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To the editor,

I am horrified that state Sen. Simcha Felder wants to raise the speed limit, and with it the death tolls, on Ocean Parkway (“Five for Fighting! Activists: Felder’s Ocean Parkway speed-limit hike will kill people” online March 31). I cross Ocean Parkway almost every day, taking my life in my hands as drivers speed up when the lights turn yellow so they can beat the red light, drive through the red lights they can’t beat, and speed up instead of slowing down when they make turns onto and off the parkway. Often, I see balloons and bouquets of flowers tied to the poles alongside Ocean Parkway, memorials for drivers and pedestrians killed a day or two previously. If the victim was a child, there are stuffed teddy bears. I have seen smashed cars, ambulances and police vans after a crash. That is the only time I ever see a police or traffic officer anywhere near Ocean Parkway. Many of these accidents could have been prevented by proper traffic control.

I think the worst thing the city or state could do would be to raise the speed limit on Ocean Parkway. I think this would only encourage reckless drivers to be even more reckless and drive even faster. I am sure many of them drive above the current speed limit now. Maybe, instead of raising speed limits, we should install speed bumps. Police patrols along Ocean Parkway would also be helpful, as would cameras on every traffic light to catch drivers who go through the lights. I would also urge strict traffic controls near schools along Ocean Parkway, and even stricter controls near Coney Island Hospital. The crossings at Coney Island Hospital have to be among the most dangerous in Brooklyn. Hundreds of patients, including senior citizens, have to cross Ocean Parkway every day in order to get to the outpatient clinics for treatment. Most of these patients use walkers, crutches, canes and wheelchairs. And many of them are desperately trying to maintain their independence by getting to and from their treatments by themselves. They not only have to cope with the reckless drivers and heavy traffic on Ocean Parkway, but with cars coming off the Belt Parkway and streaming onto Ocean Parkway. I would like to ask our politicians to please do whatever they can to make Ocean Parkway safer, not more dangerous, and to provide more traffic control instead of raising the speed limit. I don’t think anyone wants to see more flowers and balloons tied to poles along Ocean Parkway.

Elaine Kirsch



To the editor,

Regarding your article “Five For Fighting,” Vision Zero initially called for a default speed limit of 25 mph. DeBlasio promised the speed limit would be higher on arterial roadways where appropriate. However, due to pressure from Transportation Alternatives, he later decided that virtually no roads could have a speed limit higher than 25 mph.

Consider Queens Boulevard, where the speed limit was an appropriate 35 mph. It was lowered it to 30 mph because the city deemed 35 as too dangerous. DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg stated at the time that city engineers believed 30 mph was an appropriate speed limit for the street. A few months later, it was lowered again to 25 mph. Why? Pressure from Transportation Alternatives (TA) is the only possible explanation. TA is also the reason why traffic lanes are being replaced with bike lanes on major thoroughfares all over the city when bikes belong on the side streets.

More bikes on the main roads mean more bike accidents and fatalities, but that doesn’t stop TA from requesting additional bike lanes. But they use “safety” to advocate for fewer cars by making car travel slower and more inconvenient.

The notion that cars not be allowed to travel faster than bikes on city streets is absurd. Unlike the other boroughs, Brooklyn has only one real highway. We rely on arterial roads. It is ridiculous that from Southern Brooklyn you can get to New Jersey, Nassau County, Queens and the Bronx in 45 minutes, when it takes longer than that to get to Borough Park.

Paul Steely White (TA leader) talks about safety, saying injuries and deaths have been reduced by lowering the speed limit on Ocean Parkway. If that is true, does it mean the speed limit should be further reduced to 20 or 10 mph, if that would further reduce injuries and deaths? Where do we draw the line? Increased air pollution from increased traffic congestion also kills.

There isn’t even proof that a correlation exists between a lower speed limit and fewer accidents. Queens Boulevard is safer today because of fencing preventing jaywalking and longer walk signals, not because of a frequently-violated lower speed limit. Ocean Parkway has better marked crosswalks and longer walk signals also.

