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Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani buys Current TV from former Vice President Al Gore

Al Gore sells out to Muslims

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Al Gore — the former veep, author, Nobel Prize winner, Oscar awardee, multi-millionaire, and green-energy mogul who uses twice as much electricity in his home than the average American household does in a year — can now add a new title to his resume: piggish, American sellout.

Gore netted himself a tidy $100-million profit by unloading his sinking cable channel Current TV on Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani — the emir of oil-rich, Shariah law-driven Qatar, who owns the Arab news channel Al-Jazeera, and is looking to expand its English presence in the living rooms of America to bolster his nation’s image as a freedom fighter.

Al-Jazeera’s pro-Islamic bend was witnessed by former “Nightline” reporter Dave Marash who quit Al-Jazeera English after reportedly discovering its “stereotypi­cal,” anti-American bias.

The Arab news network also commemorated the 10th anniversary of America’s worst day in an editorial entitled, “Let’s forget 9-11 — if we have any respect for history or humanity, we should remove 9-11 from our collective consciousn­ess.”

That’s only the half of it.

Sheik Hamad is a">ruthless despot who seized power in 1995 by deposing his father in a palace coup — presumably to help along the terror group’s goal to destroy Israel.

Moreover, Qatar is classified by the U.S. State Department as a “country for men and women subjected to forced labor and, to a much lesser extent, forced prostituti­on.”

Yet Gore sees no problem allowing Hamid to disseminate news to Americans — and he’s not the first to do business with him.

Qatar has already made shocking inroads into American society — exactly six blocks from the White House.

It has put up $700 million for $950 million of retail, apartments, and office space project under construction in Washington, DC, in exchange for strict religious and moral stipulations, including no banks or bars in the vicinity.

Are conservative, religious Muslims now calling the shots in America?

The sheik has sought to promote freedom by supporting the revolutions in Libya and Yemen, and calling for the Syrian government’s ouster — but the reality is something else.

Last November, a Qatari court imposed a life sentence on an artist — who hadn’t been allowed to enter a plea or challenge the vague charges against him — after he recited poems that included derogative passages about the ruling family, prompting a backlash from global watchdogs who blasted the regime for being hypocritical.

“Qatar, after all its posturing as a supporter of freedom, turns out to be determined to keep its citizens quiet,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch, which monitors how nations treat their citizens. “The alleged mockery of Qatar’s rulers can hardly compare to the mockery this judgment makes of the country’s posture as a regional center for media freedom.”

The good news is that Time Warner Cable, the nation’s second-largest cable TV provider, dropped Current TV immediately after the sale became final — at least someone knows an agent of propaganda when it sees one.

Gore, by contrast, kvelled Al-Jazeera will “tell the stories that no one else is telling.”

Would those include telling Americans why it doesn’t report on Qatar’s human rights abuses?!/BritShavana

Reach reporter Shavana Abruzzo at or by calling (718) 260-2529. Follow her on Twitter at

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Reader Feedback

Escape from Reality says:
Every now and then I get drawn into one of your mindless, factless, hateful tirades. I've so far resisted commenting, as I'm sure your shameless BS is only a ploy to get more letters and comments to this worthless rag.

We're all entitled to our own opinions, Shavana. What we're not entitled to is our own facts. And yet, in the pages of a NEWSPAPER, or at least a publication that purports to be one, you consistently make up facts, distort quotes, and alter history to stir up outrage against all Muslims.

Do I defend Qatari culture or the Sheik? Heck no. But any point you attempt to make - and it's rare that it's one of even mediocre caliber - is consistently undermined by your distortions and blind hatred.

Get a life, write about something interesting for once, and give up on your desperate attempts to bolster your baseless opinions with quotes and circumstances taken so far from context as to no longer have even a passing resemblance to reality.

Keep to the photo captions and Little League parade filler pieces. It's only there that you don't sound like such an odious ——.
Jan. 11, 2013, 1:48 pm
Jon from Sunset Park says:
Escape from Reality: AMEN! Shavana has every right to say what she says, but Courier Life does not owe it to anyone to print her ramblings. She literally advocates for you to be suspicious and downright hateful to your neighbors, because they happen to believe in God a little differently than you might. And she masks it by tacking on "conservative religious." They are called extremists, and they're in every religion, and they have nothing in common with the religious people (conservative, liberal, or otherwise) whose faith extremists claim to share. I'm sure Shavana was outspoken against the IRA and wrote a hundred articles about "Catholics" with various adjectives attached, and ranted about the things some of them wear on their heads, too. Or maybe not.
Jan. 11, 2013, 8:01 pm
Vanessa from Bensonhurst says:
EVERY time I read this paper I end up angry. Why is nearly every single entry rants about Muslims? How is that a "Britisher's View"? I am plum amazed that a paper catering to an area that is increasingly populated by Muslims continues to print this garbage. Look below at what terms it says I am agreeing to by posting this comment. "You agree not to post any abusive...slanderous...hateful...material".
Jan. 15, 2013, 8:39 am
Johanna Elattar-Hill from Sheepshead Bay says:
I'm very happy to read the above comments by Vanessa, Jon, and Escape from Reality. I'm an American-Muslim woman who is married to an American convert to Islam. My husband is from a traditional Christian family from Texas while I was raised here in Brooklyn and of Egyptian heritage. We are always disgusted by the hate mongering and abuse that this so called reporter continues to publish from week to week in this paper. The "facts" that this paper continues to publish by this "Britisher" is nothing short of a call for genocide for anyone who is Muslim or even anyone who understands that there is a difference between your average Muslim who isn't interested in committing acts of violence against innocent people and the extremists that every religion unfortunately has.

Shavana spreads hatred and continues to slander EVERY Muslim regardless of their core beliefs. She paints us all with a broad brush and labels all Muslims as a danger to civilized society. Our children are a wonderful blend of both American culture and Arab Muslim beliefs. We do not teach them to be hateful towards anyone so how can someone like Shavana label innocent children as dangerous and preach vicious hatred and abuse toward them just because of their upbringing and their beliefs? How can she condemn a Muslim child and punish him/her for the deeds of someone who is a total stranger but happens to be "Muslim"?

Shavana, please research the facts and stop taking things out of context and stop distorting ideas and calling every Muslim a danger to our society.

We as a society must evolve and must come together and defend one another's right to exist even with slight religious differences. Muslims believe in Jesus and his virgin birth, we are not that far from each other, we just need to understand each other. Stop the hatred. Stop the slander and abuse of others. Stop the negativity and you will make this world a little better, don't we have enough pain and suffering on this planet without someone like Shavana adding to it with her rants and venom? I say YES!
Jan. 18, 2013, 6:13 pm

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