Contenders for Domenic Recchia’s Council seat clobber each other

Coney City Council candidates clash

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The candidates vying for Domenic Recchia’s City Council seat seem to agree on everything — especially that their opponent is totally unqualified.

Neighborhood activist Todd Dobrin and City Council financial analyst John Lisyanskiy — both Democrats hoping to replace the term-limited Recchia (D–Coney Island) — are on the same side when it comes to favoring a wooden Boardwalk over concrete and plastic decking, keeping casinos out of the People’s Playground, and restoring Sandy-smashed vital services. But accusing each other of being out of touch or delusional, both argue that the other is completely unqualified to represent the district, which includes Coney Island, Seagate, and parts of Bensonhurst, Gravesend, and Bath Beach.

Dobrin, founder and president of the community group Friends of the Boardwalk, alleged that Lisyanskiy doesn’t have the vital experience of working with residents of the district, and campaigning for local issues like keeping the wooden promenade and keeping out gambling parlors.

“He has no track record in the district,” said Dobrin, who grew up in Gravesend and now lives in Seagate. “The district wants somebody who is from the people, for the people and with the people, and the choice of the people should be the voice of the people.”

Lisyanskiy, born in the Ukraine and raised in Bensonhurst, fired back with the accusation that Dobrin is ignorant and unaccomplished.

“I think he’s delusional about his having a track record,” the Community Board 13 member said. “What has Friends of the Boardwalk actually done? He’s an empty suit.”

Lisyanskiy claimed that when Dobrin was still a CB13 member, he appeared unfamiliar with basic procedures like making an inquiry to the Parks Department about changes to the Boardwalk. By contrast, Lisyanskiy touted his own experience working under Recchia and Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D–Chelsea).

“You want to bring someone in who understands deeply how the government works. My experience sets me apart,” Lisyanskiy said.

Dobrin defended Friends of the Boardwalk’s record, claiming his group had awarded $50,000 in lifeguard scholarships and organized numerous Boardwalk cleanups, as well as signed on to a lawsuit to prevent the city from going forward with its plan to convert the iconic seaside walkway to concrete.

He shot back with accusations that Lisyanskiy had failed to testify against the switch to artificial materials at the city hearings, and had been silent on issues like the proposed Coney Island casino before making the decision to run. Dobrin also claimed Lisyanskiy rarely attended CB13 meetings in 2008 and 2009, during crucial debates over the rezoning of the People’s Playground for new development.

“Why didn’t he stand up and testify when we needed him? Where was he? Where has be been for the last 12 years?” Dobrin demanded.

But former CB13 chairwoman Marion Cleaver said that Lisyanskiy had a good excuse for his absences during those years, since he was recovering from a skiing injury, and he was far from the only person on the panel who failed to show up.

“There were many board members whose attendance rate was not good,” said Cleaver, who lives outside the district.

As of the end of January, Dobrin is beating Lisyanskiy in the money game.

The electrician’s campaign has just under $58,000 in the bank, compared to the financial analyst’s $28,000.

Reach reporter Will Bredderman at wbredderman@cnglocal.com or by calling (718) 260-4507. Follow him at twitter.com/WillBredderman.

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Reader Feedback

sal from coney island says:
Sorry , John : You are the empty suit. You are just a "Puppet " & "Rubber Stamp" for Recchia's failed policies while in the City Council.
You would be a "Ghost" councilman & do what ever Recchia says to do. You are not your own man. You are a follower & not a leader.
I've been going to CB 13 meetings & have nvere seen you there.
Todd Dobrin has been there & has worked very hard for the best interests of the Community , not for the personal interests of Councilman Recchia & Speaker Christine Quinn.
Let the games begin.
Feb. 14, 2013, 9:08 am
Vladmir from Brighton Beach says:

Although I don’t know John Lisyanskiy that well I have seen him helping people all over Brighton Beach during and after Hurricane Sandy. It seems that he is a stand up and energetic individual. If I were him I would run in the 48th Council District. He would have the best shot there.
Feb. 14, 2013, 11:48 am
Boris from Brighton Beach says:
Go Genia Go -- John Lisyanskiy for Council in the 48th!!!
Feb. 14, 2013, 12:37 pm
Michael from Midwood says:

