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If the city puts up a wall, residents will have to take down fences

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Seagate may have to let visitors in if it wants to keep floodwaters out.

The Mayor’s Resiliency Plan — a list of proposals released earlier this week for fortifying the waterfront against future superstorms — calls for the feds to shore up the private community’s Sandy-shattered beaches. But the project comes with one condition — the neighborhood must tear down its fences and let the masses stake their umbrellas on its long-sequestered sands.

Hizzoner’s vision has the Army Corps of Engineers buffering Seagate’s depleted beaches and constructing a protective seawall or range of dunes on the Gravesend Bay coastline.

The mayor’s plan notes that Seagate’s sandy strand melted away over the past two decades as a result of the community’s refusal to take part in a publicly-financed anti-erosion program in 1992 — a decision the neighborhood made because participation would have meant permitting the public to put towels down on its shore. The lack of a beach barrier left residents’ homes exposed to the Sandy’s assault — which the plan warns could happen again.

“Seagate is highly vulnerable to wave action risk,” the proposal reads.

But a new infusion of government funding would force the neighborhood to grant access to outsiders — a stipulation the neighborhood is not sure it is willing to accept.

“We all want to make sure we’re protected, but we have to weigh all options,” said Tami Maldonado, manager of the Seagate Association.

Maldonado said Seagate will hold meetings with residents and the mayor to come to an arrangement.

But some Seagaters said they would be willing — if reluctant — to sacrifice their seclusion for greater security.

“I wouldn’t be happy about it, but if that was the only condition of it, I would say fine,” said resident Ellen Mausner, who lost the back wall of her house during the storm. “It’s scary how close we are to the water.”

The measures outlined in the Resiliency Plan would be in addition to a $30 million federally-funded beach replenishment project in Seagate due to begin later this year — an undertaking that has aroused controversy because it will not require the community to share the restored shore with the public.

Reach reporter Will Bredderman at or by calling (718) 260-4507. Follow him at

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Reader Feedback

CIBaby from Sea Gate says:
Homeowners in SG pay the same city land tax and water tax and sewer tax as the rest of NYC .Why should any NYC service be denied that any other NYC homeowner is entitled to. If you want to live in Sea Gate go ahead no one would stop you.There is no picking and choosing who lives here.No Discrimination of ANY type. It is a beautiful place to live for anyone who wants.
June 18, 2013, 1:59 am
Jess Sea from Sea Gate says:
Many years ago while looking for a rental apartment in NYC for Mom & Dad we could not get past the doorman/doormen. Those who rented paid a bit more for this security. Outsiders could not walk around the halls of the building to see if the interior was well kept.

In Brighton Beach (Brooklyn) there is a building with a gate. Only residents may enter on foot or by car. They too pay additionally for this security however, I do believe that a homeowner pays more for City, State and water and sewer taxes.

Sea Gate may have been the first private community, there are now many all over the world. Anyone can rent or purchase a home in Sea Gate and pay all the same taxes however, a bit is paid above those taxes for security. I just don't see the difference. If one wishes to live in a secure building in Brooklyn or NYC they are welcome to become a member of the Sea Gate Cabana Club.

Although, Mom and Dad live in NYC very close to that famous park they don't have a/the key. They simply don't live close enough or pay for certain services for that park. I do have a key to their apartment. Still, that doorman stops me each and every visit. He asks me my name and the apartment number, then picks up a interior phone and asks if the renter is expecting a visitor.

Since the 1800's Sea Gate has paid all City and State taxes and asked for little in return. We are the working-class and it is our location that is dangerous to Coney Island and Brighton and beyond as we sit at the entrance to NY Harbor where the ocean meets the bay. There are no services or stores in Sea Gate. We use all the stores and services of the places closest to us. We pay and give our business to those outside and welcome anyone who wishes to visit, purchase (for a small fee) a locker at the Cabana Club, rent or buy.

Why chance the face of a community started in the 1800's. Many were sad to see a chain- restaurant in Coney Island?

