President Obama loves the word ‘limited’ almost as much as playing golf and making goofy faces

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Memo to the Islamic State: Dear swine, just a heads-up that we won’t be using brute force and ground troops when we come to get you, and the whole shebang should only take three years, giving you plenty of time to plot and scheme against us. Okeydoke?

President Obama’s plan for Congress to formally rubberstamp his ho-hum sorties against the Islamic State announces to our sworn enemies what we will and will not do to defeat them — duh? — in a military strategy as batty as when British colonials rubbed lard on their rifles to hasten reloading, causing their Muslim and Hindu troops to revolt because one lot hated pigs while the other idolized cows.

Islamo-nuts have executed four Americans since August, but the brutal murders of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and humanitarian workers Peter Kassig and Kayla Jean Mueller, remain unavenged because our commander-in-chief is a “limited” president.

• Obama’s “limited” request to lawmakers to authorize military force against radical Islamists he does not deign to name uses the soapy word from the onset, and outlines a curbed intervention with an exit date to accommodate our sworn enemies.

•He set a fatal tone from the get-go, limiting American might and right in his first public speech as an apologetic president to his beloved Muslim world.

• His foreign policy is full of limits — who can forget his mad rush not to finger the Muslim mob that fired rockets and grenades on the American embassy in Libya that killed our ambassador and three other Americans?

• “Limited” was also the reaction of his flacks last week when they denied that U.S. Marines rushed to flee Yemen aboard a civilian flight, after Iran-based rebels kicked them out and forced them to destroy their weapons with sledge hammers in another American humiliation on his watch.

Yet the president has not limited his growing blunders. His “profound sadness” for beheaded Americans, in between taking untoward selfies, is insulting to their heartbroken families, and clearly shows his limited desire to get the bastards who killed them.

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Updated 5:40 pm, July 9, 2018
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