Eujene!, that is your way!
Feb. 14, 2013, 3:59 pm
Frank from Gravesend says:
John who are you? I never heard of you until today.
I seen Todd many of times, fighting to same our Fire house, helping clean up some local blocks. Question where were you at the builders meeting and the meeting held to save our boardwalk. We aren't looking for some to collect a pay check we are looking for a person that knows our needs.
Feb. 14, 2013, 4:01 pm
Nathan from Coney/Island says:
John wear were you, i have never seen you when we were fighting term limits. Asser levy park, waste transfer station. Who are you driven buy Recchia or Quin. Say what you want but tell the truth for I know many people who came out to fight these issues, were you recoving from your acciedent presently? If so how could you have any idea of what has taken place in our district
Feb. 14, 2013, 4:27 pm
Pat Singer from Brighton Beach says:
Talking about hitting below the belt. How dare you, John, put down a group of dedicatedvolunteers that are FRIENDS OF THE BOARDWALK. This tells me that you are not in touch with the people of the shorefront community. They are the guardians of our magnificent boardwalk and beach. I know Todd because decades ago when I donated blood Todd and his family ran blood drives to help his community. If he is an "empty suit" man you are a wire hanger which most people throw out with the garbage. Todd has been involved with the community all of his life. Where were you all these years?
Feb. 14, 2013, 4:37 pm
Nathan from Coney/Island says:
Vladmir from Brighton Beach please let us know has John attended any of the meetings regarding the issues I mentioned above. Please also note everyone helped during Hurricane Sandy I saw Todd helping but it not about publicity he didn't take any photo's. Note we still have many issues in Coney Island that John has never addressed he isn't his own man.
Feb. 14, 2013, 4:38 pm
Sam from Gravesend/ C.I. says:
My father asked me to read this about Todd and after reading it I asked him if its ok to right something. I'm 14 years old and take the B64 bus along with some of my friends I met Todd fighting to bring that bus back in service for us my father attend all the meetings both him and I have never seen John at any of those meetings so why should my dad or mom vote for him, where was he when we were crying out for help.
Feb. 14, 2013, 4:47 pm
Vladmir from Brighton Beach says:
Nathan, If you read my comment you would realize that i recommend that he run in the 48th District. Now even more since you guys and gals don't appreciate good people.
Feb. 14, 2013, 4:50 pm
Henry from Brighton Beach says:
Vladmir from Brighton Beach says:
After reading the above its seem to me that John isn't connected with any issues and what has he taken a stand on??? why would we want him in or district ????
Feb. 14, 2013, 5:03 pm
Fred from Coney Island says:
Feb. 14, 2013, 5:06 pm
Steven from Bensonhurst says:
Electrician (community activist / hobbyist) or a Governmental Affairs Professional, sounds like an easy choice whom I want to represent me, this is not a hobby, this is not about photo-ops and ribbon cuttings. You want to get things done in your community you go with professional who knows what to do and how to get things done. What is this all community non-sense you are talking. We have serious concerns and issues in the community, we can not afford an amateur hobbyist, my neighbors all got mail from John they are excited we all talked about him, this is a no brainer.
Feb. 14, 2013, 5:21 pm
Chana from Brighton Beach says:
Steven, you are so lost in ignorance its terribly sad. And you are not alone. There are many who are swayed by empty titles and big names behind them. "Community non-sense" you call the people that Todd represents and helps regularly. How dare you refer to me and us as non-sense. Todd has been a constant presence to support all kinds of needs in this community. Just because John has political connections, does not make him someone who cares and is effective. That he is a "professional" finalncial analyst means close to nothing. It means he can put money where he is told to by the higher ups and not towards the needs of the community. And how dare you put down a hardworking electrician who works just as hard taking care of his community both with his politics and his hands. Stupidity runs rampant.
Feb. 14, 2013, 6:42 pm
Chana from Brighton Beach says:
John lisyansky suddenly shows up with Hurricane Sandy to make a name for himself and now he will be a presence at all events to make a name for himself while Todd Dobrin has been a strong presence for many years fighting for the community and enabling change. Some words of wisdom to the RUSSIAN COMMUNITY. Don't vote just because someone has a similar heritage to you. We all know that this happens. In this community we truly need someone who cares not an empty suit that can throw political names around but knows nothing of us beyond the Russian community. (By the way, I have a Russian heritage but I am not voting of that basis). I'm voting on competency, caring and effectiveness for all.) Of course Todd Dobrin will get my vote. Of course. He is not just a political crony but the voice of the people, truly. You want to know what "Friends of the Boardwalk" has actually done? Check the website. How dare you call Mr. Dobrin ignorant and unaccomplished. I'm willing to bet you do not know all the procedures for getting things done. And by the way, Todd does even if you aren't able to see that. And by the way do you know every street and activity and need in the community? I'm betting Todd can out win you 100 fold. And what on Earth does it matter what Marion Cleaver says who the reporter pointed out lives outside the district.
Feb. 14, 2013, 7:06 pm
steven from Brooklyn says:
I have to say we've had enough of politics as usual I say lets get one of the people for the people . (period) I know Todd personally and his family has been in Coney Island since the early 1900's we're lucky that a working class man who has intimate knowledge of the area take the time and effort to represent what in many ways a forgotten community . With that said all I have to say my family does not want anybody attached to the Vito Lopez /Recchia Sex Scandal . We've had enough of Recchias "aloof" ways and anybody attached to him .God bless Anerica and God Bless Todd Dobrin .
Feb. 14, 2013, 7:08 pm
Chana from Brighton says:
Thank you Steven
Feb. 14, 2013, 7:22 pm
Irina from Coney Island says:
Lisyanskiy is just another unknown from a long line of political hacks who were not so much elected, as CROWNED. All they have to do is sit back and let their Political Godfathers take care of everything and they slide right in. If an "unconnected" candidate has a decent shot at the seat, the Godfathers knock them right off the ballot with petition challenges. Lisyanskiy fits right in with his fellow members of Community Board 13, whose do-nothing members are appointed by the Godfathers and whose sole purpose is to rubber stamp any and all projects endorsed by the Godfathers. CB 13's former Chair, Ms. Cleaver, defends his absences by saying that "...there were many board members whose attendance was not good". Now isn't that special. The do-nothings don't even have to bother to show up, yet they remain on the board.
Feb. 14, 2013, 8:56 pm
sal from Coney Island says:
From the apparent comments that have been made today , there is one fact that I've learned and that is NYET to John Lisyanskiy & DA to Todd Dobrin.
I personally can't wait for the Games to begin.

