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Met building in Brighton Beach a mold depot after Sandy

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To the editor,

I really appreciate your paper, and especially your columnist Shavana Abruzzo (A Britisher’s View). She tells it like it is.

Her columns, “Christian persecution — the forgotten epidemic” (Feb. 15), and “Time to come clean, Tawana” (Feb. 8), are really good.

She is always good. Rita Unz

Bay Ridge

Mayoral klutzes

To the editor,

I am a proud American, but in regard to your best-mayor survey (“POLL: Who was the best leader of the Big Apple?” online Feb. 4), I have to say no one on your list.

Fiorello La Guardia, known as the “great labor mayor,” was a fraud. Teachers waiting to be appointed had to take jobs in the private sector.

John Lindsay was a humbug. He gave away the city to special interest groups. His program for city kids was an example. I was a city kid, but this program was not for me.

Abe Beame tried, but he was overwhelmed.

Ed Koch spoke his mind with special interest groups, but stated insensitively, “If you can’t afford to live here, move!”

Rudolph Giuliani was a control freak. He did a good job in the aftermath of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, but he did not go after the insurance companies. No one did.

And Michael Bloomberg just doesn’t have a clue.E. LoVerde

Dyker Heights


To the editor,

The Second Amendment says someone can own a gun as part of a “well-regulated militia,” but it doesn’t say that anyone has the right to own a gun.

Militias were created by the government to serve the government, and pertained to the 1700s. This amendment is no longer relevant. We no longer have militias.

Military, automatic, and semi-automatic weapons should be banned. They have been used in mass shootings. Handguns are used in most crimes. They should be sold with background checks, even at gun shows.

Mentally ill people, as a class, should not be prevented from owning a gun. Only one percent of them is prone to violence. Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, formerly with the National Institute of Mental Health, says no state has a good mental care system. The National Alliance on Mental Illness says one in four people have a mental illness at any given time. Something must be done about this.

Urge Congress to serve the people, not the National Rifle Association.

Jerome Frank

Coney Island


To the editor,

After reading the story about Ronell Wilson — the convicted cop killer who was found not to be mentally retarded at the time of the murders by Judge Nicholas Garaufis — I wondered if Judge Garaufis would also rule that if Wilson wasn’t discriminated by the Fire Department test years ago, he would have become a model citizen, and then overturn his conviction, give him back pay, and allow him to retake the test.Emma Stellabotte

Park Slope

Checkout cheek

To the editor,

I’m tired of going to shop in stores in which, when you get to the checkout counter, the cashier asks you in front of everyone if you would like to donate a dollar to some charity.

I happen to be on a fixed income and find it hard to make ends meet, and at times can’t afford the dollar donation. It embarrasses me to have to say no, with everyone around listening to me refuse.

I’m sure there are other people in my situation, so stop putting us on the spot. I’m tired of the dirty looks by some cashiers and other customers. They seem to think I don’t care about some poor kid starving, or an animal that needs help.

Put up a donation box, if you must, and leave it up to me, but don’t ask.

Lottie Murphy

Bay Ridge

Bad chapter

To the editor,

What a modern-day book burning! Selling off the libraries to private developers in order to enrich the city’s coffers destroys our quality of life (“Boerum Hill Brooklyn Public Library to sell off Boerum Hill’s Carnegie branch,” Feb. 12).

Libraries are our life’s blood. It is where we physically go to learn, socialize, and take out real books to thumb through, treasure, and make friends with.

Justine Swartz

Brooklyn Heights

Duck Chuck

To the editor,

You can tell a person’s character by the company they keep and past statements they have made.

Senator Chuck Hagel — President Obama’s nomination for Secretary of Defense — is a former Vietnam veteran, and an honorable American who has served his nation both at war and peace. Yet Hagel must take responsibility and be judged by his past statements and positions on major issues of the day. In 2006, he said, “The Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people.” He has defended the legitimacy of the Iranian government. They are clearly developing nuclear weapons which could easily reach Israel. He has opposed sanctions against Iran even as they continue to be a major supplier to terrorist groups around the world. He has commented that the State Department takes orders from Jewish lobbyists, and has become an adjunct to the Israeli Foreign Minister’s office.

Can you imagine the reaction of Democratic Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D–N.V.), our own Sen. Charles Schumer (D–N.Y.), House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D–CA), and members of the New York congressional delegation if former President Bush, or another Republican President, nominated someone for that post who had made similar statements?

They would be howling from the highest mountain tops calling the nomination dead on arrival in the Senate. The New York Times and other major daily newspapers would run editorials calling upon the president to withdraw the nomination.

In the past, Sen. Schumer has been a consistent, outspoken friend of Israel. Schumer has publicly stated he would be a “shomer” or guardian of Israel. The time has come for him to stand up for Israel and part company with both President Obama and Sen. Reid. Will Schumer put aside his consistent political loyalty to President Obama and his longing to succeed Sen. Reid as the next majority leader? Will he come out against Hagel’s nomination?

The same goes for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D–N.Y.), Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D–N.Y.), and other congressional delegates. Never shy around a camera or microphone, all are strangely silent. If Schumer, Gilllibrand, and company vote for Hagel’s nomination, they are no longer kosher, but have become tref.

Voters loyal to Israel should show the door at the next election to Schumer and anyone else who supports or votes to confirm Chuck Hagel as our next Secretary of Defense.Larry Penner

Great Neck, N.Y.

Fragile planet

To the editor,

I can relate to Ed Greenspan when he vents about unruly students (“Class control,” Letters to the editor, Feb. 8).

For years I’ve been going through my own agonies with kids and adults who harass and use folk as punching bags. One reason is that some of these kids belong to gangs.

Another is their abnormal social attitude. They use abusive language to communicate and break the spirit, causing mental anguish.

Their conniving tactics, conspiracies, and deliberate provocations advance violence on our fragile planet that is already consumed with so much brutality.

Amy Kaye

Sheepshead Bay

B37 blues

To the editor,

Return the B37 bus to us. It ran up and down Third Avenue — from Shore Road at the southern end of Bay Ridge to Downtown — round trip. It gave transportation to, among many other locations, the Towers of Bay Ridge — ironically located in Sunset Park — where many seniors now reside, and to Lutheran Hospital, as well as to other areas along the way.

When it was removed, the B70 was put in its place, only running round-trip along Third Avenue — from Shore Road at the southern end of Bay Ridge to Bay Ridge Avenue — leaving the rest of Third Avenue without any service.

The B37 should never have been removed in the first place, but that is history now. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has returned other routes that were previously taken away, and the B37 should have been included in those returns.Daniel Kanter

Bay Ridge

Parking hogs

To the editor,

It’s almost impossible to find a parking spot these days in my neighborhood, like in so many others around the city. It gets worse all the time.

Traffic enforcement agents seem to come out of nowhere to give tickets for meters, double parking, expired registration or inspection, and other traffic violations. Almost all the time these tickets are given out justly, but my complaint is that so many commercial vehicles are parked on the street overnight.

These vehicles are company-owned that employees take home and park in parking spots intended for car owners who live in those areas — not for the benefit of the employee or the company that owns the truck.

Where are the traffic agents for these trucks and vans whose drivers are breaking the law?Lucia Bocchino

Cobble Hill

Reach reporter Shavana Abruzzo at or by calling (718) 260-2529. Follow her on Twitter at

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