December, 2012


Speed bumps curb road hogs

Want to stop speeding on your street? Put in a speed bump, a letter writer says. Comment

Listen up, electeds, and do your job

Ian Randal Strock has a message for our representatives in Washington. Comment

November, 2012


Giving thanks to Brooklyn

Despite all that’s happened over the last few weeks, our letter writers are still giving thanks. Comments (1)

She’s got a finger or four for Gershbein!

Our letter writers chime in on President Obama’s reelection, and tell our columnist Stanley Gershbein what he can do with his prognostications. Comment

Plea for Veteran’s Day — no more war!

Our letter writers remember our veterans as well as those left rattled by Hurricane Sandy. Comments (1)

Brooklyn sounds off against Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy left Brooklyn battered and bruised, but unleashed a squall of sound bites from our cyber commentariat, check it out! Comment

October, 2012


Brooklyn ‘never stops loving’ Babs

That, and other letters from our mailbag. Comment

Reader says new supermarket is Aldi-riffic news

I was delighted to read that an Aldi food market, already open in Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, will finally be coming to Brooklyn (“The shuttered Pathmark on Nostrand Avenue will soon get a tenant, sources say,” online Oct. 9). Comment

How about a Dept. of Peace?

Our letter writers want our representatives in Washington to give peace a chance. Comment

‘Get one thing straight, Shav!’

One of our letter writers doesn’t like our columnist’s take on U.S.–Middle East relations. Comment

September, 2012


‘Moses booted Dem Bums from Bklyn’

This week, our letter writers blame Robert Moses for the Dodgers’ exodus from Brooklyn. Comment

Walmart — still a ‘smart’ option

Walmart may not be coming to Southern Brooklyn, but our letter writers are still singing the big-box chain’s praises. Comments (4)

‘Can’t-put-down’ article about deer hunter

A letter writer thanks us for a great article, then gives us lip for not giving her enough info about Brooklyn deer hunter Steven Rinella. Comment

‘Take Ed Greenspan off your letters page!’

Our letter writers love to go off on neighborhood politicians, city agencies, and our reporters. This week, they’re taking aim at one of their own. Comment

‘Dollar vans should be barred from Flatbush Avenue’

The dollar vans that zip up and down Flatbush Avenue shouldn’t be allowed on the road, our reader says. Comments (3)

August, 2012


Marty shouldn’t gamble on Coney casinos

Borough President Markowitz shouldn’t turn the People’s Playground into the next Atlantic City, our readers say. Comments (1)

‘Gov. Cuomo is Wimpy’

Our letter writers have plenty of opinions. One of them thinks Gov. Cuomo acts like a comic-strip character — and it isn’t Superman. Comment

Hey, Stanley! I have an opinion too!

Columnist Stanley Gershbein isn’t the only one with an opinion. Our readers have a few of their own to share. Comments (1)

‘Kudos’ to ‘gutsy’ Jo-Jo

It’s rare, but every now and again our readers sing our columnist’s praises. Comment

July, 2012


‘Thank you fellow Brooklynites!’

A reader tells us how a simple act of kindness from her fellow borough commuters renewed her faith in the universe. Comment

Screech this! Carmine’s can’t be a GAVONE, our readers say

Our readers defend the Big Screecher — from himself! Comments (1)

Abruzzo IS ‘Sar-serious,’ our readers say

Our Courier commentariat is in fine form this week, with opinions ranging from Linda Sarsour’s appointment to Community Board 10 to this summer’s heatwave. Happy reading, folks! Comment

Linda Sarsour is a perfect choice for CB10

Our readers chime in on Borough President Markowitz’s decision to appoint conroversial Muslim leader Linda Sarsour to a Bay Ridge community panel. Comments (1)

Simmering Ridge food vendor wars boil over

Readers offer some food for thought about the ongoing battle between street kitchens and brick and mortar restaurants. Comment

June, 2012


Councilman Fidler: Your report is inaccurate

This week, Councilman Lew Fidler gives us an earful about our Marine Park tennis court coverage. Comments (1)

‘Unpatriotic’ PS 90 Principal Greta Hawkins shows her true colors

Our readers send out a big “red, white, and BOO” to the Coney Island principal who banned “God Bless the U.S.A.” and other national songs on her school’s graduation day because she didn’t want to offend anyone’s cultural sensibilities. Comments (2)

Our readers ask: ‘Who watches the watchers?’

Our letter writers are spouting off on a number of issues this week — from the spy cameras coming to Midwood to Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to ban Super Big Gulps. Comment

There’s a street meat smackdown on our letters page

Readers spout off on everything from food carts in Bay Ridge to Coney’s ongoing boardwalk wars. Comment

May, 2012


Boardwalk War of 2012 rages on our letters page

It’s your page and you know it! Boardwalk fans rush to defend the famed walkway from getting a concrete makeover. Comments (1)

‘Kudos’ to Abruzzo for slammin’ crooked Carl!

Our readers say Carl Kruger was a “nothing” pol, who was aptly delivered a black bulls-eye by our columnist. Comments (1)

Concrete Boardwalk a good thing for Coney

Our readers say a concrete Boardwalk isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Comment

April, 2012


Don’t take pot shots at our commander in chief

Our letter writers come to President Obama’s defense. Comment

Councilman Greenfield: CB 12 election ‘about reform, not religion’

The panel’s controversial vote to replace its chairman was based solely on the need for open government, the peeved pol says. Comment

A concrete Boardwalk is unacceptable

This week our readers talk about a Brooklyn icon — the Coney Island Boardwalk. Comment

Not for Nuthin’, but Joanna knows what she’s talking about

Sometimes our readers actually agree with our columnists. This is one of those times. Comment

Atheist billboard protected by First Amendment

Our readers spout off about the Constitution, cats, and Rush Limbaugh! Comment

March, 2012


Check the facts! Rep. Turner a ‘show’ in the community!

The Brooklyn Young Republicans go to bat for its rookie congressman in this week’s letters to the editor. Comment

‘Nyet’ to Russian-friendly Storobin

Our readers chime in on Tuesday’s special election. Comment

Readers: The Bay News got it wrong

Every now and then our readers let us have it. Enjoy! Comments (1)

It’s a dog’s life for Sheepshead Bay’s captive canines!

In this week’s letters page, our loyal readers chime in on a few of our stories, as well as our op-ed page. Comment

February, 2012


Our letter writers hate Joanna DelBuono

Once again, retired teachers are lashing out against our Not for Nuthin’ columnist. Comments (4)

January, 2012


Joanna has no idea what ‘tenure’ means

Once again, our columnists are put through the ringer. Comment

Hey Stan, Christmas war run by extremists!

Our letter writers have some final thoughts on the holidays. Comment

‘Sicko’ facts ALTAR priest tale

Our readers chime in on the Monsignor Brady Christmas tree controversey at Good Shepherd Church — and our headline. Comment

Shucks, Chuck! More ‘useless’ proposals?’

Start the New Year the right way — by reading the offerings of some of Brookjlyn’s best spouters on our “Letters to the Editor” page! Comments (2)

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