Thank you very much ! And to all a good night.
Feb. 14, 2013, 9:10 pm
Member of CB13 from Coney/Brighton/Gravesend says:
Todd represents and helps people? Do you live on the moon? If he shows up in places where others represent and help that's not Todd... He got thrown off the board and now as a disgruntled former member spilling dirt on people he called friends? Seemingly except for few people here posting comments (Todd's few friends and family) no one likes this guy in the community. Everyone tries to avoid him. Everyone says it would be disastrous for the district if by some miracle he would win. So this is not even about John. People are frustrated and in need of effective leadership and most know Todd is not it. There might be others in the race.
Feb. 14, 2013, 9:42 pm
Steven from Bensonhurst says:
To Chana, googled friends of boardwalk found the site http://fobconeyisland.com/ Are you serious?

Also found that organization exists since 1990's. No mention of any activities prior to 2009. Joined another groups lawsuit. Floated duckies!

Are those supposed to be impressive accomplishments and credentials to be effective community representative on the Council? Have you gone mad? This guy Todd is a joke. He should stick to what he does presumably best, electrical work!
Feb. 14, 2013, 10:11 pm
Irina from Coney Island says:
Hello CB 13 Member. You are absolutly correct that people are frustrated and in need of effective leadership. Our current leadership is only concerned about themselves, their buddies & the big money developers & cronies who fund their campaigns. For the record, I am not one of Todd's supporters. But speaking of records, let's CLEAR the record: Why don't you let people know why Todd was "thrown off the board"? It was because he had the audacity to take a stance contrary to what the Godfathers dictated. For doing so, he joins a group of many well-known others who were removed from their position as committee chairs & co chairs as well as thrown off the board because they disagreed with the Godfathers' dictates. You are also correct in your observation that "this is not about John". Indeed, people are well aware that Lisyanskiy's sole "qualification" is that he is a good buddy of the local politicians - just another puppet. If there are "others in the race" I hope that they appear soon.
Feb. 14, 2013, 10:45 pm
james from coney says:
"politics and diapers should be changed often and for the
same reason"! It's time for a change , the community
knows it , the people will be heard !
Feb. 15, 2013, 8:40 am
james from coney says:
one other thing - Todd you should offer a truce now
if John stops telling lies about you - you in turn
will not tell the truth about him, just keep it simple
and clean and to the issues. It's going to come down
to a hand picked and groomed candidate of the
same old Lopez mold or one of us , someone who
truly works with us and unerstands what the working
class needs and wants because he works every day
like us and with us , Todd Dobrin for council person!
Feb. 15, 2013, 8:48 am
Frank from Gravesend says:
These people Chana and Irina sound awful lot like Todd!!!! Hahahahaha. What a clown. Todd do you wear suits to your job changing bulbs?
Feb. 15, 2013, 8:53 am
Vladimir from sea gate says:
would you not know that Dobrin is Russian also ?

his name is good and his meaning is of good
I vote for the good man who has been on the battle
not the man who walks in the door last but the man
who put his best foot forward and first
Feb. 15, 2013, 8:56 am
sal from coneu island says:
I really feel that .....

"What's Coming is Better
than What has Been"

The Community doesn't need another Rubber Stamp Puppet like John Lisyanskiy to continue the same failed policies of Councilman Recchia in our Community.

We need an independent voice Councilman
that takes the interests of his residents to heart NOT the self-interests of his own ego & special interest groups, just to keep the money flowing into their friends non-profits &

Todd Dobrin is that independent person. I trust Todd and not John to bring to the Community an Independent voice. We are the stakeholders of this Community .

