December, 2018

The Right View

A farewell to ‘41’

Our columnist remembers former President George H.W. Bush, who passed away on Nov. 30 at 94, and applauds what he calls the career Republican statesman’s legacy of patriotism over party politics. Comment

November, 2018

Party Line

Two Brooklyn Dems set to take over House leadership roles

Two Brooklyn pols are in the House — and about to control it! Comment
Checkin’ in with

Checkin’ in with ... Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus

Read on for our sit-down with Democrat Mathylde Frontus, who will now represent Coney Island and other nabes in Albany after voters elected the political newcomer to the Assembly seat vacated by disgraced pol and convicted felon Pamela Harris. Comments (5)
The Right View

Angel should be city’s next Advocate

Our columnist says radio host Curtis Sliwa — the founder of anti-crime group the Guardian Angels, and the New York State Reform Party chairman — would be a real contender if he ran in the upcoming special election for Public Advocate, an office Sliwa would likely abolish if elected. Comment
Bay Ridge

Golden concedes state Senate race to Gounardes, ending 16-year run in office

Republican Marty Golden formally conceded his Southern Brooklyn seat of sixteen years to Democratic rival and state Senator–elect Andrew Gounardes on Monday, 13 days after Gounardes claimed an Election Day victory in the race. Comments (10)

Bklyn pol pushing to axe Public Advocate office

A Bensonhurst councilman on Wednesday introduced a bill to eliminate the watchdog position of Public Advocate, weeks ahead of a special election to fill the seat that the current officeholder will vacate to become the state’s next attorney general. Comment
Bay Ridge

Golden: I won’t concede until all votes are counted

Republican State Sen. Marty Golden refuses to concede his seat to Democratic upstart Andrew Gounardes, even after the challenger declared victory in Tuesday’s General Election by winning more than 1,100 votes than the incumbent. Comments (29)
The Right View

Mayor DeBlasio’s political tragedy

For Hizzoner, politics always takes precedence — even over remembering those killed in a terrorist attack, according to our columnist. Comments (1)
The Golden era has come to an end. Comments (1)
Bay Ridge

Rose ousts Donovan in election-night upset

Everything’s coming up Rose. Comment
Coney Island

Frontus wins Coney Assembly seat vacated by convicted fraud

She’s wiping the slate clean in Coney Island. Comment
It was a big night for the blue party in Kings County, with New York City’s Democratic Public Advocate Letitia “Tish” James winning her race to become the state’s first black attorney general, and two Dem challengers knocking incumbent Republicans from their House and state Senate seats. Read on for our full general-election recap. Comment

It’s is Election Day! Get out and vote!

We know, we know. We said we weren’t going to do this. But here goes… Get out and vote! Comment
Bay Ridge

Race spotlight: Marty Golden vs. Andrew Gounardes

Golden, the eight-term Republican incumbent, will face off against Democratic candidate Andrew Gounardes for the second time, after beating him back in 2012. Comment
Coney Island

Race spotlight: Mathylde Frontus vs. Steven Saperstein

Frontus and Saperstein are battling to claim an Assembly seat tainted by the corruption of disgraced former Assemblywoman Pamela Harris. Comments (1)
Bay Ridge

Race spotlight: Dan Donovan vs. Max Rose

Trump-endorsed Republican incumbent Dan Donovan, the only GOP congressmember from New York City, faces a close race against his Democratic challenger Max Rose. Comment
Crown Heights

Race spotlight: Zellnor Myrie vs. Jesse Hamilton

State Sen. Jesse Hamilton is heading into this year’s general election on the back foot, after Democratic voters awarded the blue party’s nomination to political newcomer Zellnor Myrie in September’s primary. Comments (1)

Top of the ballot races

The victors of these races will not only govern over your neck of the woods, but the entire state. Comment

More ballot battles: A nabe by nabe primer on general-election races

The incumbents in these races, all Democrats, enjoy relatively strong support in the borough, but they will nonetheless face challenges from hopefuls at the ballot box. Comment

Running unopposed: Incumbents set to return to office

These federal and state pols will almost certainly stay in office for another term, as they face no contests for their seats. Comment
Mayor DeBlasio shot down Borough President Adams’s call for off-duty and retired police officers to bring their weapons to their houses of worship. Comments (1)
They’re both men of all people. Comment

