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December, 2012

Weekend Watch

This might be the best weekend on the rails in human history

Get out there Brooklyn — the rails are open for business! Comment.
Weekend Watch

The MTA has a Christmas present for you

This gift works underground, runs on a schedule, and will get you where you need to go! Comment.
Weekend Watch

Get ready for a great weekend on the rails

The MTA can make the sun shine underground — at least this weekend. Comment.

November, 2012

Weekend Watch

Wheels of ire

It’s been one month since Hurricane Sandy and things are finally returning to normal in Brooklyn — yep, weekend track work is back. Good luck getting around the borough! Comment.

October, 2012

Weekend Watch

UPDATE: ‘Frankenstorm’ halts most weekend service changes

Everything you read about weekend service changes is now false. Comment.

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Weekend Watch

If you’re going to Manhattan, you’re in trouble

After roughly 100 plus years, we have finally found an example of Manhattan — not Brooklyn — getting the shaft: this weekend’s train schedule from the MTA. But worry not. After all, why would you leave the borough you love in the first place? Comment.
Weekend Watch

MTA scrambles the schedule this weekend

You might not want to plan your weekend around a subway ride. Comment.

September, 2012

Weekend Watch

All aboard the MTA express!

Most of Brooklyn’s trains will be in tip-top shape, so get out there and enjoy the weekend. Comment.
Weekend Watch

Very few trains will be running properly this weekend

Now that riding the subway — and waiting for trains at a subway station — is actually bearable again, the MTA has decided to find another reason for you not to ride the rails this weekend. Comment.
Weekend Watch

Get ready for a train-ache

Get ready for the pain, Brooklyn. Seven train lines are going to be worked on this weekend. Comment.

August, 2012

Weekend Watch

Get ready for a train-ache!

This could quite possibly be the worst weekend on rails — ever. Comment.
Weekend Watch

Think you know how to get around town by subway? Think again

Eight train lines are going to be rerouted this weekend, so plan ahead before stepping through that turnstile! Comment.
Weekend Watch

Subway shakeup! Eight train lines to change this weekend

It’s going to be a challenging weekend on the rails. Comment.
Weekend Watch

Major changes on the rails — but only after midnight

You know what they say about gift horses, right? We’re thinking the same thing about the rails — we’re greeting the weekend with cautious optimism. Comment.
Weekend Watch

You won’t be railing at the rails this weekend

It won’t be a bad a weekend on the rails out all out there, folks, so those of you who’ve already used up your vacation time or money (or both) should have an enjoyable staycation. Comment.

July, 2012

Weekend Watch

Coney’s back on the map this weekend!

To you, fair beach-goers and Cyclone aficionados, we can say this: Coney Island-bound service is mostly restored, ending one of the MTA’s cruelest long-running jokes. So get out there, dear readers! Comment.
Weekend Watch

Lots of changes on the rails this weekend

Get on a bike, or even better, get out of town this weekend. Comment.
Weekend Watch

Hell on wheels!

The subway is to be avoided at all costs this weekend. Comment.

June, 2012

Weekend Watch

Will this be your lucky weekend on the rails?

Trains at a distance have every man’s wish aboard. But for some, they never arrive. Comment.
Weekend Watch

It’s going to be a sweet weekend on the subway

It’s going to be another beautiful weekend on the rails — giving you every reason to keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment.
Weekend Watch

Come on ride the train!

This could possibly be the greatest weekend ever on rails. Comment.
Weekend Watch

Normal weekend headaches ahead

If you take the Q, your trip is going to be a lot faster this weekend. Comment.
Weekend Watch

The greatest weekend on the rails — ever!

Once every blue moon, every fortnight of fortnights— perhaps about as frequently as Halley’s Comet comes around — riding the subway on the weekend is unsullied by its characteristically cumbersome service changes. Comment.

May, 2012

Weekend Watch

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend for straphangers

How sweet it is to be loved by the MTA, folks. You can look forward to some smooth cruising out there this weekend! Comment.
Weekend Watch

Will this weekend be train-tastic? Only Mother Nature knows

Both the weather — and the MTA — should be with us this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed. Comment.
Weekend Watch


It’ll be smooth sailing on the rails this weekend. Comment.

April, 2012

Weekend Watch

Prepare for another scrambled weekend on rails

At one time a number of privately-owned bus, train and trolley companies were responsible for getting you across this great metropolis. Today, there’s only one agency to blame for this weekend’s spotty train service: the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Comment.
Weekend Watch

MTA levels sights on the G train, at least this weekend

Try not to consider it a harbinger of what’s to come, but the G train is barely running this weekend. Comment.

March, 2012

Weekend Watch

Happy April Fools Day from the MTA!

We have only one explanation for the G train not running, the C line being derailed, and the Coney Island-bound F ending its run at Jay Street-MetroTech this weekend: the MTA is playing a cruel, cruel April Fools joke on commuters. Your move, Brooklyn. Comment.
Weekend Watch

Don’t go off the rails on these crazy trains!

Things are pretty screwed up on the rails this weekend. Thank heavens it’s bicycle weather! Comment.
Weekend Watch

The trains are working fine — just in time for spring!

There are very few problems on the rails this weekend. Enjoy! Comment.
Weekend Watch

It’ll be a so-so weekend on the rails

The trains are running, but not on the right lines. It’ll be like singing “Take the A Train” while riding the F. By the way, what’s your favorite transit-inspired song? Comment.
Weekend Watch

No L train this weekend

Is it bagillion or bajillion? Either way, that’s about how many times the MTA has shut down the L train this year. Comment.

February, 2012

Weekend Watch

What the L?

This weekend looked pretty good – until the MTA shut down the L train. Comment.
Weekend Watch

Happy rails to you!

Good news! There shouldn’t be many surprises for subway riders this weekend, though the J train will skip a few stops and the Q train remains out of commission. Comment.
Weekend Watch

Get ready for Trainageddon!

L riders get the shaft this weekend. Comment.

January, 2012

Weekend Watch

It’ll be hell on the rails this weekend!

The MTA will be working on almost every line in the borough this weekend. Enjoy! Comment.
Weekend Watch

Take the N and R at your own risk

The N and R will be skipping Court Street and Jay Street-MetroTech this weekend. You’ve been warned! Comment.
Weekend Watch

What the L!

The L train skips Bushwick, and the Q continues its dogged boycott of central Brooklyn. Comment.

January, 2011

Weekend Watch

New year, new worries on the rails

Attention all Q riders: get ready to take the bus. Comment.

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