Still, I am curious about those buildings that I just can't walk in and around. What must be inside? Again, I don't see the difference.
June 18, 2013, 6:38 am
MSC5012 from Sea Gate says:
Bottom line, we pay City, State and Federal taxes, just like everyone! I for one am tired of taxation without representation!
June 18, 2013, 9:51 am
Mr11224 from Sea Gate says:
Why do all the developers in Brighton Beach get 421a tax abatments for 20 years for their real estate projects but get city services. Why is there no street parking in Bell Harbour and Neponsit in Rockaway all summer long effectivly giving them private beaches. The residents of SG pay their taxes. We for go many city services to keep our neighborhood private. As such we are a cash cow for NYC. In the instance of a catostraphic event to ask the city, state or federal government to step in and help, without requiring a change in the fabric of our community is reasonable. SG is a working class community open to anyone that wants to live here.
June 18, 2013, 5:41 pm
JcbyTheSea from Sea Gate says:
Sea Gate Homeowners PAY to keep the Community private. Not the BEACH. They DO NOT ask for any funding to maintain the daily upkeep of the beaches. It is at the cost of the community. No orange shirts walking the shoreline with poker sticks cleaning up. Yes “The Community” just so happens to have a BEACH!
The Sea Gate Homeowners pay the same property tax, sewer and water that any other property owner pays and ARE entitled to the same services.
No the beaches are not private in Coney Island, Brighton, Manhattan Beach, Bell Harbor, breezy Point nor the Jersey Shore for that matter. However, try to make an unannounced visit to one of the buildings along the BEACH in Brighton you will be greeted by the Security Officer and not be permitted to enter the premises if you are not a guest of a resident this is what they PAY FOR. Try to park your car in Belle Harbor, Breezy Point, Manhattan Beach or the Jersey Shore where you MUST pay to park and go to the beach. (New Jersey resident or not) May - September, good luck YOU CAN’T! This is their way of keeping it PRIVATE WITHOUT PAYING THE PRICE!
I would love to see The US Army Corp of Engineers explain to all of the home owners from Coney Island to Manhattan Beach who lost so much from the storm why they DID NOT replenish the beach in the 90’s. Will this tit for tat over a fence leave EVERYONE without protection? Not to mention that what they did do to the beach in 90’s by leaving Sea Gate out is why we have a problem now.
The ocean is one. If we do not protect ALL we are ALL in trouble. It just baffles my mind that this is such an issue Sea Gate has been here since the 1800’s. Get over it already! There are many communities just like Sea Gate why such a big issue….
June 23, 2013, 8:09 pm
canyousea from nyc says:
The New York Coastal area is vast. May I suggest to anyone concerned about being welcome to put a towel on a small spot of a small beach or get past security to enter a Condo, that they look at a map of NY's Coastal Area. Ocean, Bay, Harbor, Tital Estuary, Estuaries, Streams and Rivers. All flow hand and hand. More that fifty years ago many lives were lost after a hurricane. Lives were lost October of 2012. In order to save New York State and City and all that live within, let the Army Corp of Engineers do their job. We have waited for this protection for more than 50 years. We should not be silly about what we want personally in our own little corner of the world. We must protect all human life, businesses and our New York. The project to protect all must move forward and yes, that means your little corner as well. Take a moment to educate yourself about this important protection before you complain/comment.
June 25, 2013, 12:35 pm
canyousea from nyc says:
The above comment does not mean that NYC landmarks should be changed as they are a part of our wonderful history here on the Island of Manhattan. Nor does it mean that security for those who pay for it should be lost. Both Sea Gate and Coney Island have a wonderful and interesting history. Brooklyn has a great story to tell. To much has been lost to developers in the past. I do commend those who wish not to change the face and history of their communities. Historical buildings and communities rich in history should be preserved. However, one can't do that with out coastal projects moving forward. Work together and preserve and protect for future generations.
June 25, 2013, 8:07 pm
canyousea from nyc says:
The above comment does not mean that NYC landmarks should be changed as they are a part of our wonderful history here on the Island of Manhattan. Nor does it mean that security for those who pay for it should be lost. Both Sea Gate and Coney Island have a wonderful and interesting history. Brooklyn has a great story to tell. To much has been lost to developers in the past. I do commend those who wish not to change the face and history of their communities. Historical buildings and communities rich in history should be preserved. However, one can't do that with out coastal projects moving forward. Work together and preserve and protect for future generations.
June 25, 2013, 8:07 pm
Irina from Coney Island says:
Many of us around here remember that Sea Gate OPTED OUT of the 1990's project that replenished Brighton Beach and Coney Island and that was even after 2 houses on Atlantic Ave. fell into the ocean! They TURNED DOWN the shoreline protection, because if they accepted state funding, they would have to open their beach to the public. So keeping themselves private was more important to them than fixing up their beach.Yes, they pay taxes but so does everyone else. So if my tax dollars are going to fix up their beach, why can't I use it?
June 26, 2013, 9:05 am
ConeyBabi from Coney Island says:
Irina from CI,
Incorrect. The Army Corp of Engineers constructed the 37th street "groin" to protect Coney Island Beach and Brighton Beach only. Sea Gate "OPTED OUT" of nothing however, were told that this construction would not hurt Sea Gate. It did !!!. The Army Corp of Engineers now admits that the construction of the groin and their promise to protect Coney and Brighton Beach ONLY would not cause harm/ erosion on Sea Gate's small strip of sand was their mistake. It has caused severe erosion over the past twenty -more years. Don't forget we have the 60th Pct. They pay for their own police. Our beach is large with restaurants, attractions, shops, bars and restrooms. Their tiny spot of sand that they pay to maintain, pay their own lifeguards _ has nothing. Not even sand. Many of us who grew up in Coney Island had friends in Sea Gate. In the 60's and 70's there were no wealthy people living there. Today they are still hard working stiffs who pay more taxes then we do and pay to maintain their community. Very little is given to them by City or State.
Again, Coastal Storm Risk Reduction is not about a spot of sand / beach our tax dollars DON'T pay for. It is to reduce the impact of future hurricanes for you and I! They are on the Harbor. NY Harbor. The third largest cargo carrying Port. It has been the job of the Army Corp of Engineers to protect and maintain the Atlantic coast of NY and NJ since 1826. This is what our concern should be. Protection from future storms. Our /your tax dollars are NOT paying for a small beach with nothing on it but a small bit of sand. Lets go and find out what it costs to have a cabana there. If we "OPT OUT" Then we may sit on the small sandy area there. When we go we will be running back to our beach (Coney Island) at the first sign of thirst, hunger, need for entertainment or a bathroom. We/You do NOT pay for the care or to maintain of any part of Sea Gate's spot of sand. They work to pay higher taxes then we do and on top, to maintain what little they have. The Army Corp should rectify their mistake and do the job they have had since 1826 for the good of all. See you on the big beach!
June 28, 2013, 7:47 am
ConeyBabi from Coney Island says:
Well said!!!!! canyousea from NYC

