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63rd Precinct cracks down on illegally parked big rigs

Big tow: Illegally parked 18-wheelers impounded

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Those wheels were a rollin’ all night long — straight to the impound yard.

The 63rd Precinct made good on its promise to crack down on illegally parked 18-wheel trucks on Monday night when it requisitioned one of the police department’s few tow trucks heavy enough to haul the big rigs, and dragged two of them away.

“Hopefully they’ll get the message,” said a source within the precinct. “Worse comes to worst, we have to do it again — and we will.”

Members of the Marine Park, Mill Island, and Mill Basin civic associations have long complained about the big rig parking hassles plaguing Avenue U, Avenue V, and Ralph Avenue throughout the Marine Park and Mill Basin areas.

The community got so fed up with the 18-wheel interlopers that the civic associations pledged to purchase heavy-duty wheel boots and donate them to the 63rd Precinct as a way to force the trucks off the roads and onto the commercial parking lots where they belong.

“Way back it was decided that [police] could boot the vehicle — that way they would have to pay for any outstanding tickets to have it removed, plus pay to have the boot removed, plus pay the illegal parking fine,” said Mill Island Civic Association president Sol Needle.

The boots have been a long time coming, however, and the big rig drivers meanwhile have been able to shrug off the occasional parking ticket as a cost of business — until now.

The NYPD’s heavy-duty tow truck hauled two big rigs to the Brooklyn Navy Yard Monday night, after finding one illegally parked on Avenue U at E. 60th Street, and another on Avenue V at Coleman Street.

The truck on Avenue V was relative newcomer to the area, but the 18-wheeler on Avenue U was a longtime parking offender, according to a source at the 63rd Precinct.

“The one on Avenue V is kind of new, he’s been there for a month, or two, but the one on Avenue U has been there for ever,” said the source.

Both trucks face the same penalty in towing and storage fees, and fines, which altogether come to a grand total of $780 per truck.

Local civic leaders are optimistic that this latest tactic in the war against illegal parking will at least persuade truckers to park somewhere else, but they realize that will simply move the problem rather than solve it.

“The problem is, if we get rid of one, he’s going to go and park in someone else’s community, and someone’s going to take his place,” said Needle.

He believes that only a determined, two-pronged assault of heavier fines and aggressive enforcement will truly solve the problem.

“Unfortunat­ely, I think the parking fines will have to be increased, along with enforcement, and hopefully between the two, it will act as a deterrent to keep these trucks from illegally parking,” Needle said.

Reach reporter Colin Mixson at or by calling (718) 260-4514.

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Reader Feedback

Dale from Thank god not there says:
exactly, get rid of all those pesky big trucks. it's not like they serve any purpose for anything. oh except if you on it a truck brought it. the truckers should boycott your communities and delivering to them. maybe then you'd rethink your position, must not really that smart which I'm sure that's case is well. guys are away from their families and struggling most of the time and you want to make it more expensive for them when they do get home and are able to spend some time? pathetic! Typical easterners. Losers.
March 20, 2013, 9:19 am
Sarah from Greenpoint says:

Just tell use where you live and we'll send all the trucks to your block. I'm sure you'd love it!
March 20, 2013, 12:25 pm
Maggie from Gerritsen Beach says:
The owner of the big 18 wheeler that's always parked on Avenue U between E. 59 and E. 60 Streets lives on East 60 Street between Avenue U and Avenue T. His home's on the odd number side, middle of the block, across from the huge curbside tree that's covered with ivy.
It's about time that truck with "Iron Tree Trucking" printed on its side got towed away. Hooray! The scoundrel has disobeyed the limited parking signs there for many a month.
March 20, 2013, 5:36 pm
David from Mill Basin says:
To Dale: Where did you go to school, if indeed you DID go to school? You must ust be from the West, 'cause Easterners typically obey signs (because they know how to read signs), and they know what the consequences will be if they disobey laws!
March 20, 2013, 7:54 pm
WM 92212 says:
Do any of you have a clue that there is a shortage of truck parking in this country. I wish a boycott would happen, then you wouldnt take for granted how your food,clothing, or everything you buy. Truck Drivers are the life line to us all. I think the city could come up with a better way to solve this problem then to ticket and tow trucks. Does the city have a parking area for trucks ?? Do you have any idea how much $780 is to a trucker who makes 35 to 45 cents....yes cents per loaded mile. Get a grp people, and stop picking on a trucker who just is trying to make a living and trying to spend time with his family........
March 21, 2013, 11:46 am
Applepie from Mill Basin says:
To WM 92212.......You make a lot of sense so instead of just voicing your opinion here on this site, why don't you attend a 63rd Precinct Community Council meeting, or a Civic Association meeting, and express your very valid views? Civic leaders and/or local politicians should be informed of the relevant facts, and maybe they can come up with a solution. Illegally parking is not the solution.
Each month the 63rd Precinct Capt and community Affairs officers meet with the community to address concerns and answer questions. Meetings usually take place on the 4th Wednesday of each month at the Kings Plaza community room, off Flatbush Ave, near the former movie theater sign (within the parking lot entrance area). Meetings: March 27, April 24, May 22, and June 26. All are welcome to attend. Your words are very important, and should be heard, loud and clear.
March 21, 2013, 10:02 pm
jordan says:
I am a trucker and jux recently got towed I was in a abandoned parking lot no traffic not in anybodies way and I got towed and some of these ppl right were just trying to home spend a lil time with our families the lil time we do have as much stuff we do for this country the u.s. wouldn't move without trucks u wouldn't even have a phone to get on this website without us no gas to put in yo car hell no car but all we do is try 2 park close 2 home where we can see our rig cause if we park far off its can easily get stolen the same way the police purchase a tow truck the same way a criminal can and tow it to where eva when eva and we go back 2 where we parked 2-3 days late and its gone how bout yall go park y'all vehicles down the street for 2-3 and see if u worried and its jux cause we choose a different career path then your that I have 2 take my work home and u can leave Ur at work its not fair but its life so keep complaining he right maybe we should boycott let's see wat u get accomplished I'm willing 2 bet all the marble nothing
Dec. 24, 2014, 8:46 am

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