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It’s Only My Opinion

October, 2016


Stan takes another swipe at Hillary

Our columnist has a bag full of ‘em. Comments (21)

Stan’s family never took welfare

Our columnist’s mom bravely refused big-government handouts in the pre-Social Security era. Comments (6)

September, 2016


Stan takes a swipe at Hillary

Also bagels are very dangerous. Comments (3)

Stan takes a swipe at the other Clinton

Lest we forget the former president’s Oval Office indiscretions. Comments (4)

It’s a grab-bag of musings!

This week, our scribe takes on Hillary Clinton, considers the ever-evolving English language, and offers some advice for buying wine. Comments (3)

Stan responds to a reader, pt. II

This time, it’s personal. Comments (6)

August, 2016


Stan responds to a reader

To the commenter going by Maurice: This one’s for you. Comments (30)

Stan fends off another scammer

In which our wise wordsmith smells a swindler a mile away. Comments (14)

Stan’s on a roll!

In which our columnist continues his critique of Hillary — and offers some advice about how to eat a hot dog. Comments (16)

A drive down memory lane

In which our sagacious motormouth shares some life lessons learned behind the wheel. Comments (1)

July, 2016


Secure the border — for our kids’ sakes

Pointing to the recent terror attacks on a Turkish airport, our columnist has at least 45 good reasons to tighten our country’s perimeter. Comments (16)

Stan’s cure for aging

Eat more preservatives! Our resident chemist breaks down the compounds keeping your food from breaking down. Comments (7)

June, 2016


America — where you’re free to own a gun and eat dog food

Our columnist wishes just one law-abiding Pulse-goer was packing heat, tells a funny story about a famous person eating pooch food, and makes the bombshell announcement he is backing Trump over Clinton. Comments (3)

Stan stands up for public free speech

Unless it’s flag-burning — then our columnist cannot abide. Comments (3)

Stan issues a Warren-ing to the senator from Massachusetts

In which our pontificator points our her alleged hypocrisy. Comments (14)

Stan’s got the cure

In which our author advocates for lethal injections for criminals and better health screening for immigrants. Comments (15)

May, 2016


The buck starts here! Stan’s got ‘America by the dollars’

In which our correspondent runs down how America is spending its hard-earned dollars — and who is raking ‘em in. Comments (5)

Stan aims for the headlines

Our media-savvy marksman scopes out some presidential news and explains that all his fellow seniors are packing heat. Comments (3)

Stan’s back with ‘America by the numbers’

In which our number-crunching columnist sifts through the data so you don’t have to. Comments (2)

Stan talks softly and carries a big bat

In which our correspondent moderates a political discussion among friends. Comments (1)

Stan’s got the formula for success

Our former pharmacist quizzes you on household chemistry and warns about the perils of drug abuse among musical superstars. Comments (1)

April, 2016


Stan offers a lesson in media skepticism

Don’t believe everything you read on the web — except Stan! Comment

Stan unpacks the perils of air travel

In which our penman pontificates on checking baggage, surly security guards, and the world’s busiest airports. Comment

Stan’s putting global travel on hold after recent terror attacks

He’s still cruisin’ — but he’s sticking to the good ol’ U-S-of-A. Comments (2)

Stan goes the extra mile — for free travel

In which our well-travelled writer offers some tips on how to make the most of your credit card’s travel mile bonuses. Comments (2)

March, 2016


Stan takes comments from the audience

This week’s missive comes with a little help from our columnist’s readers. Comments (6)

Stan measures his success one cruise at a time

This week, our columnist says his lifestyle is his favorite thing, and that he just might vote for Trump. Comments (16)

Stan’s raising the bar for airports

In which our author decries not-rigorous-enough airport security, opines on befriending lushes, and characterizes the humble barber shop as the modern-day Greek Agora. Comments (6)

February, 2016


Stan wants revenge on Montezuma

In which our hawkish essayist subtly suggests the U.S. go to war with our southern neighbors. Comments (10)

Why are Dems berning Hil?

In which our man of letters explains why Democrats are so meshugenah for comrade Bernie. Comments (14)

Stan boosts the sixth borough

In which our citrus-loving correspondent extolls the virtues of the Sunshine State as the perfect alternative for seniors tired of New York winters. Comments (12)

Vacation pics are a ‘welcome mat’ for burglars

In which our tech-savvy typist warns you not to brag to the whole world when you’re out of town on vacation, beause you never know who might be paying attention. Comments (4)

January, 2016


Stan’s never going to a football game again

In which our scribe bids farewell to football season and weighs the staying power of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll versus the Chairman of the Board. Comments (2)

Stan discovers Italy’s other major religion

In which our well-traveled writer finds out about a ragu-related religion, offers tips for racking up frequent-flyer miles, and expounds on the perils of placing phone calls from space. Comments (5)

Wasser-name again?

In which Stan takes on the head of the Democratic National Committee, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Comments (1)

Stan’s ‘Twilight of the Idols’

In which our Nietzschean man of letters deftly turns a few disparate aphorisms into a commentary on the country’s political climate — plus an anecdote about cruises! Comments (4)

Crticisms of ‘The Donald’ all trumped-up

In which our political pontificator points out just how mega-builder Donald Trump’s presidential qualifications stack up, defends the practice of racial profiling, and gives precocious youth some pointers on college applications. Comments (7)

December, 2015


Stan ain’t buyin’ what Jeb’s sellin’

In which our expert essayist expounds on how an old salesman’s adage could help the 2016 Republican presidential candidates, updates us on who we lost this go-‘round-the-sun, and wishes everyone a safe new year. Comments (10)

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