
Not for Nuthin’

Jo on mayor’s bans and unbans

This week, our columnist sounds off on Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s plans to allow kids to bring their cellphones to schools, and to ban certain take-out food packaging Comments (2).
Not for Nuthin’

I spy! Jo says it’s OK to snoop!

This week, our columnist lets you know that it just fine to keep up with your kids on Facebook — or by reading their diaries behind their backs! Comment.

December, 2014

Not for Nuthin’

Rule #1: Not your circus? Not your monkey

Not for nuthin, but it seems like only yesterday that I was ushering in 2014, and now here I am welcoming in 2015. Comment.

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