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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mill–Marine Courier

Customer services self in Flatlands Ave. holdup

Business raid Comment
Mill–Marine Courier

Judge Judy inducted with elite alums on Madison’s wall of fame

Judge Judy (Class of ‘61) says she was an “undistinguished student” who never made it to the honor roll when she attended James Madison High School, even though her parents ran a tight ship at home and disapproved of her chewing gum, wearing sneakers outside of gym or “walking aimlessly on Kings Highway and hanging out at Dubrow’s” on East 16th Street. Comment
Mill–Marine Courier

Pool plunge: Back deck gives way in Mill Island, three girls fall into Bay

It was a spine-tingling ride that was never meant to happen. Comment
Mill–Marine Courier

City fixes broken Avenue U sidewalk

The sidewalk from hell has become heavenly! Comment

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