Again I must stress

" What's Coming is Better
than What has Been"
Feb. 15, 2013, 9:25 am
Ken jones from coneyisland. says:
As a long time resident of coneyisland over50years i personaly work with every elected official who represents our community and i speak as a concern voter it is time for positive change judge a book not by its cover but study the book and read in between the lines and make a intelligent choice Todd is the intelligent choice. Dr king . judge not a man by the color of his skin but by the content of charater .
Feb. 15, 2013, 12:10 pm
Michael from Bay Ridge says:
Was at an event in Staten Island where Todd's brother was talking to group of people and publicly said that Todd has no chance and that he is a bit insane in his own mind. He is obsessed and not rational. Just had to share.
Feb. 15, 2013, 12:19 pm
CB13 from CONEY says:
Intelligence, intellect and Todd do not go together. He could never ask a question while a member of the board, he had to write down on the piece of paper a five word question and read it. His brain capacity simply doesn't allow it. He is a nice guy but not someone you want to represent your interest or this district in city council. he is very limited in his abilities and this community will suffer if he should ever have the chance to get elected. we can not afford Todd. maybe he should try a district leaders post, that does not require much intelligence.
Feb. 15, 2013, 12:59 pm
Faye from Warbasse says:
Someone said something here about Sandy - no one saw Todd during the most critical times and John literally saved lives. Todd is a coward and a pretender, he wears different faces, I saw him come around and talk he is a fake all he does is talk. John demonstrated leadership. When it was time to act he did not hide, people will remember John for the rest of their lives. I went down to the community room and saw hundreds of volunteers John organized to help hundreds of stranded seniors in the buildings. I hope everyone realizes the truth in leadership and pretenders. Don't be misguided by empty promises and fake records. You want experience and tested leadership.
Feb. 15, 2013, 1:23 pm
Irina from Coney Island says:
Faye, think about it: Of all the flooded buildings in Coney Island and Brighton Beach, why do you think that John went to Warbasse? John went to Warbasse because that is where his good friend Recchia has his office. And if John is a good boy and does what he is told to do he will move into the very same office right after the coronation. Oops! I meant to say the election.

John has "tested leadership"? Leadership in what? My friends who are on Community Board 13 complain that he never says a word about anything. He never expresses an opinion. He never gets involved. His only leadership is that he works for Christine Quinn.
Feb. 15, 2013, 3:48 pm
Irina from Coney Island says:
John and Todd are probably both really nice, well meaning people who would make great neighbors. But I don't think either one of them has the qualities that it takes to be an effective leader for our neighborhood. Maybe we'll get lucky and someone else will decide to run.
Feb. 15, 2013, 4:01 pm
Ed from Trump Village says:
John was in my buildings on October 30, assessing the damages as well as the entire area, we did not see Recchia or Krasny or anyone else for that matter. Lucky we will get when John is elected. Read a lot of funny stuff here about this Todd person.
Feb. 15, 2013, 5:19 pm
Jack from Brighton says:
Irina, you know so much about this, what is your email, I would love to connect. Seems like you have been involved for a long time to know such details.
Feb. 15, 2013, 5:22 pm
Troy from Coney says:
Todd you are a racist who thinks he can run plantation here. get off my park loser clown. cant tie 2 words together trying to talk me up
Feb. 15, 2013, 5:30 pm
Brian from Brooklyn says:
Irina, I mean Todd, poor job playing other people here. You don't have any friends on Community Board 13. Since you been talking up a lot of garbage about "friends"
Feb. 15, 2013, 6:21 pm
Ira from Trump Village says:
I would like to clarify something in the article as to the Friends of the Boardwalk. Even though I had nothing to do with its creation and am not a member, I do know that the organization was the brain child of and created by Marty Levine, not Todd Dobrin. Also, as an outsider looking in, it seems that the Friends of the Boardwalk has morphed into a branch of the Dobrin political operation instead of an independent community organization.

As to John Lisyanskiy, he has been a very quiet member of CB 13 and, I believe, has very little to stand on in terms of community service. Also, while I have no doubt that he helped a number of people following Hurricane Sandy, we should not forget that he was appointed to his position by his boss. This is the same person who, surprise surprise, is running for Mayor and had a huge hand in the manner in which City Council district lines were redrawn.

