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Not for Nuthin’

December, 2012

Not for Nuthin’

Instead of bans, let’s teach respect

This week, our columnist says we need to make sure our kids respect one another before we start banning guns. Comments (2)
Not for Nuthin’

It might be the end of days, but Joanna still has to shop.

This week, our columnist contemplates the end of days. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

FEMA’s excuse gives new meaning to lame

This week, our columnist says the Federal Emergency Management Agency should find a better lie. Comments (3)
Not for Nuthin’

Judge Joanna rules on ‘nanny murder’

Not for Nuthin, but we all know she’s guilty! Comments (12)

November, 2012

Not for Nuthin’

If you ban the nativity, you should ban nudity

This week, our columnist says she prefers donkeys to butts. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Not for Nuthin’, but enjoy that turkey

You guessed it: A column discussing things to be thankful for. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Don’t gobble up this last tradition

This week, our columnist says it’s not cool to go Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Thank goodness they cancelled the Marathon

This week our columnist vents about the Marathon. Comment

October, 2012

Not for Nuthin’

How I prepared for the storm, or Oreos are delicious

This week, our columnist goes on a quest to get the essentials necessary to weather a storm. Did she succeed? You decide. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

A sob story — right up until the end.

This week, our columnist wonders if the banks will ever learn their lesson. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Mexico is the place for Orlando Orea

This week, our national affairs columnist sounds off on the murder of Michael Jones. Comments (3)
Not for Nuthin’

Where is Ed Sullivan when you need him?

This week, our columnist breaks down the history of reality television. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Step right up and get your Orgreenic!

This week, our columnist lets us praises of a new stick-free pan. Comment

September, 2012

Not for Nuthin’

Man, did the Emmys bite the big one

This week, our columnist says Jimmy Kimmel should stick to late night — because he is not funny, and she’s never awake when he is on. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Gulp! I can’t stand the mayor’s soda ban!

This week, our columnist lets us know that banning Super Big Gulps is just another useless exercise. Comments (2)
Not for Nuthin’

The nest is empty, and this mama bird is feeling fine!

This week, our columnist lets us know how she’s been doing since her little one flew the coop. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Guidos and guidettes fade into the sunset

This week, our columnist says goodbye to the gang from the Jersey Shore. Comments (1)

August, 2012

Not for Nuthin’

Pilot to co-pilot, we are ready for take-off

This week, our columnist ships her only child to college — and tries to deal with an empty nest. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Mayor Mike is wary of Trojans bearing gifts

This week, our national affairs columnist sticks it to Mayor Bloomberg for taking away a vibrator giveaway. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Gun control won’t stop those that want to kill

This week, Joanna says banning guns isn’t the answer. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

A transit jobs is a thankless occupation, until now

This week, Joanna sings the praises of our transit workers. Comment

July, 2012

Not for Nuthin’

Why is the question that we can’t answer

How far down the rabbit hole does a society have to go to produce an individual that harbors such intense violence? And how bad does the violence and madness have to be before the society wakes up and smells the coffee? Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Eureka goes out the way it came in

This week, our national affairs and television columnist gives her take on the last episode of her favorite show, “Eureka.” Spoiler alert: You better watch it before you read this! Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Ban the donuts and full speed ahead

This week, our columnist wonders what Mayor Bloomberg should prohibit next. Comments (4)
Not for Nuthin’

America is beautiful — but these guys aren’t

This week Joanna celebrates America, and bashes the politicians who let us down. Comment

June, 2012

Not for Nuthin’

Fast and Furious? How about Dumb and Dumber?

This week, Joanna takes a bite out of stupidity and duplicity. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Will they start this trial already!

This week, our columnist says its time to get the trial of Khalid Skeikh Mohammed moving. Comments (1)
Not for Nuthin’

The What a Good Job You Did Generation gets a lesson in reality

This week, our columnist applauds David McCullough for telling it like it is. Comments (1)
Not for Nuthin’

Banning the Big Gulp in the Big Apple

This week, our columnist takes aim at the Mayor’s “waste” size. Comments (1)

May, 2012

Not for Nuthin’

For Mayor Mike, bikes are better than parking

This week, our columnist takes on the Mayor’s plan to replace parking spaces with bike-sharing racks! Comments (2)
Not for Nuthin’

‘House’ finale leaves Joanna high and dry

This week, Joanna reviews the final episode of House. Comments (6)
Not for Nuthin’

‘Girls’ stinks, but Mother’s Day brunch was delicious

This week, our columnists tells you about the good and bad of Mother’s Day weekend. Comments (1)
Not for Nuthin’

To err is human, to scream vulgarities is wrong

This week, our columnist has a problem with how a fellow commuter chose to exercise his freedom of speech. Comments (1)
Not for Nuthin’

Two and Half Men revisited

This week our columnist recounts her brief meeting with Charlie Sheen. Comments (9)

April, 2012

Not for Nuthin’

Like, can we stop with ‘like,’ pulease!

Our columnist is, like, really, like, upset about this. Like, really. Comments (1)
Not for Nuthin’

Eureka! My show is back, with Jack!

This week, our columnist tells you all about the season premiere of “Eureka.” Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Oh, the drudgery! I’m on vacation, but still doing work

This week, our columnist figures out how much time she has spent in her life folding towels. And it isn’t pretty. Comments (1)

March, 2012

Not for Nuthin’

At any rate? How about the rate I agreed to?

This week, our columnist takes issue with her communications provider. Comments (1)
Not for Nuthin’

Get Barack’s face off the stars and stripes

This week, our national affairs correspondent — and banner expert — takes on what she thinks is flag desecration. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Rush Limbaugh was just as offensive when he attacked Italians.

This week, our National Affairs and Rush Limbaugh columnist takes another swipe at the radio host. Comments (2)
Not for Nuthin’

Keep your misogyny to yourself, Rush Limbaugh

This week, our columnist stands up for her gender, and takes a few swings at the radio talk show host she loves to hate. Comments (5)

February, 2012

Not for Nuthin’

Jo’s got her finger on the pulse of ABC

This week, our national affairs columnist breaks down the Oscars. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Joanna breaks down her TV week

This week, our columnist fills you in on what’s good, and not so good, on her favorite networks. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Verizon’s being deducted from my good list

This week, our national issues reporter haggles with a sales rep over iPhone insurance. Comments (4)
Not for Nuthin’

The greatest thing about the game — the commercials

Our national affairs columnist gives her top-10 Super Bowl spots. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Tenure, schmenur, something’s gotta give

This week, our columnist goes off — again — on tenure for teachers. Comments (1)

January, 2012

Not for Nuthin’

Paula Deen, Anthony Bourdain, diabetes, and America

This week, our columnist delves into the pies being thrown by the food world’s biggest stars. Comments (11)
Not for Nuthin’

Mayor Bloomberg hits another homer

Mayor Bloomberg is back in Joanna’s good graces — and it only took three terms. Comments (1)
Not for Nuthin’

Stamp out fraud with fingerprinting

This week, our columnist gets ink on her hands. Well, other people’s hands. Comment
Not for Nuthin’

Joanna dances into the New Year

This week, our columnist vows to get over her fear of the merengue! Comments (1)

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