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Political Spin Cycle

December, 2016

Spin Cycle

Let’s end the economic war on college students

You know what’s terrible? Predatory student loans, that’s what. Comment
Spin Cycle

The life and death of a once-great newspaper

The New York Observer was a great read — in print. Comment

November, 2016

Spin Cycle

Trump’s infrastructure plan can make lemonade out of lemons

Our columnist has a list of projects that can actually make America great again. And it all starts with the projects! Comments (2)

October, 2016

Spin Cycle

Trump’s reality show nearing cancelation

What if this was all a way to get people to watch his new network? Comments (3)
Spin Cycle

Trump, Hillary, and setting women free

Our columnist says the best guy to lose to Hillary Clinton is Donald Trump — and everything he stands for. Comments (5)
Spin Cycle

Tom’s plan for cleaning up the cesspool in Albany

Look, Albany is corrupt. Everyone knows that. Here’s how to fix it. Comments (1)

September, 2016

Spin Cycle

The choice is simple: Vote for Hillary

This week, Tom Allon makes his pick for President. Comments (6)
Spin Cycle

Tom delights in the legends of the Fall

This week, our columnist reflects on the coming days, if that is at all possible to do. Comment

August, 2016

Spin Cycle

The fallout of Bill Bratton’s resignation

This week, our columnist wonders what is next for New York City’s — and America’s — police force. Comment
Spin Cycle

Dreaming of a Trump dynasty

For those “Never Trumpers” still around, here is an even more dystopian vision than a two-term Donald presidency: a Trump political dynasty that dominates the 21st century. Comments (1)

July, 2016

Spin Cycle

The death of a legendary journalist

Fact it, they don’t make them like they used to. Comment
Spin Cycle

Balancing fatherhood and alumni pride

Tom looks back on his Alma mater as his daughter visits colleges. Comments (1)

June, 2016

Spin Cycle

Thoughts of dad, and all he did

Tom cheers his father, a holocaust survivor who lost most of his family during World War II. Comments (1)
Spin Cycle

The lessons of Muhammad Ali

This week, our columnist remembers a man he grew up admiring. Comments (1)

May, 2016

Spin Cycle

Class of 2016, I have one word for you: Reagan

This year’s graduating class needs do what it can to keep Donald Trump from getting elected, says our columnist. Comments (7)
Spin Cycle

Tom’s eyes are opened during trip to Germany

This week, our columnist says we’ve got a lot to learn from our allies in central Europe. Comments (1)

April, 2016

Spin Cycle

Goodbye to the donkeys and elephants

Now that the 2016 campaign circus has left New York, what have we learned? Comments (1)
Spin Cycle

It’s time to return ethics classes to schools — and politics

Somebody had to say it, and Tom does. Comment
Spin Cycle

Tom wallks tall, with a big stick

This week, our columnist says it’s better to show your might than use it. Comment

March, 2016

Spin Cycle

Looks like New York values will decend on White House

Our political prognosticator says there’s a lot to like about Hillary — and a couple things about the The Donald. Comments (1)

February, 2016

Spin Cycle

Mr. Governor, tear down these sexist ads!

This week, Tom and his wife make a plea to Gov. Cuomo to remove breast augmentation ads from subways. Comments (2)
Spin Cycle

Time for pols to fix this city up

Tom Allon thinks the city needs to invest in itself — or else. Comment
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