Speaking of district lines, I also find it very interesting that two out of the four declared candidates for Councilman Recchia's seat were moved out of the district. No matter how you may feel about them, Brian Gotlieb and Michael Treybich should have had the chance to run in the same district.
Feb. 15, 2013, 6:55 pm
Lou Cornacchia from Gravesend says:
First thing I notice after reading all of the above is that I've been reading a lot of messages from CB13 why wouldn't you attach your name?
This should be a clean campaign. Thats sticking to the facts and issues lets put everything else aside.
* Waste transfer station in Bensonhurst: Todd testified against it.
*Asser Levy Park Amphetheater: Todd voted against the project because the community concerns weren't addressed.
* Casino in C.I. Todd wrote an article stating all the negative affects it would bring into our community.
*Coney Island Boardwalk Todd has lead the charge against concrete.
Term Limits: Todd testified against the way they extended term limits stealing our vote.
*B64: Todd attended rally's and spoke to the MTA joining other members in our community.
* Todd has attended many community events in every part of the district.,family days,blockparties,Friendship
sunday just to name a few.
I can go on, but before I go I would like to leave you with this. Todd recently helped introduce legislation to ban non-metallic-knifes that pass through metal detectors. This elcetion should be about the issues effecting our community not attacking the people running for office. For more info on the issues visit Todd's website:
Feb. 15, 2013, 7:20 pm
Craig from Bensonhurst says:
Well he attended all these events and testified and so did ten's and hundreds of other people, should we all run now for city council? Does that make us all qualified? Is this like selling popcorn, you get trained on the job?
Feb. 15, 2013, 7:50 pm
Lou Cornacchia from Gravesend says:
Craig give me something good that just doesn't cut it. Again I have read nothing but remarks from a lot of these comments but i have yet to read anthing with subtance so I will no longer ingage in this free for all. The peoples votes and the community will say it all. If this is what is going to take place moving forward i feel sorry for both John and Todd buy using names and identifying anyone like you have will not cut in in the public eye and trust me it will come back and hurt the person you are backing in the long run.
Feb. 16, 2013, 1:15 am
Burton from Bay Ridge says:
Todd, stop pretending to be other people you are so lame. You sound like a fourth grader at best.
Feb. 16, 2013, 1:56 am
Julia from Coney Island says:
It is a shame that John has to resort to name calling...tsk tsk... Todd an empty suit? Who really are you John? John you have an "empty brain"...Just another puppet that Bloombug has added to his shelf...join the long list of them...Recchia, Walcott, Kelly...the list goes on...We the people...all the people, want someone for the people...not someone who just wants to obtain more for the ritzy...Where were you before Sandy? Lets just clarify...NYC Housing is no Trump or Warbasse where John went to look....I didnt see you anywhere on this side of the tracks...only when the water, dust and debris subsided did you make an appearance just to get your photo op...Grow up, get a little more experience or let the likes of the Puppet Masters pull your strings some more or better yet ask the Wizard to give you some brains!....TODD DOBRIN was involved in this community way before Sandy...These neighborhoods had issues before Sandy which Todd has come out in full support of the people...The bottom line is we need "PEOPLE BEFORE POLITICS" and TODD DOBRIN IS THAT CANDIDATE!...PS...THIS IS A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT FROM A CONEY ISLAND RESIDENT!
Feb. 16, 2013, 9:50 am
Howard from Bensonhurst says:
Todd Dobrin is a useless leech, the more he attacks John the stronger John looks. I saw Todd come around Colton's club and that's when everyone hides. I heard of John but have not met him yet. We sure will not go with trash talking useless unqualified candidate like Dobrin. This district deserves better, not someone who thinks success rubs off from those whom you stay behind. Like those who said before this is not a hobby this is serious responsibity and one that Todd is unable to carry out.
Feb. 16, 2013, 10:08 am
Irina from Coney Island says:
Lou, let's just clarify the record here:

Waste transfer station: Todd may have "testified against it, but so did close to 1,000 other people who attended not one, but two public hearings. And the person that started the fight, has been leading the fight, started a lawsuit against the transfer station & filed the successful lawsuit that closed the incinerator that had previously been on the site is Bensonhurst's Assemblyman William Colton. Colton & someone else, I think the guy's name is Mark, have been leading this fight for several years.

Asser Levy Park: Yes, Todd ultimately "voted against it" at a community board meeting. But he was also one of two CB 13 members appointed to Borough President Marty Markowitz's special committee, to let the BP know what amenities the community wanted in the amphitheater. The sole purpose of Markowitz's committee was to get the amphitheater built. Ida Sanoff was the one who lead the fight against the amphitheater & started the lawsuit to stop it.

Casino in CI: OK, you are correct. Todd wrote an article. Give him one point.

Coney Island Boardwalk: Todd is leading the charge against concrete? But Todd has also publically said that if concrete is better, then let's go with concrete. You can't be against something and in favor of it at the same time.

Term Limits: Todd "testified"??? Well Lou, there was a lawusit against this too & Todd wasn't involved in it. If you look online, you can find the actual lawsuit & see who was involved. There were a bunch of people, some well known, some not. Ida Sanoff's name appears as a party in this lawuit, but Todd was not part of the lawsuit.

B64 bus: Again, Assemblyman William Colton started this fight, organized the demonstrations & did all of the work. A young woman named Priscilla Consolo was also heavily involved & even appeared on TV several times. Todd was at the rally? So were a zillion other people, including Camine Santa Maria who writes for the Bay News.

Todd attended block parties & other events: I have no doubt that he did. Loads of people go to block parties.

Todd "helped introduce legislation" against special knives : You can't introduce legislation unless you hold elected office. But OK, this was a really good thing & we appreciate his help.

So I guess that anyone who shows up and speaks at a public meeting is a community leader and thus qualified to run for public office.

All of this information is available online. A lot can also be found in the minutes of Community Board 13 meetings, which are public records. All you have to do is look for it & read it.

