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December, 2011

Big Screecher

Happy New Year from the Screecher. Now read this!

This week, Carmine rants about Fed Ex, his love of Carvel ice cream cakes, and the dangers of surprise parties for 100-year-olds. Comment
Big Screecher

It’s a very Carmine Christmas, and — you guessed it — he’s angry!

In this week’s screech, Carmine goes off on Christmas! Comments (1)
Big Screecher

Believe it! Carmine ain’t Fonda Jane!

In this week’s Screech, Carmine lays into Hanoi Jane! Comment
Big Screecher

Carmine’s got some jokes to tell, so get ready to laugh

In this week’s screech, Carmine pulls out some of his favorite old knee-slappers! Comments (2)
Big Screecher

That’s right! Carmine only shops at stores that end in ‘S’ … and other all-American things!

This week, Carmine riffs on how to make sure you buy American-made products at all-American stores! Comments (2)

November, 2011

Big Screecher

Carmine finds teens who care — and keep this place clean!

I’m madder than a squirrel who’s lost the map to his nuts after spending all summer hiding them over the fact the media today focuses all of its attention on the bad things that young people do, instead of pointing out all the positives that are begging to be written about! Comment
Big Screecher

Carmine’s going to live forever — or at least to 150!

This week, the Screecher unlocks for you, dear reader, the secret of long life, and it ain’t eating well and excercising! Comments (1)
Big Screecher

Carmine’s stomach meets its match at niece’s wedding

This week, Carmine learns he can’t always get through the main course at a wedding! Comments (1)

October, 2011

Big Screecher

International rules: Carmine spells it out for the world!

This week, The Big Screecher looks beyond his own backyard — and finds things he can’t stand from around the globe! Comments (2)
Big Screecher

All these interuptions are interupting my life!

This week, Carmine’s got a 10-point plan for getting back at telemarketers! Comments (3)
Big Screecher

Carmine’s had it with kids today!

This week, our columnist says kids need better role models than Britney Spears! Comments (1)
Big Screecher

Carmine says ‘Get off your butt!’

This week, Carmine encourages you to get out to civic meetings so you can make a difference! Comments (1)
Big Screecher

Victory! Carmine finds a great place to get his oil checked!

This week, Carmine tells all about the secret, convenient, no-line, health center in Southern Brooklyn! Comments (1)

September, 2011

Big Screecher

We’re pretty confident Bloomberg doesn’t have Carmine’s vote

The Screecher has had an on-going problem with our mayor that dates back to the demise of WNEW-AM! Comments (3)
Big Screecher

You get what you pay for: tickets for parking legally!

This week, Carmine goes after the city for giving drivers tickets — even if they paid for their space! Comments (2)
Big Screecher

Hurrican’t! City won’t take Carmines calls during storm!

Our columnist has smoke blowing out of his ears over the city’s inability to to use a technology that’s more than 100 years old. Comment
Big Screecher

The nerve of these peoples!

This week, Carmine complains about low-life neighbors who booed kids that were doing a great thing — keeping Bensonhurst beautiful! Comment
Big Screecher

In loving memory of my sister, Millie

This week, in a very special Big Screecher, Carmine says goodbye to his sister. Comment

August, 2011

Big Screecher

Carmine faces Sophie’s Choice!

The Big Screecher has to choose between two great websites, and he doesn’t know what to do! Comments (5)
Big Screecher

Carmine enjoys another landmark party

Carmine has a blast at Cookie’s 75th birthday party! Comment
Big Screecher

The Screecher makes Brooklyn Daily debut!

Introducing Carmine Santa Maria’s weekly take on the world — only on! Comment

July, 2011

Big Screecher

This debt ceiling stuff is making me so angry, it’s laughable!

Carmine says bad jokes are the only thing that can lift his spirits as he ponders our debt ceiling crisis. Comment
Big Screecher

Carmine’s hungry for Coney Island nostalgia — and meatballs!

My stomach has been rumbling louder than the Cyclone as it goes down the second hill since I started reminiscing about eating delicious meatball sandwiches at Coney Island after I saw that fantastic picture of myself working at the Ravenhall Pool in Sunday’s most popular web feature. Comments (1)
Big Screecher

Carmine goes ga-ga over the Mermaid Parade

Coney Island’s making a comeback, and Carmine (above, in his younger days) is eating his way through it! Comment

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