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Week of July 17 – July 23 (See map view)

Ridge Boulevard and Bay Ridge Parkway

Lexington and Grand avenues

325 Roebling St. at S. Ninth Street

437 Third Ave.

Gates Avenue and St. James Place

450 Flatbush Ave.

537 Lorimer Street between Devoe and Ainslie streets

120 Powers St. between Manhattan Avenue and Leonard Street

272 Berry Street between S. First and S. Second streets

364 S. Third St. at Hooper Street

Week of June 13 – June 19 (See map view)

Water Street and Washington Street

Bushwick Avenue and Montrose Avenue

1338 Schenectady Avenue

385 Rockaway Parkway

927 Fulton Street

North Elliott Place and Flushing Avenue

Humboldt Street and Meserole Street

Results 1–30 of 30.

Pages: 1

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