By the way, I did an internet search on John too. Other then loads of articles about his job working for Christine Quinn, his run for office & his work after the hurricane (it looks like pages & pages of stuff, but it's really just the same few things appearing over & over) , the only other thing that shows up is that he opposed the cable TV show Russian Dolls.
Feb. 16, 2013, 11:26 am
William from Bensonhurst says:
Irina / Todd - Mr. Dobrin could not LEAD a herd of ducks to the pond. He is unintelligent seems to be uneducated and to sum up what I just read above Mr. Dobrin is a CHAMELEON - A person who adjusts themselves to fit into whatever happens to be cool at the moment. Includes their appearance, their interests, their opinions, their personalities often reffered to as 'scenesters' 'try-too-hards' or 'idiots'.

To take on the personality of the person you're with at the moment. this is either done subconsciously, or as a sad attempt to make people like you.

A person who chameleons on a regular basis (i.e. they act different for every person they hang out with).

A person who tries to blend in with a certain crowd, usually preps, just to get the satisfaction of being cool. Of course, they are just fooling themselves that they have a life and are at all interesting.
Feb. 16, 2013, 3:48 pm
Ken from Coney Island says:
Even though I don't usually do this, after reading the above comments, I believe that I need to add my two cents to the discussion.

Given the latest round of "redistricting," it would seem that thanks to City Council Speaker Quinn, our choices for City Council have been cut in half from four to two. Sad to say, neither of the two candidates that have been left for us to choose from spur much confidence or trust.

While I have no doubt that both Mr. Dobrin and Mr. Lisyanskiy mean well, neither of them, in my opinion, have the credentials to be our City Councilman.

Mr. Dobrin, to his credit, has been vocal in expressing his opions. Unfortnately, that is all I have sen hm do. However, most of his claimed successes have come due to the work of other people who were not acting on the direction of or in conjunction with Mr. Dobrin. Simply being along for the ride on an issue does not count as being a "success" or make someone a "leader." Also, one of Mr. Dobrin's "claims to fame" is that he is of the people and that he has very close relationships with multiple unions. Even though I can be wrong, from what I have seen, Mr. Dobrin has failed to do anything with those affiliations to help our community. As everyone knows, unemployment in Coney Island has always been high. This is especially true with our younger people. Where has Mr. Dobrin been on this issue? For all of his bluster and bravado, I have yet to see any union come into our community with Mr. Dobrin to offer apprenticeship programs or job training of any kind even though, as a man of the people, he should know what is going on. As I said, it is one thing to have these relationships and quite another to do something with them.

As to Mr. Lisyanskiy, I have barely heard him utter more than a few words -- beyond confirming his attendance at roll call -- at any community board meeting that I have attended. While I confess that I don't go to every Board or civic meeting, I want a Councilman who will take a position; stand up for our community; and make him or herself heard while leading the charge. Mr. Lisyansky has, from what I have seen, elected to take the safe route of keeping his mouth shut on almost every issue out of an apparent fear of making anyone angry. To me, that is being a coward instead of a leader. As to Mr. Lisyanskiy's work in the community following Sandy, I think he should be commended for it. I have no doubt that he put in very long hours and worked very hard to help people. My problem is that he did not do this as a civic minded volunteer. Rather, he was appointed and/or assigned to the position by his boss, Councilwoman and City Council Speaker Quinn. As such, I am of the opinion that he was simply doing his job rather than any actual community service. I will also say -- mostly because I am sure that I will be attacked for it -- that there is nothing wrong with his doing his job. The problem for me is that in that role, I only see John Lisyanskiy as the employee and servant of Christne Quinn. I do not see what he wants me to see which is John Lisyanskey, a leader taking on the tough problems. You can't do that by staying silent on everything and not doing anything to get out of the shadow of your boss.

