Bam is the Howard Hughes of foreign policy

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The foreign policies of industrialized nations chart the course for global triumph over brutes, but it is a swift descent into hell when they forget their core mission to uphold civilization.

There was a time when American right and might inspired the world and kept it in check, but that was before a deer caught in headlights occupied the Oval Office. Reclusive President Obama has become the Howard Hughes of promoting self-interest strategies that safeguard our national interests and serve as a beacon of hope and freedom. Authoritarians and liberty lovers have duly noted his failures.

Obama’s droopy interest in international affairs — a bull in a china shop — is wrecking havoc just about everywhere: the emerging anti-American, pan-Asian bloc between Russia and China, which fancy themselves as future super-powers over America’s dead body, is an unholy alliance fueled against the grim backdrop of girl bands being flogged publicly in Moscow, and churches being bulldozed in Beijing.

Thailand awoke to martial law last week while Vietnamese workers went on a public rampage to protest their communist rulers. The sloppy, spiritless United Nations has given up counting the death toll in the bloody, three-year-old Syrian civil war where the good and bad guys are virtually indistinguishable and stand united against America. Iran’s forgotten nuclear muscle is on the verge of being flexed for an attack on Israel and its western allies. The Arab spring is dead. Pakistan — the “Land of the Pure” — has not lifted its ban on YouTube for alleged blasphemous and objectionable content, but it remains a world leader in filthy online searches for child rape, donkey sex, camel sex, and other foul perversions, states Google. And the threat of hypocritical, radical Islam remains the silent topic of our age.

Yet Obama remains clueless after five years on the job, and incapable or unwilling to deal with global maniacs or their minions. Nigerian Muslim fanatics shocked the world when they kidnapped hundreds of Christian girls earlier this month, forced them to convert to the “religion of peace,” released a mournful video of them shrouded in hijabs and warbling the Koran, and then cursed non-believers with more of the same or worse if they didn’t become Islamo-nuts, too.

First Lady Michelle Obama and other crestfallen hack humanitarians did their nano-bit for mankind by endorsing the weak and empty slogan, “Bring Back Our Girls,” instead of demanding that Saudi Arabia — the all-powerful birthplace of Islam — and mainstream Muslims around the world launch a mass discrediting campaign against their extremists.

America has led the world because of her founding commitment to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Any crack in the ideals is a joy to dictators, who are taking their cues from the most ineffectual American leader since Jimmy Carter, a foreign-policy philistine who nonetheless managed to broker the historic Camp David peace accords between Egypt and Israel. Hip-and-unhappening Bam has trumped the peanut farmer to claim a lesser footnote in history.!/BritShavana

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Updated 5:32 pm, July 9, 2018
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