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Week of Nov. 13 – Nov. 19 (See map view)

537 Fifth Ave.
Fourth Avenue and 11th Street
431 Wythe Ave.
487 Carlton Avenue
395 Flatbush Avenue Extension
285 St. John’s Place
625 Atlantic Avenue
Fulton Street and South Portland Avenue
467 Vanderbilt Avenue
Atlantic Avenue and South Oxford Street
Newkirk Avenue and East 22nd Street
6814 Fourth Ave.
Greene Avenue and Clinton Avenue
140 Vanderbilt Avenue
139 Flatbush Avenue
Flatlands Avenue and East 54th Street

Week of Dec. 18 – Dec. 24 (See map view)

Ashland Place and DeKalb Avenue
Glenwood Road and Kings Highway
Atlantic Avenue and Classon Avenue

Week of Dec. 11 – Dec. 17 (See map view)

Ralph Avenue and Avenue L

Week of Jan. 31 – Feb. 6 (See map view)

Results 1–26 of 26.

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