October, 2018

Republican state Sen. Marty Golden and his Democratic challenger Andrew Gounardes sparred over different characterizations of their views in front of a raucous crowd during a Tuesday debate at Xaverian High School in Bay Ridge. Comments (1)

Gounardes touts progressive policy platform in race against Golden

Voters must oust eight-term incumbent state Sen. Marty Golden (R–Bay Ridge) on Nov. 6 because his policies do not reflect the values of his constituents, according to Golden’s Democratic challenger, Andrew Gounardes, who made his inaugural appearance on the Brooklyn Paper Radio Show on Oct. 19. Comments (1)
The Right View

Reform Party offers voters choices the others don’t

While the Democrats and Republicans go at each other’s throats, the Reform Party offers sanity, says our columnist. Comments (3)
Bay Ridge ►Audio

Gounardes: Golden should lose job, driver’s license

State Sen. Marty Golden (R–Bay Ridge) should have his driver’s license revoked, according to his Democratic challenger, Andrew Gounardes, in his inaugural appearance on Brooklyn Paper Radio on Oct. 19. Comment
Party Line

Golden defends staffer with gang ties

He’s a Proud Boy and a Golden boy! Comments (9)
Party Line

Republicans found ‘non-partisan’ club

Five local veteran politicos are teaming up to start a so-called nonpartisan club as a way to take the divisiveness out of politics, and instead reach across the aisle to get more done in the neighborhood, according to one of the club’s founders. Comments (1)
The Right View

It’s time to fix New York City’s street vendor problem

Our columnist says mom-and-pop stores are adversely affected by street vendors run rampant in the city. Comments (1)
He got the governor’s seal of approval. Comments (3)
Coney Island

Frontus wins Dem nod for Coney Assembly seat in primary upset

It’s officially an upset. Comment
Party Line

Proxies prevail over party progressives

The twice-yearly Kings County Democratic County Committee meeting on Sept. 27 descended into chaos amid boos and shouts of “Shame!” when its chairman again pulled out handfuls of proxies from his back pocket to overrule the hundreds of rank-and-file members who packed the room — a tactic used all too often by the party machine to prevent much-needed reforms, especially during a time when democracy is being challenged across the country, according to one county committee member. Comments (1)

September, 2018

The Right View

A path for a Republican public advocate in New York City

Since its inception in 1993, no member of the GOP has been the city’s public advocate. That could change mext year, says our columnist. Comment
Party Line

Race is on: Several Bklyn pols floated to succeed James as Public Advocate

Letitia “Tish” James is likely to become the state’s first black attorney general following her Democratic primary win last week, and a handful of local lawmakers are reportedly ready to step into her citywide watchdog role if she does. Comment
Bay Ridge

Gounardes nabs Democratic nomination to face off against Golden in November

The battle lines are drawn. Comment

It’s time to do your civic duty! But first, check out our primary-election guide.

Read on for our primer on today’s statewide primary elections before you hit the voting booth to cast your ballot. Comment

Primary Election recap


Primary Election recap

Brooklynite and former Fort Greene Councilwoman Tish James, now the Democratic nominee for New York State Attorney General, was just one of the self-described progressives who won big in Thursday’s primary elections. Read on for our full recap. Comment
The Right View

Today’s primaries decide who controls tomorrow’s senate

Two Brooklyn Democratic primaries this week will determine which party controls the state Senate. Currently, only one vote keeps the Republicans in control of the upper chamber in Albany. Comments (2)
Party Line

Club’s endorsement called ‘trickery’

A new under-the-radar political club, named after the wildly popular Michelle Obama, threw its support behind a controversial Crown Heights state pol last month — but the former First Lady is making it clear she does not support the incumbent. Comment
The two Democrats looking to unseat Bay Ridge’s Republican state senator went toe-to-toe last week trying to prove who is more battle-tested to take on the political behemoth that is Marty Golden. Comments (8)

August, 2018

Party Line

Candidate’s rage against the machine

A Coney Islander running for the seat vacated when disgraced former Assemblywoman Pamela Harris (D–Coney Island) resigned after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges is blasting the Democratic Party machine for handpicking and endorsing a rival candidate she says has a weak record of service and less connection to the community than her. Comments (5)
The Right View