Even though I believe that they both have our best interests at heart, neither Mr. Dobrin nor Mr. Lisyanskiy have demonstrated to me that they are worthy of my vote. Hopefully, one or more people will decide to run now that the lines appear to be closer to being a done deal.
Feb. 17, 2013, 5:39 am
Michael A Greco from Bath Beach says:
I had went to community board 13 meetings for a few years and it slowly came apparent to me they are Recchia's puppets and any one on the board that disagrees with Recchia's policy gets knocked off the board. In the past they CB 13 removed the most educated, intelligent, and concerned people on the board because they did not play ball with Recchia, a tactic that is always used by the inept and corrupt. Coney Island has a long history of corruption and let me tell you first hand not much has changed that is why we have the only ocean front community that still looks like a slum for the past 50 years compared to any ocean front in New Jersey, Long island, California. Think about it , while giant fields of garbage lie unused and people drive in circles for hours and create traffic jams because the imbeciles in power do not have a clue, the boardwalk debacle wasted Tens of millions on several different designs that do not work and started coming apart from day one. The walk over bridge they said they tried for 30 years to get repaired but were unsuccessful, just more excuses from people that are all doing extremely well from there high salaries while the area they control is a 1000 time worse than 100 years ago. Recchia is good for one thing, wrecking this place.
They say politics is a dirty business , that is because their are mostly dirty people in it. TIME FOR REAL CHANGE and that is why we NEED and WANT Todd Dobrin , this man leads with action and conviction that I have witnessed more times than I can count and that is why the people are behind , beside him , and with him. We the people share with Todd's frustration because he can fix these issues and will do what's right for the people and community .
The current politicians and community board 13 members do what 's best to line there own pockets under the ruse of caring and are a disservice to the community just like there leader Recchia. I do not like to see opposing candidates call each other names but now that it went public I have to speak up for Todd Dobrin although I will not even address the remark that Mr. Lisyanskiy made because it is absolutely not true. Todd as done more work, spent more time, returned from a family vacations to make important meetings.
His greatest skill and most important he is our Captain Kirk and he brings people from all area's , colors, religions, races, and backgrounds, together. I have not seen that from any other with sincerity like Todd has and that is what a multi cultural area needs. Todd was at almost every meeting there was concerning CB 13 , was at the B-64 Bus protest , he is a working class man from four generations of working class people that know this area better than any other here.
I hope after Todd wins for Councilman, Mr. Lisyanskiy just becomes friends with Todd and joins forces to help make the area much better than it is.
Todd is known from one end of the district to the other end and well liked because of his integrity and honesty. I am not putting Mr Lisyanskiy down but I simply don't recall him at all or ever hearing about any thing he has done and I spend a lot of time myself on issues with Coney Island. VOTE TODD and get rid of the garbage in power that plagues District 47.
Feb. 17, 2013, 11:13 am
Sam from Bensonhurst says:
We do not need CHEERLEADER and that is who Todd Dobrin is. I know his brother and he is right that Todd is obsessed and has zero behind him. People do not like Todd. He runs with a circle of crazies and never expressed any leadership role but became an obstructionist. Should he get elected which would take a miracle he will destroy decades of progress that was made. He is trying to position himself as a populist but just like William alluded he is fake and people need someone who can achieve real results not be a cheerleader.
Feb. 17, 2013, 11:50 am
Michael Greco from Bath Beach says:
Why are all the people with negative comments afraid to put there whole name down or use a fake first name? Why do they not address the issues that had plaged this area , yet pass childish remarks about one of the few people who sincerely cares about Coney Island. If the people on this site have any real integrity let's all meet at the community board with city officials and news camers and we can debate Coney Island , past, present, and future . DON'T HIDE BEHIND A KEYBOARD IF YOU REALLY CARE.
Feb. 17, 2013, 12:24 pm
Todd Dopey from Mars says:
I just want it!! I don't know what I want..! But I want it! Yes I am clueless, yes I am unintelligent, yes I am follower, yes I have zero new ideas. I am not smarter than a fifth grader! But I want it!!!
Feb. 17, 2013, 12:41 pm
Celia from Coney says:
Everyone here (Todd) attacking Domenic Recchia couldn't be more wrong. This district has been extremely fortunate to have representative like Recchia. Anyone questioning his effectiveness and impact is not simply out of touch but ungrateful person. From revitalizing Coney Island to diverting vital resources to our schools, his record has been unmatched. And this ridiculous person and yes very very empty suit Todd Dobrin who dared to run against Recchia in 2009 is a coward and a miserable opportunist. More power to John staying above the fray here. We should be lucky enough to have John follow in Domenic's footsteps and fill those ginormous shoes.
Feb. 17, 2013, 3:37 pm
Sal from Coney Island says:
Recchia is a phony & a fake. Look at his contributors on the New York City Campaign Finance disclosure website.He has all of Wall Street giving him Big Money . A number that have given him over $ 4900.00, the maximum.
He's gotten thousands of dollars from developers like Thor Equities ( Joe Sitt , family & friends).
He gathers with the elite of Wall Street & Developers of NY & beyond.
Mr. Recchia has even paid money to his wife Kimberly Recchia ( approx. $14,000) for Rent for a Campaign Office in their own private house. It may be legal but it's certainly not moral. Giving money from contributors to his own wife. It's absurd.
Mr. Recchia doesn't Summer in Coney Island, after a photo-op for Memorial DAy on the Boardwalk ( soon to be a Concrete Highway) he's in Southampton living in a beautiful house on Peconic Bay with a built in ground swimming pool.
Afterall, Coney Island has one of the highest unemployment rates in the City, especially among the teens. There has been no affordable housing built in Coney Island in Mr. Recchia's tenure as Councilman, except for maybe 30 units at the new YMCA & that's not finished yet.
It takes more than just handing out water bottle in the wake of Sandy to call yourself a leader & that goes ditto for his puppet John Lisyanskiy. Puppets only give rise to other Puppets.
" What's coming is Better
than What has Been"
Feb. 17, 2013, 8:05 pm
Mayor from NYC says:
Best post on here:

Irina / Chana / Sal / Michael / are all Todd - Mr. Dobrin could not LEAD a herd of ducks to the pond. He is unintelligent seems to be uneducated and to sum up what I just read above Mr. Dobrin is a CHAMELEON - A person who adjusts themselves to fit into whatever happens to be cool at the moment. Includes their appearance, their interests, their opinions, their personalities often reffered to as 'scenesters' 'try-too-hards' or 'idiots'.

