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May, 2011


Atheism is more than non-belief

The billboard has two target markets and serves two purposes. Comment.

Billboard is classic hate-mongering

American Atheists has a special hatred of Christianity, and that is why it seizes on the Christmas season — it would take too much courage to focus on Ramadan — to sell its anti-Christian message. Their latest assault is their billboard outside the Lincoln Tunnel that takes direct aim at Christmas. Comment.

Public buses or dollar vans — two views

privatizing our entire mass transit system? Comment.

February, 2011


We can all see glory together

Are things today different than in the 1960s? Comment.

Respect yourself is King’s message

Allow me to step into Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s shoes to examine the notion of freedom, equality and justice for all — the essence of his 1963 dream. Can we say that the dream has been realized? Absolutely not! The 1963 dream remains relevant today. Let’s see why! Comment.

As King said, love is the answer

You are young, gifted and black. Comment.

January, 2011


‘Ticket blitz’ too lopsided

Over 200 pedestrians and cyclists killed by motor vehicles in New York City every year. Our concern is that this “ticketing blitz” which singles out cyclists will simply discourage bicycle usage. Comment.

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Crackdown will save lives

When people ask me why I’m for the NYPD’s new bicycle safety enforcement initiative that’s poised to start, I have a very straightforward answer for them: It’s going to save lives, period. Comment.

The bike crackdown — two views

The city announced last week that it would begin a major crackdown on cyclists who violate motor vehicle laws. It’s a controversial move and, as such, prime fodder for this week’s op-ed page. Comment.

Finally, our predictions for the new year!

A new year is upon us. In the grand old tradition, we asked borough luminaries to make some predictions for the next 12 months, and threw in some of our own for good measure. Some of these you can actually expect to happen, others are, well, fun guess work. So if any come to fruition, remember, you heard it here first! Comment.
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