" Work together to preserve and protect for the future"

Well said !!!!! jcbythesea from Sea Gate

" The ocean is one" I do hope I did not offend you by calling Coney Island the big beach. I do know like me you and your fellow Seagate people are the working class. So sorry about what has happened to your community. I know you must rebuild on your own dollar and have to read silly comments by people who believe that they are some how paying to rebuild your community and beach. So sorry about what you have gone through and continue to pay for and worry about. Sad when any community rich in only history is asked to change. It won't. You/ we will get the coastal protection that we all need. Best of luck to all.
June 28, 2013, 8:17 am
Cibeachie from Coney island says:
No, they didn't. Never"Otped Out" ? You are referring to the 37th street constructed groin. It was to protect Coney Island and Brighton Beaches only. They were told that this groin would not damage Seagate. It did and has for more than 20 years. The Army Corp of Engineers is aware of their error causing severe erosion to their already very small strip of sand. No, you and I do not and will not pay in anyway for the their small beach. They pay for Lifeguards and to maintain the tiny beach themselves. It is so sad that these hard working ( not wealthy) people must pay to rebuild their own community and perhaps have to read this sort of silliness. This is about COASTAL STORM RISK REDUCTION. The Atlantic coast of NY and NJ and reducing the impact of future storms and hurricanes for all. The Army Corp of Engineers has had the responsibility of maintaining and protecting since 1826. This time we should hope that it is done quickly and correctly FOR ALL. Again, you and I have nothing to do financially with the small beach. See you on the big beach where we can have a beverage, a meal, entertainment, and a restroom.
June 28, 2013, 9:05 am
Irina from Coney Island says:
What happened to Sea Gate is horrible. People really suffered. They deserve our kind thoughts. But people also need to know the facts. The Army Corps wanted to protect Sea Gate too in the original plan in the 1990s. Sea Gate was to be fully included in the plan. The Army Corps wanted to put sand and piles of rocks all the way down Coney Island, past West 37th St. and also on Sea Gates beach, including an extra long pile of rocks at the far west end of Sea Gate. The original Army Corps project wanted to protect EVERYONE along the shore and protecting Sea Gate was part of that.Sea Gate was well informed that if the project was not done as planned their beach would suffer. But they did not want to participate because of the privacy issue. When Sea Gate did not want to be in the project, the Army Corps had no choice but to end the project at West 37th St. They had no other choice because Sea Gate CHOSE not to be part of the project. The Army Corps still tried to help by putting extra sand near Sea Gate. Ending the project at West 37th St caused its own problems, the last few blocks of Coney Islands beach are closed and sand ended up on the wrong side of Coney Island. This will also cost us tax dollars to fix too. Small beach, big beach it doesn't matter. The fact is that Sea Gate was to be included in the original plan, they were well informed of the risks if they did not participate and they still decided that being private was more important than being protected.
June 28, 2013, 10:39 am
surFinfla from westin says:
It was a replenishment project that would allow for the entire community of Sea Gate to no longer be self-contained. To allow the entire but small community to be open to the public. They were promised that if they did not participate in the Replenishment Program no harm would come from the T-Groin at 37th street. That was not the case. They were harmed. Since the 1930's every storm surge, storm, or unusually high tide, these hard working people rolled up their sleeves and cleaned up basements, repaired bulkheads and cleaned their streets and beach. They paid and have paid for more than 100 years to maintain their sewers, pay their Police, their own sanitation for the beach area and other, Lifeguards, those on certain Avenues paid to build and maintain their own bulkheads, their street lights and they continued and continue to pay State, City, Water & Sewer tax. That community that I grew up in, didn't tax the City or State they PAID the City and State for all those services that they themselves were taking care of. No Department of Parks and Recreation there. They took care of their own. Their tax dollars pay for Department of Parks and Recreation, nearby buildings managed by the City, Public Housing and Mitchell-Lama units. Never did they complain! Those who live in security buildings pay a bit more for the security and deserve to have that option. Sea Gate should not have to grant public access after 100 years now that they have been destroyed by this horrific Hurricane. They too deserve to keep on working, rebuilding their homes, and have the community and security not change. They are and have been paying for it. Again, I grew up there. We were not rich by anyone's standards, nor were any of my friends families. Just hard working people and proud people from all walks of life. Sea Gate is so diverse. And now so sad to see. It has taken the brunt of many a storm and never did those proud people ask for help. They worked and worked and paid and paid. It is not about a beach big or small. It is about coastal protection of both structure, human and marine life. Private more important than protected? How can anyone after knowing the devastation and the hardworking hands of these people even say that. Their protection is your protection COASTAL PROTECTION. Does the ocean know the difference between Sea Gate, Coney Island or Brighton? "Informed of the risks if they did not participate" They were told in writing that this T-Groin would not cause harm. Still, they remained quiet for another 20 years and paid for your services. Please don't complain about tax dollars. If anyone has the right it would be the residents of Sea Gate who for the first time now ask for the protection, coastal protection for them and all nearby. Sea levels are rising. The impact of future storms will take lives if this is not done. I read about a couple who braved the storm in a security building in Brighton beach. There they were on the 7th floor complaining about not having electric or heat. Soon Con Edison backed up their back-up generator. Paid for by all of our tax dollars. Try as my friends children did, wading through freezing and fast moving water with their children and a dog in tow. Brave, proud tax paying people they are. Sea Gate has been a cash-cow for the city for many years. Their Coastal Protection is yours. They deserve to maintain their secure community that they pay for. They deserve to be protected from the next SANDY as you do. They certainly deserve more than your kind thoughts?
June 28, 2013, 7:41 pm
SGPD from Seagate says:
Police Sgt. Tommy Carchidi swam through freezing water against the wind and the cross-currents.

He made two daring rescues that saved four lives in the middle of Hurricane Sandy.

Police Sgt. Tommy Carchidi received the first call about 10 p.m. as Sandy tore through Sea Gate.

“Our command post was already gone,” said Carchidi. “A boulder had ripped into it and flooded the whole precinct house. So when I got the call that two people were trapped in a submerging white van on Mermaid Ave. and W. 37th St. I started wading and then swimming that way through the 8-foot floodwaters from Sea Gate.”

Sea Gate is a gated community, a low-crime small town in the big city, on the southwest tip of Brooklyn, where 35 cops of the Sea Gate Police Department protect 22,000 residents.“The crazy winds were blowing off the sea and the water rose until the whole area was like a surging lagoon,” he said.

“When I got to Mermaid and 37th, I didn’t see a white van. But I saw two dark-colored cars trying to evacuate much too late. A man, in his late 40s, was driving one car and a woman the same age was driving the other.”

Carchidi watched the man scramble out of one car and rush to the lead car and jump into the passenger seat.

“They were together, husband and wife,” Carchidi says. “Trying to escape when they realized how bad the storm was getting.”

The female driver tried to make her way along Mermaid Ave. as Carchidi tread water by the corner. “Then the woman’s car started filling up fast,” he said.

