Monday, Jan. 9, 2012

Prospect Heights

‘Bridge the gap’ at this new video installation

Prospect Heights

‘Bridge the gap’ at this new video installation

Brooklyn Museum’s newest exhibit, “Question Bridge,” which opens on Jan. 13, invites black men from all over the country to define their racial identity in their own words. Comment

All uke need is love!

The Beatles Complete on Ukelele marathon is back, so break out your tiny guitar and get ready to rock. Comment

Sunday, Jan. 8, 2012


Shucks, Chuck! More ‘useless’ proposals?’

Start the New Year the right way — by reading the offerings of some of Brookjlyn’s best spouters on our “Letters to the Editor” page! Comments (2)

Saturday, Jan. 7, 2012

Big Screecher

Carmine looks back on Christmas Pasts

This week, the Screecher wonders why he doesn’t get any toys anymore. Comment

Friday, Jan. 6, 2012

Brooklyn Daily is proud to present the latest print editions of our Courier Life newspapers. Comment

Gotham’s first 2012 baby — born in Brooklyn!

Congratulations to Greenpoint’s newest bundle of cuteness — baby Monika Sieminska, who jockeyed with another baby girl from the Bronx for the title of the city’s first newborn of 2012! Comment
Marine Park

Cops nab lock popper

A near-burglary leads this week’s 63rd Precinct blotter. Comment
A Britisher’s View

NYPD’s blue line of entrapment

Law enforcers do themselves an injustice when they take the “sting” out of an undercover operation by deliberately targeting unsuspicious — and unsuspecting — civilians. Comment

It’s ‘Brodaway’ — get used to it!

The MTA is refusing to fix a 75-year-old typo at the Broadway G train station because it claims a misspelled mosaic that reads “Brodaway” is a part of city lore — but the blooper is giving local grammarians clause for concern. Comment
Feast your hungry eyes on 65 mouth-watering morsels of food photography at the “Feast Your Eyes” exhibition at the powerHouse Arena, opening Jan. 6. The delectable group show is part of the New York Photo Festival, and features food-related works shot by a mix of renowned and amateur photographers, to create a delicious display of images that pay homage to anything and everything that provides us with sustenance. Comment

Need some postseason pics? Ask Ida!

Just when we thought we’d seen it all from our gridiron Goldilocks Ida Eisenstein, she managed to astound us again this week! Comment

Entrapment or business as usual?

Two local leaders weigh in on last month’s NYPD iPhone sting. Some say the cops tricked teens into buying the phones — which cops never claimed were stolen. Has the NYPD gone too far?

‘Butson’ with pride!

Standing O does it again — here’s another stellar tribute to Brooklyn’s greatness. Comment
Here’s one crowd that won’t bark about getting a homemade sweaters for the holidays — because trees can’t complain! Comment

Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012

Brighton Beach

Lobbyist: I bribed Kruger

Richard Lipsky faces 10 years in prison for funneling more than $250,000 to the fallen pol in payouts the lobbyist liked to call “referral fees.” Comments (8)
If the world does go up in smoke in 2012 Brooklyn’s thrill seekers can say that they were there to celebrate the beginning of the end! See all the fun in our slideshow. Comment

‘Q’ quake! Brighton Line closes down this weekend

MTA track renovations will force everyone onto shuttle busses beginning Saturday. Comment
Crown Heights

Divorce: read all about it! Author pens book on painful breakups

Does the topic of failed marriage make for great fiction? Writer Gary Lutz certainly thinks so. Comment

Not your grandma’s sock hop: cabaret celebrates 1950s tunes

The music may have died on February 3, 1959, but the tunes of late greats Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Richie Valens will be exhumed on Jan. 12 at the Bell House, at a modern-day cabaret tribute to the big three. Comment
Bergen Beach

New Belt Parkway bridge paves the way for better gangplanks

The Department of Transportation opened a pair of overpasses in the first phase of a half-billion-dollar makeover of the Belt Parkway’s Brooklyn bridges. Comments (1)

Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012

Marine Park

Christmas slap! Good Shepherd tree lighting dedicated to accused pedophile

Msgr. Thomas Brady was arrested for accosting a teenage boy in October. His flock remembered him this Christmas during a tree lighting — something the victim’s family finds disgraceful. Comments (12)

Watch out: Here’s our 12 to watch in 2012

The new year is here, so keep your eyes on these up-and-comers, who are sure to do big things in 2012. Comments (1)
Not for Nuthin’

Joanna dances into the New Year

This week, our columnist vows to get over her fear of the merengue! Comments (1)
Brooklyn Heights

Hit and run: Shot cabbie collides with Heights brownstone

A passenger shot a livery cab driver in the neck then fled from the car after it smashed into a Brooklyn Heights brownstone on New Year’s Eve, police said. Comment
Hey bro — got a jones for some righteous SoCo-style eats? Make the drop into Bay Ridge, where Ho’Brah, Bay Ridge’s new surfer-inspired taco joint, is currently riding the sweet wave of success. Comment
Bay Ridge

Thief steals thousands in jewelry and electronics from house

A thief — with expensive taste — leads this week’s 68th Precinct police blotter. Comment

Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012

Join psychotherapist Lynne Spevack at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on Jan. 8 for a tour past barren trees, bright berries and rustling grasses. It’s a dose of self-help for the price of museum admission! Comments (1)

Midwood Hornets fall to Staten Island Tech

Nagging player injuries lead to a 50-37 loss against the Seagulls. Comment

Monday, Jan. 2, 2012

It’s Only My Opinion

Stan has more quotes of the year

The title above of my column is It’s Only My Opinion, and last week I offered my opinion on some of the best quotes of last year. In the interest of space, I pared my list down. But now I am looking at several bonus quotes that are informative, entertaining, and sure to stimulate conversation when it slows down at your next cocktail party Comments (1)
Sheepshead Bay

Machete maniac hits Homecrest

A bloody purse snatching on Avenue S leads this week’s 61st Precinct police blotter. Comment
Coney Island

Swimmers brr-ring in the New Year!

Two groups of frigid water fanatics jumped into the Atlantic Ocean yesterday. One group did it for a good cause; the other to honor its founder. Comment
Brooklyn Heights

‘April’ in wintertime

Brooklyn Heights

‘April’ in wintertime

The Heights Players bring a springtime classic to the stage. Comment
Bay Ridge

Eating his words! Alex Borgognone bails on bid to unseat Rep. Grimm

The former cupcake shop owner wants to open up a Manhattan restaurant instead. Comment

Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012

Mill Basin

Aviators defeat Cape Cod, 7-3

The struggling A’s end 2011 on a high note. Comment

Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011

Bay Ridge

Grabbed! Cops bust 50-year-old for Bay Ridge sex assault

And this isn’t the first time he’s sexually abused adolescents in the leafy neighborhood, police say. Comment
Brooklyn Courier

Old mayors never die, they just fade away

A John Lindsay campaign ad from 1965 resurfaces on a Flatbush building — and flummoxes a new generation of residents. Comment

Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011

Weekend Watch

New year, new worries on the rails

Attention all Q riders: get ready to take the bus. Comment

Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011

Gavel to Gavel

Kruger crony with ties to Ratner heads to court

The Kruger corruption scandal comes to a close in this week’s Gavel to Gavel. Comment

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