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Political Spin Cycle

December, 2017


The rise and fall of public figures

Somebody once said the only constant in life is change. Comment

You are either with us or against us

Everyone needs to take a stand against sexual harassment. Comments (1)

November, 2017


We’re Biden our time until Joe runs for President

Our columnist can’t wait until 2020! Comments (3)

Best of times, worst of times for the media

It is a grand understatement to say media in American is undergoing a seismic shift these past few years. We all know print is suffering and could be threatened with extinction in the not-too-distant future (although I am still a firm believer that print will exist in some media outlets for many more decades). Radio has become a dinosaur. Even cable television is getting socked by all the cord-cutters who would rather stream than stick to prime-time viewing. Comments (1)

October, 2017


These aren’t your father’s Yankees

Tom Allon is a Met fan, but that doesn’t mean he can’t love these Baby Bombers. Comment

It’s time to end the war on women

It happened again, and it needs to stop. Comments (1)

September, 2017


Allon: The Patriots aren’t just an NFL team — they’re its kneeling players

This week, our columnist says players have a right to speak their minds — and they should. Comments (4)

Let’s be prepared for the next hurricane

This week, our columnist says it is time we make sure the city becomes storm-proof. Comment

August, 2017


She’s overcome tragedy — and written some great books

How Tom’s old college acquaintance overcame the murder of her father, started a synagogue, and wrote a toching memoir. Comment

Memories of college — as I send my daughters off

Ah, the circles of life! Comment

March, 2017


I’ve got the power: Ranking city’s most influential

Who holds the city’s levers of power changes every year, and that’s why we rank ’em! Comments (1)

February, 2017


It’s time to boycott the Knicks — and James Dolan

How do we fix the problem at Madison Square Garden? By hitting it in the pocketbook, says our columnist. Comment

The people and the press must check government’s power

It’s up to us to make sure — you and me — to resist the new President’s plan to trample our rights. Comments (3)

January, 2017


It’s time to end our War on Politics

Our columnist asks, “Can’t we all just get along?” Comment

President Obama’s final report card

Our columnist ranks the prez. Comments (3)

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