Carchidi swam through the freezing water against the wind and the cross-currents and made it to the car.

“The guy inside managed to break the window,” Carchidi said. “I went underwater and was able to pull open the door. I helped the guy out first.”

Then Carchidi swam back to the sinking car and pulled the woman out, backstroking her to the safety of 37th St. where the couple lived.

But his heroic night was just getting started.

Carchidi later changed into dry clothes and joined Capt. George Walsh, Officer Verali Rivera and Lt. Adriel Caamano.

“Capt. Walsh thought we should start doing a search of the houses along Atlantic Ave. in Sea Gate,” Carchidi says.

Carchidi and Rivera patrolled near W. 38th St. when he heard a wail in the storm.

“I asked my partner if that was a cat,” said Carchidi.

They got out of their vehicle and approached the house and the scream grew louder. “It was the scream of an elderly woman. Coming from the sea side of the house.”

When he shone a flashlight, the mangled interior of the house was exposed, the middle floor sagging and sloping like a trick floor in an amusement park fun house. The rear of the brick house next door was missing. As were the facades of over a dozen homes.

“And here was this 78-year-old woman named Mrs. Winkler clinging to an exposed beam inside the house,” he said. “It was about 1:30 a.m. and she must have been clinging there for hours. Her 90-year-old brother was also in there, clinging to a door frame for dear life.”

The four cops attacked the wall with sledgehammers and axes until they pieced a hole from a safe front apartment to the dangerous rear apartment. “We coaxed Mrs. Winkler into the safe apartment through the hole,” Carchidi says. “But her older brother, a stubborn old guy, refused to let loose of the beam he was clutching.”

“Finally, I broke his grasp and we pulled him to safety,” said Carchidi.

“The first thing Mrs. Winkler wanted to know was what happened to her new car. I told her that was sucked out of the driveway, probably out to sea.”

“I’ve never seen anything like that night,” said Carchidi.

And no one that night, including his fellow cops, saw anything like Sgt. Tommy Carchidi, a true hero of Hurricane Sandy.
June 28, 2013, 8:03 pm
bythesea from seagate says:
I believe many have overlooked the PAYING PART OF THIS. Privacy and PAYING FOR OUR OWN SERVICES.
If one lives on a peninsular there will be water. Scientists are predicting more CATASTROPHIC HURRICANS in the near future. DO YOU WANT US TO DIE? SO YOU CAN SIT ON TWO GRAINS OF SAND??? Something tells me you live in one of those high rises.

I urge all not to respond to anymore of your postings.
June 29, 2013, 10:16 am
Luseigle from Long Island says:
Ida and ladies please stop. My Mother would have called it "Gossip" and " The grass is always greener" The community is an Association they all documented. Contact the USACE and get the facts.

Best of luck to all rebuilding.
June 29, 2013, 12:13 pm
NurseManhattan from NY City says:
All Americans had or have come to this country from some part of the world. We care for our poor through all of our tax dollars. It is just one of the many things that makes our country great. It is those who are fourth and fifth generation Welfare recipients who have made this (on your tax dollars) a way of life. Those able bodied who are working the system. I see it daily. Social Security. Will it be available when I retire? These are the tax issues we all need to be concerned about. We need to look into this issue and stop those from taking from hard working pockets and those who actually need it. If people WORK to pay for a private community or building security, we should not be concerned if we have access to their roof-top pool that is part of New York City. Tenants and owners pay for this privacy and are not reaching into my pocket. Therefore, I am not entitled to a dip! I see as an RN and shopping in New York those who use benefit cards as charge cards that I/YOU actually pay for and are able to work both physically and mentally. This is an issue a concern that takes a dip in all of our pockets. This is fraud that we the tax payer are paying for. I and others have taken it upon ourselves to report this abuse. If you do the same it will be investigated. Now, there is a cause to get involved in.
July 6, 2013, 9:34 am
RNNY from Benson says:

