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The Right View

October, 2018


It’s time to fix New York City’s street vendor problem

Our columnist says mom-and-pop stores are adversely affected by street vendors run rampant in the city. Comments (1)

September, 2018


A path for a Republican public advocate in New York City

Since its inception in 1993, no member of the GOP has been the city’s public advocate. That could change mext year, says our columnist. Comment

Today’s primaries decide who controls tomorrow’s senate

Two Brooklyn Democratic primaries this week will determine which party controls the state Senate. Currently, only one vote keeps the Republicans in control of the upper chamber in Albany. Comments (2)

August, 2018


BP Adams is right to support term limits for Community Boards

Our columnst just hopes other borough presidents would see what he sees. Comments (7)

The real price we pay for gerrymandering

Voters in New York are often deprived a real choice in elections because of gerrymandered districts that allows one party to dominate, elected officials who act to protect their own power and ambitions by undermining their own party members, and local party organizations that fail to run credible candidates. Comments (3)

Barkan up the wrong tree: The slippery slope candidate Ross is walking down

One week after journalist-turned-politician Ross Barkan attacked Andrew Goundardes for accepting the Reform Party endorsement, our columnist, who heads the party, barks back. Comments (10)

July, 2018


Golden’s staff’s faux pas showing cracks in his armor

The Bay Ridge state Senator staff is not serving him well as he faces his first real competition for his seat, says our columnist. Comments (1)

Winners and losers in Dan Donovan’s big win

Over the past few months, the Republican congressional primary between incumbent Dan Donovan and Michael Grimm was in the spotlight, not only in Brooklyn and Staten Island, but throughout the nation. There were contentious debates, tweets from President Trump, contrasting polls, and fierce competition between supporters of both men. Comments (3)

June, 2018


At the Fort Hamilton Army Base, the law is the law

Staff at the base did the right thing by detaining Pablo Villavicencio, says our columnist. Comments (6)

Should NY legalize gambling on sports?

Place your bets! Comment

May, 2018


It is time to reform our community boards

Our columnist thinks Craig Hammerman’s arrest has shined a spotlight on New York’s “Little City Halls.” Comments (3)

Republicans and Democrats have a chance to win ‘Fray by the Bay’

An open Assembly seat in Southern Brooklyn has both parties licking their chops. Comments (9)

April, 2018


Randa Jarrar and the problem with America

Shouldn’t we all get together and denouce crazy speach when we hear it? Comments (4)
Bay Ridge

Is the ‘Golden Era’ coming to an end?

Could this election season be the end of the line for Marty Golden? Comments (4)

March, 2018


Going to extremes: These proposed laws stink!

There oughta not be a law! Comment

Oakland’s sanctuary city mayor should be arrested

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf should be locked up for warning criminals that the feds were coming for them, our columnist says. Comments (1)

Rikers Island: The perfect place for a jail

Our columnist thinks closing Rikers Island instead of fixing the problems there is an idiotic move. Comments (2)

February, 2018


Manhattan DA’s plan for subway fare cheats is insane

District Attorney Cyrus Vance needs to do his job and enforce all laws, not just he ones he likes, says our columnist. Comments (2)

Legal injection centers is not the answer to opioid crisis

The city is deciding behind closed doors whether or not to open supervised injection facilites for heroin addicts. Its time to bring that conversation to the public. Comment

January, 2018


Grimm vs. Donovan GOP primary will put Brooklyn in spotlight

The GOP primary between Michael Grimm and Congressman Dan Donovan in Bay Ridge’s 11th Congressional District is shaping up to be a referendum of “Trumpism,” and the general election should be a bellweather for the entire country in the upcoming mid-term elections that will determine control of the House of Representatives. Comments (3)
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