BP Adams is right to support term limits for Community Boards

Our columnst just hopes other borough presidents would see what he sees. Comments (7)
The city’s 140 school-zone speed cameras will resume issuing tickets the day before more than 1.1-million schoolchildren return to classes on Sept. 5, thanks to a Council-brokered deal between Mayor DeBlasio and Gov. Cuomo. Comment

The mayor on transparency: My spokespeople should give their names

A recent trend of agency officials not telling reporters who they are needs to stop, says Mayor DeBlasio. Comment

The president, the mayor, fake news, and your local paper

CNG editors say attacks on the free press are attacks on American values. Comments (5)
The Right View

The real price we pay for gerrymandering

Voters in New York are often deprived a real choice in elections because of gerrymandered districts that allows one party to dominate, elected officials who act to protect their own power and ambitions by undermining their own party members, and local party organizations that fail to run credible candidates. Comments (3)
They’re tired of all talk and no action. Comments (1)
They want this pol to slow down and listen up. Comments (4)
They know their movement is a marathon, not a sprint. Comment
The Right View

Barkan up the wrong tree: The slippery slope candidate Ross is walking down

One week after journalist-turned-politician Ross Barkan attacked Andrew Goundardes for accepting the Reform Party endorsement, our columnist, who heads the party, barks back. Comments (10)

July, 2018

Call them camera shy. Comments (4)
Fort Hamilton

Special delivery: Judge stops deportation of undocumented pizza delivery man and demands his release from jail

A judge stayed the deportation of undocumented immigrant Pablo Villavicencio-Calderon and demanded he be immediately released from detention on July 24, nearly two months after Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents detained the pizza deliveryman at Fort Hamilton Army Base on June 1. Comment
The Right View

Golden’s staff’s faux pas showing cracks in his armor

The Bay Ridge state Senator staff is not serving him well as he faces his first real competition for his seat, says our columnist. Comments (1)
Call it a strategic realignment. Comments (8)

Rush to redemption: Gov. demands special state Senate session to vote on speed-camera bill, slams GOP for inaction

State Senators must return to the capital for a special session to vote on a bill to double the number of speed cameras allowed citywide before the current camera program expires on July 25, Gov. Cuomo announced on Friday. Comment
Mean Streets

Whiplash! Golden reverses again, demands Senate reconvene for vote on speed-camera bill

Bay Ridge state Sen. Marty Golden bowed to weeks of protests from constituents demanding he save speed cameras on Wednesday, when he called on the Senate’s Republican majority leader to reconvene the body to vote on a speed-camera bill that would double the number of cameras citywide before the current ones switch off on July 25. Comment
This mom was up all night worrying about other people’s kids. Comment
They don’t think he signed on the dotted line. Comment
The Right View

Winners and losers in Dan Donovan’s big win

Over the past few months, the Republican congressional primary between incumbent Dan Donovan and Michael Grimm was in the spotlight, not only in Brooklyn and Staten Island, but throughout the nation. There were contentious debates, tweets from President Trump, contrasting polls, and fierce competition between supporters of both men. Comments (3)

June, 2018

Bay Ridge

Donovan beats tax cheat in GOP primary

Bay Ridge

Donovan beats tax cheat in GOP primary

Incumbent Rep. Dan Donovan clinched the Republican nomination in the June 26 primary race, beating back a challenge from convicted felon and former Rock-to-Ridge representative Michael Grimm. Comments (2)
The Right View

At the Fort Hamilton Army Base, the law is the law

Staff at the base did the right thing by detaining Pablo Villavicencio, says our columnist. Comments (6)
She took the money and ran — until she got caught. Comments (1)
The guards at Fort Hamilton Army Base routinely give a tough time to deliverymen — especially those who are non-White — alleged workers at local eateries that frequently make deliveries to the base, where the federal government detained an undocumented pizza deliveryman on June 1. Comments (3)
The federal government must release an undocumented immigrant who Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers detained while he made a routine pizza delivery to Fort Hamilton Army Base on June 1, demanded protesters gathered just across the street at John Paul Jones Park in Bay Ridge on June 6. Comment
The Right View

Should NY legalize gambling on sports?