The people of Seagate (a Development Association) own and pay for their streets and beach. The USACE will ensure safety for everyone as they continue to pay as they have and to repair and maintain. The closest hospital Coney Island Hospital was destroyed. Does anyone understand how important this was and is to patients? We service the communities who are arguing. Yes, I do see the illegal misuse of aid. I was offered gifts from stores owned by patients "working the system" I refused as I give everyone the same quality of care. This is sad as many come from the areas who are arguing about tax dollars and a beach. This would be a cause I would be willing to get involved in.
July 7, 2013, 7:26 am
john from brighton beach says:
I lived in Seagate over 35 years ago. It has always flooded , it has always lost beach even without the 37th St. Groin. In fact when I was a renter in Seagate , renters were not allowed to join the Bach Club, only Hoemowners.
The Seagate Association opted out for the beach replenishemnt , because they knew that wopuld open the gates to the beach for everyone. When you get public money for a private endeavor it opens up the area to the public.
By the way how many people who belong to the Seagate Beach Club are people of color ? No one has given that number yet. What's the breakdown of enthic groups ?
It seems to me that the Seagate Association & members of the Beach Club just wants to keep it a certain way.
Even when the ACE finishes their work it still won't protect Seagate beach front . It is destined to fail. That's thier record.
July 8, 2013, 12:49 pm
cabanamember from Williamsburg says:
The Cabana club is a space that is leased from Sea Gate who owns the land and beach. I have been going for 17 years. There are many different ethnic groups in Sea Gate. Shall I walk around the hood and Cabana's asking each and every person their ethnic group? Asking how many are people of color? I don't think this would go over well. Especially now as so many have lost so much IN THEIR COMMUNITY. They seem not to care about where your ancestors came from. It is located in NY. Brooklyn, NY. A melting pot. All are welcome and feel welcome regardless of race, religion, color, Gay or strait. No form asking about any of this is required.
July 19, 2013, 1:25 pm
Mar from Sea Gate says:
There has already been a connection between Coney Island and sea gate "private" beach. So while everyone argues here nature has already made the decision. Anyone interested go down BEACH 48th and walk onto the beach and you will end up in Coney Island no pass needed, no cops securing anything. Oh well, Sea Gate is a big scheme, and hopefully that waste of time gate will be torn down.
Aug. 24, 2013, 3:30 am
Jeremy Coplan from Sea Gate says:
To anybody interested in saving Lindy Park Beach on the North Shore of Sea Gate

I desperately need your help in saving and cleaning up a beautiful erstwhile pristine beach on the North Shore of Sea Gate, Coney Island. The beach is in limbo and apparently the area was referred to as "Lindy Park" named after someone in the influential Lindbergh Family. I will refer to it as Lindy Park Beach. The beach is extensively used by the public even though it is theoretically part of Sea Gate. The beach shore is filthy and dangerous-- used needles,broken glass and a general array of garbage remains perpetually uncleaned. Sea Gate denies responsibility claiming that the beaches are privately owned and fails to guard the area leaving it completely open to the public. The old fence is now covered by a beautiful dune and provides zero obstruction for public access. I, one of a few, own my beach up to 400 feet (riparian rights). Sea Gate's Associate Chairman Mr Winn says I should clean up the litter. Which I have in the past. The beach in fact developed through the Army Corp of Engineers expertly losing sand on the Southern Beach which evidently built up the Northern beach to a distance of over 400 feet. The beach belongs to us through invoking Accretion Rights to the sand on beach property owned by by Riparian Rights. Although all but seven or eight homeowners have defaulted on paying the city its taxes, the properties were apparently never foreclosed.

The littered beach, which otherwise may be spectacular, is beyond my property line and is I, believe Federal Land, under the Jamaica Park's Jurisdiction. But who knows. Despite the egregious and dangerous littering, the public enjoy the beach in large numbers in the Summer. Come have a look on the weekend when the weather is good. There are beautiful dunes that need to be protected. We too were flooded by Sandy. There are all manner of birds that use the beach. Yet this jewel of a beach is not formally recognized. I had to yell at the Sea Gate Association to stop the Army Corp of Engineers to stop dredging my sand. They dredged elsewhere and are intent on illegally dredging the sand The Sea Gate Association claims it is their sand because it came from their beach. But we were able to stop wholesale removal of the beach by invoking this obscure law that ensures "Accretion Rights" It is almost ludicrous that in excess of 30 million is being spent on the South Beach whereas, for the North Beach, they are stealing our sand.

We urgently need to save the beach before the Army Corp of engineers steal the sand. And the funds are spent. We need to provide a safe and spotless and beautiful beach for the public. We need to preserve the dunes And the habitat of a host of birds. Sea Gate has ignored the beach entirely. I am ready to fund legal action because it is destroying the value of my property.

Please advise me how hopefully we should proceed.

Let us save this beautiful beach for Coney Island.

Jeremy Coplan

Lindy Park Beach (provisional)

Slent from my iPad

Jeremy Coplan, MD
Professor of Psychiatry
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
State University of New York
Downstate Medical Center
July 4, 2016, 1:20 pm

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