Monday, Aug. 10, 2015


Fun-size photography: Instagram stars shoot mini models

It’s a shoebox photo shoot! Comment
Marine Park

Where have Marine Park’s kosher supermarkets gone?

Something’s not quite kosher in Marine Park. Comments (1)

Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015

Courier Life is proud to present the latest print edition of Brooklyn Weekly, which can be found each Sunday in the New York Post. Check it out, along with our other local editions! Comment

Sound Off to the Editor

Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comments (1)

Saturday, Aug. 8, 2015

Big Screecher

One week later, the Screecher is back

You’d thought he went away for good, but Carmine is back with avengence! Comments (3)

Friday, Aug. 7, 2015


More than meets the ear: Podcast brings transformative stories to life

A change is gonna come. Comment

Gowanaissance New Third Avenue shops reshape the neighborhood

The borough’s new hippist neighborhood is coming into its own! Comment
Bay Ridge Nights

Bay Ridge has international flair

Travel around the globe without leaving Bay Ridge this weekend! Comment
A Britisher’s View

You go girl! Caitlyn Jenner puts trans-folk on the map

The world’s most famous male athlete is using her new celebrity as a female to begin an urgent conversation about transexuality, writes our columnist, who launches a three-part series next week on a Bay Ridge transgender — a divorced dad from Bay Ridge — who lives life as a woman. Comments (4)

Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015

Coney Island

Cyclones host ‘Bark in the Park’

Coney Island

Cyclones host ‘Bark in the Park’

Call it an inside-the-bark home run! Comment
Red Hook

Re-berth: Historic boat gets second shot at Red Hook home

The Mary A. Whalen is back in Red Hook where it belongs. Comment
Mill Basin

Pothole parkway

Mill Basin

Pothole parkway

You wouldn’t know the Belt Parkway from a hole in the ground. Comment
Bay Ridge

Swede emotion! Scandinavian vocal group comes to Bay Ridge

They ain’t just yodeling Dixie. Comment
Park Slope

Fuzzy friends find new homes

Park Slope

Fuzzy friends find new homes

Prospect Park was home to an Adoptapalooza! Comment
Bring it on! Vietnam War veteran Marty Randisi is glad to be in the trenches at his new Bill Baker’s Restaurant & Bar in Williamsburg. Comment
Joe Knows

Malignaggi wanted nothing but best to the end

There was not more magic left for Paulie Malignaggi. Comment

Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015

They’re gonna need a bigger cement truck. Comment
Gerritsen Beach

Big-hearted locals adopt rescued puppies

It’s the come-bark story of the year. Comment

Pols: Snitch to end black-on-black crime

Brooklynites who witness gunplay must be willing to report what they saw to police in order to stem the tide of gun violence in the borough, said a group of pols and gun-control activists rallying on the steps of Borough Hall on Tuesday. Comment
Bay Ridge

R-acket train: Ridge’s subway sending bad vibes to parochial school

If you want to know what it sounds like inside St. Anslem’s School when the R Train rumbles along below, just stand next to an idling bulldozer. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Joanna pines for the days of ad-free TV

The time when paying for cable meant commercial-free viewing are long gone, laments our columnist, who may have to resort to picking up a book. Comment
Park Slope

Spanish brogue: Mexican musician blends international influences on new album

This Mexican musician found his muse in Brooklyn. Comment
The Long Island Rail Road is looking to make the transition to Brooklyn a little easier for Long-Island based hockey fans who want to see their favorite team play in its new home rink. Comment
Harbor Watch

Changing of the guard!

The 200-year-old United War Veterans Council was past its heyday, until Vietnam War vet Vince McGowan and his comrades-in-arms reconstituted the organization in the mid-1980s. Dan McSweeney, the incoming president, will take over from McGowan, who is retiring, in the fall. Comments (1)

Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015

It was truly a pitch for the record books — or rather, 150 pitches. Comment
Bay Ridge ►Video

Blinded by the light: Ridgites throw shade at city over too-bright street lamps

They have to wear sunglasses at night. Comments (4)

Truth feller: Honest artist tries to bridge cultural gaps

The truth is up there. Comment
Red Hook

Gunmen wound five in Red Hook, including pregnant woman

A pair of maniacs sprayed gunfire into a group of people in Red Hook on Monday night, injuring five, two of them critically, cops said. One of the injured women was pregnant and as of Tuesday afternoon remained in critical but stable condition at Lutheran Medical Center, according to a source with knowledge of the matter. Comment

Brownsville’s Jacobs downs Mora, turns sights to Quillin

In Danny Jacobs’s mind the outcome was inevitable, it just wasn’t the way he wanted to get there. Comment

Pineiro flourishing in coaching role with Bonnie Rams

This trip to Johnstown is going to be very different for Jonathan Pineiro. Comment

Former arena worker debuts at Barclays Center boxing event

Former Barclays Center worker Travis Peterkin told his friends he would one day box in Brooklyn’s primer area. The Brownsville native made good on that promise last Saturday night, but he will still have to wait for his first victory there. Comments (3)

Monday, Aug. 3, 2015

Bay Ridge

Ridge-shot film winning fans on festival circuit

It’s a hit! Comment
Brooklyn’s not dope! Comment
Bay Ridge

Gun-toting goons rob Ridgite of ride

Police released photos of the two louts they suspect robbed a guy at gunpoint on Ovington Avenue and then escaped in the victim’s car on July 11. Comment
It’s Only My Opinion

Stan asks if Walker will get trumped

In which our columnist wonders if the Wisconsin governor can beat Trump in the primary, and then the unions in the general election. Comments (3)

Cosmos are coming to Coney

Come see the Cosmos where the Cyclones play. Comment

Friday, July 31, 2015

Park Slope

V-Gay Day! Slope’s Excelsior should reopen on Wednesday

Beloved Park Slope gay bar Excelsior is finally set to open its new Fifth Avenue spot next week, a year after shutting the doors to its longtime location down the street, and the owners are just as relieved as their thirsty clientele. Comment

Beep Adams in talks to put 3D printers in all Brooklyn schools

He wants to be the prince of prints. Comments (2)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

“Louis Powsner Way” would have been on the wrong block in Coney Island, if the Courier and Councilman Mark Treyger hadn’t got on the city’s case. Comment

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