Place your bets! Comment

May, 2018

It’s a youth movement! Comments (1)
The Right View

It is time to reform our community boards

Our columnist thinks Craig Hammerman’s arrest has shined a spotlight on New York’s “Little City Halls.” Comments (3)
Party Line

Public Advocate Tish James launches campaign for state attorney general

The city’s head advocate officially wants to be the state’s top attorney. Comment
The Right View

Republicans and Democrats have a chance to win ‘Fray by the Bay’

An open Assembly seat in Southern Brooklyn has both parties licking their chops. Comments (9)
Borough President Adams recently launched a website, Eric Adams 2021, which not so subtly hints at his next steps toward a higher office as the mayor of New York City. Comment

April, 2018

The Right View

Randa Jarrar and the problem with America

Shouldn’t we all get together and denouce crazy speach when we hear it? Comments (4)
Four Bay Ridgites have created a podcast focusing on Bay Ridge’s past and present after last year’s divisive Council race fueled discussions about what — and who — made up the “old neighborhood.” Comments (1)
Bay Ridge

Questionable question: Local pols and experts condemn adding citizenship question to census

Immigration experts, activists, and local pols are condemning the Trump administration’s push to include a question about citizenship on the 2020 Census, noting that the inquiry could have an outsize effect on Southern Brooklyn. Comment
The Right View

Is the ‘Golden Era’ coming to an end?

Could this election season be the end of the line for Marty Golden? Comments (4)
Embattled Assemblywoman Pamela Harris resigned from her post on April 2, nearly three months to the day after the Feds charged her with stealing thousands of dollars from the city and federal storm-recovery agencies. Comments (2)
Ethics watchdogs slapped Brooklyn’s embattled former top prosecutor with the highest fine ever dealt by the city for illegal campaign-related activities, after he admitted to abusing his government e-mail during a contentious 2013 re-election bid he ultimately lost. Comment

March, 2018

The Right View

Going to extremes: These proposed laws stink!

There oughta not be a law! Comment
Fort Hamilton

Metal defectors: Fort Hamilton students and parents leery metal detectors could stop mass shootings

Students and parents at Fort Hamilton High School questioned the ability of metal detectors to stop an armed shooter after State Sen. Marty Golden (R–Bay Ridge) called for “body scanners” in schools. A student at the school said scanners using metal-detector technology might calm nervous students, but wouldn’t do much to save lives in the face of an aspiring mass shooter armed with an assault rifle. Comment
They want her out! Comments (1)
The Right View

Oakland’s sanctuary city mayor should be arrested

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf should be locked up for warning criminals that the feds were coming for them, our columnist says. Comments (1)
Protesters rallied outside the office of Bay Ridge’s state senator on Feb. 26, calling for him to support the more-than-decade-old Child Victims Act, which would extend the statute of limitations to allow for survivors of child sex abuse to come forward with their claims as adults. Comment
The Right View

Rikers Island: The perfect place for a jail

Our columnist thinks closing Rikers Island instead of fixing the problems there is an idiotic move. Comments (2)

February, 2018

The Right View

Manhattan DA’s plan for subway fare cheats is insane

District Attorney Cyrus Vance needs to do his job and enforce all laws, not just he ones he likes, says our columnist. Comments (2)
The government agreed to temporarily halt the deportation of nationally known immigrants’ rights advocate Ravi Ragbir after he filed a lawsuit in federal district court on Feb. 9 alleging that the Trump administration is deliberately targeting immigrants activists who speak out on behalf of their cause. Comments (1)
A local congresswoman is taking up the cause of a nationally known immigrants’ rights activist by introducing a private bill that would stymie his upcoming deportation. Comments (2)
The Right View

Legal injection centers is not the answer to opioid crisis

The city is deciding behind closed doors whether or not to open supervised injection facilites for heroin addicts. Its time to bring that conversation to the public. Comment

January, 2018

Demonstrators gathered in front of the district office of state Sen. Marty Golden (R–Bay Ridge) on Jan. 29 to protest a comment he made about drug addiction in a recent interview that many local pols saw as racially charged. Comment
The Right View

Grimm vs. Donovan GOP primary will put Brooklyn in spotlight

The GOP primary between Michael Grimm and Congressman Dan Donovan in Bay Ridge’s 11th Congressional District is shaping up to be a referendum of “Trumpism,” and the general election should be a bellweather for the entire country in the upcoming mid-term elections that will determine control of the House of Representatives. Comments (3)
Coney Island’s assemblywoman must resign after the Feds charged her with stealing thousands of dollars from the city and federal storm-recovery agencies, locals demand. Comments (3)

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