To take on the personality of the person you're with at the moment. this is either done subconsciously, or as a sad attempt to make people like you.

A person who chameleons on a regular basis (i.e. they act different for every person they hang out with).

A person who tries to blend in with a certain crowd, usually preps, just to get the satisfaction of being cool. Of course, they are just fooling themselves that they have a life and are at all interesting.
Feb. 17, 2013, 8:26 pm
Theresa from Gravesend says:
Colton has been leading the fight against that dangerous garbage station for several years now. Mark Treyger, a member of his staff, also has been heavily involved in that fight. Again, Colton was the man leading the fight to restore the B64 bus line to Coney Island. And again, another one of his staff members, Priscilla Consolo, helped lead that fight. Many other people and organizations in the community have also been involved with these two issues, as Colton himself acknowledged, calling the B64 victory a "community victory" unlike Recchia who falsely took all the credit for himself (when in fact, Recchia never did anything to restore the B64). Colton forms coalitions with diverse groups on a grassroots level to fight for the neighborhood and it has proven to produce real results. Todd may have been involved with both issues, but he didn't lead either of them. I give Mark Treyger credit for being a leader against that garbage station. Many elected officials are afraid to stand up to Bloomberg, but him and Colton both have!
March 14, 2013, 8:04 pm
Natasha from Sea GATE says:
I read today that during Ari Kagans fundraisig in National restaurantAri was telling some of his friends that Political establishment of democratic party in Brooklyn are worried abour Lisyanskiy mental healt, that he smokes pot to calm his pannic attacks, sexual dysfanction and beginning stages of Grand jiu where Jonh allready sees him as Napoleon Bannapart
April 12, 2013, 4:06 pm
lori from coney island says:
After reading all these comments my answer is: Mark Treyger for City council. Something different for a change. If you are tired of hearing and reading about corrupt politicians or how much money will buy them the election then the ball is in your court folks.
April 21, 2013, 5:28 pm
Pat from Coney Island says:
Lori, I have met Mark Treyger many times and he, like the other candidates, is a nice and person. The problem for me is that I have trouble seeing what he has done in his own individual capacity as "Mark Treyger" rather than in his role as an aide to Assemblyman Colton. How will Mark Treyger be Mark Treyger as opposed to, for lack of a better way of putting it, someone doing the bidding of Assemblyman Colton (and Dobrin for Local 3/unions and Lisyanskiy for Speaker Quinn)? At this point, it seems that each of them are the same with the only difference being the taskmaster.
May 18, 2013, 10:11 am
Johnny from Bensonhurst says:
What has Mark Treyger done on his own, as in besides his work with Assemblyman Colton? Plenty! However, more importantly, I think it's unfair to say that ANYONE can do ANYTHING "on their own." In order for any kind of organization or campaign to be successful, it needs the help and support of many, many people.

For example, when Assemblyman Colton last year fought to restore the B64 south of Harway Avenue, he gathered the support of many different neighborhood organizations, community leaders, residents, and businesses who worked TOGETHER to get that bus back.

No one just simply snapped their fingers and clicked their heals and the bus was restored. People came together, people worked together, and the campaign was a success. That's how you get things done. However, in order for that success to happen, there needs to be a leader, or even better, LEADERS who take charge of an issue and coordinate the effort.

That's Mark Treyger. He doesn't take all credit for himself. He doesn't say that he's done this or he's done that on his own. He doesn't brag about his accomplishments to everyone he meets hoping to impress them. Mark Treyger is a LEADER who knows how to bring people together to fight for what is best in the neighborhood. And that is the type of person we need as our City Councilman here in Southwestern Brooklyn!
May 18, 2013, 10:25 pm
Michael from Coney Island says:
Mark Treyger has not done anything on his own! He piggy backs off of Assemblyman Colton's work!

Dobrin is an electrician. Yes, he is active in the community, but we need someone who knows how the government works.

Lisyanskiy is active and he is the only one devoted to his career. He's spent 15 years working in city hall!

The choice is obvious!
June 28, 2013, 12:15 am
Irina from Gravesend says:
I have seen Lisyanskiy at many events and I must tell you, this guy is not normal. The way he talks down to people, he already thinks we elected him. Voting for Lisyanskiy would be a huge mistake. He is desperate because he knows he's losing. John, time for you to take your meds. Everytime I see him, I don't know which personality I will see. Instead of running for City Council, he needs to have his own talk show named Me, Myself and I. It will feature all of his personalities. This man is sick and needs help.
Aug. 5, 2013, 10:27 pm

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