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Not for Nuthin’

December, 2011

Not for Nuthin’

Ring out the old and plan for the end

This week, Joanna ponders the end of days. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Another year, another Christmas poem

Not a creature was stirring, not daughter, not spouse. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

It’s curtains for the little show with big secrets

Not for Nuthin, but I wish they didn’t cancel “Eureka”! Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Here comes SantaCon right down Drunkin’ Claus Lane

This week, our colunist tries to understand the fun behind dressing up as that old fat elf and having way too much to drink. Comments (5)

November, 2011

Not for Nuthin’

It’s the little steam mop that could!

This week our columnist treats herself to the best product ever. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Not for Nuthin’, but enjoy that Turkey

You guessed it: A column discussing things to be thankful for. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Grandma Jenny and the Genie Bra

This week, our columnist considers the magic of a new brassiere. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Faith escapes truth in advertising

This week, our columnist compares Harold Camping to Bernie Madoff! Comments (1)
Not for Nuthin’

The Occupiers are getting a taste of capitalism

Our columnist says that a schism at Zuccotti Park has the heads or Occupy Wall Street sounding like a bunch of CEOs. Comments (1)

October, 2011

Not for Nuthin’

I said what I said and I meant what I meant

Our columnist fires back at those that question her take on “Occupy Wall Street.” Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Occupy Wall Street? For what?

Our columnist says they only thing we should be battling is our insatiable thirst for stuff. Comments (66)
Not for Nuthin’

Hold on to your hats folks, because once again the end is near

The Apocolypse has arrived. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Call the waaaaaambulance! It’s a whine attack

Our columnist doesn’t care if Martha Stewart went potty with the door open. Comments (1)

September, 2011

Not for Nuthin’

PLEASE pull the plug on ‘Two and a Half Men’

Our columnist thinks Ashton Kutcher is not a good match for the popular TV show. Comments (61)
Not for Nuthin’

Thirty years later, the sky is still falling

Our columnist says satellites go round and round — and life stays exactly the same. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

What Paul Krugman should have done

Some times if you don’t have anything nice to say it’s best to say nothing at all Comments (3)
Not for Nuthin’

Not for Nuthin’, but I remeber that day

What was I doing on Sept. 11 2001? Most assuredly the same thing that I did on Sept. 10, 2001 but even more assuredly not the same thing that I would do on Sept. 12, 2001 or ever after. Ten years on and the memories of 9-11 are still as sharp and crisp as they were that day. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

A whole lot of honey, honey

Our columnist’s take on the Comment

August, 2011

Not for Nuthin’

Oportunidades keeps on knocking, but we shouldn’t let it in

Our columist has a few words for the mayors plan to give moms and dads money — to be better parents! Comment
Not for Nuthin’

When you have nothing to write about, write about it

Our columnist is grasping at straws – and our editor lets it slide. Comments (1)
Not for Nuthin’

The heck with romance, give me a dry basement.

Could Joanna’s basement withstand the biggest rainstorm of the year? Comments (1)
Not for Nuthin’

I’m going bonzo over the Bongo fiasco

Our columnist says losing a Beanie Baby is nothing like losing the real thing. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Looking for steak in the all the wrong places

Our columnist travels to “Spain” for love — and wine. Comment

July, 2011

Not for Nuthin’

School’s out forever — until college starts!

Free at last” I thought in June — no more parental involvement in school matters now that my beloved daughter was college bound. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Forget jurisprudence, let the evil bastard rot in hell

Res ipsa loquitur: the act speaks for itself. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Prepare yourself for the invasion of the hogweed!

Be on the lookout for lethal leafy plant, which is making its way into the Empire State. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Grandma Jenny really loved her ‘stories’

The same can’t be said of viewers today, though. Comment

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