White says drivers need to expect the unexpected. Well, if pedestrians didn’t cross the street when and where they shouldn’t, there wouldn’t be any “unexpected” with respect to pedestrian accidents.

So it doesn’t matter if cars are traveling at 25 or 30 mph, because when pedestrians should be crossing, cars are traveling at zero mph. Why inconvenience cars and cater to jaywalkers by having cars travel slower? To make it easier to run across the street mid-block?

TA believes everyone should bike, walk, or use mass transit. But the spillover of traffic from Ocean Parkway to Coney Island Avenue since the speed limit was lowered on Ocean Parkway has also slowed buses. White only cares about bicycles and pedestrians. I once heard him give a speech at a meeting in the summer. He arrived on his bike, late, and a hot sweaty mess. Most of us prefer not to travel that way.

And as far as his petition signatures, probably most are from people outside the area and few of them drive. If you do a survey of those who use Ocean Parkway you will find most are in favor of Felder’s sensible proposed law, which needs to be extended to other arterial roads where there is no highway option. We need to vote out a mayor who allows an outside group to dictate his transportation policy and who consistently overrules the concerns of the community.Allan Rosen

Sheepshead Bay

Seeking the truth

To the editor,

The fool in the White House who in my opinion is our make-believe President, lied about his tax return. He should release all his tax returns like all the other Commander-in-chiefs. It is time to get to the truth about this information.

He lied about former President Obama hacking in Trump Towers. He lied about former Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara when he said he would keep him on.

Trump and the Republican Congress lied about healthcare. Why can’t we the people get the same health care that Congressmen and Senators get? We the American taxpayers are paying for Senators’ and Congressmens’ health insurance. Trump also lied about the Russian meddling into America election.

Trump’s Republican slaves (especially House Speaker Paul Ryan, who originally didn’t want Trump to be President) should know better. They should tell the truth that they in fact do not care about low- and middle-income people. They just care about themselves and the very wealthy.

Howard Katz

Sheepshead Bay

In last week’s editions, this letter was attributed in error to Robert W. Lobenstein. The actual writer of this letter is Howard Katz.

Don’t ban Planned

To the editor,

Congress, in defunding Planned Parenthood, and President Trump expecting to sign it is reprehensible.

Groups that propose alternatives to unwanted pregnancies that will help curtail a woman’s right to safe sex and abortions will cause more girls and women to go to quacks, more high school dropouts and will even frame innocent men for rapes they did not commit because many young girls will be afraid of a beating by abusive parents. In order to protect themselves from a bad beating and get public sympathy they will tell a sob story and many an unethical or overzealous policeman and prosecutor will be glad to coach these girls so that it will help them keep their jobs.

I remember a case I read in the magazine True Confessions, where a girl framed her father when he gave her a bad beating for minor things. The mother had her daughter admit she lied about her abusive fagther and he was released from prison. I am aware that DNA exists, but it is not always available or as a matter of cost effectiveness. Many shyster lawyers will have their clients clop a plea in turn that they might get clemency from the judge, whether innocent or guilty. Sometimes the judge won’t budge. Elliott Abosh

Brighton Beach

Posted 12:00 am, April 16, 2017
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Reader feedback

Steve from Brooklyn says:
I cross there as well every day I don't see anyone crossing a red light and don't see "often" balloons... Accidents happen there the same as it happens in my neighborhood with the small city streets.. Thats why it's called 'accident' accidents will always be regardless if limit is 25 or more.. 25mph is not the appropriate for ocean parkway You can only avoid accidents by completely banning cars on the road which is unrealistic
April 16, 2017, 9 am
Susan Berkowitz from Midwood says:

I have lived on Ocean Parkway at the corner of Avenue P for over 40 years. Cars speed through the intersection and have hit pedestrians who were in the cross walk and had the green light and were not wearing headphones or looking down at a phone. At 30 mph the cars cannot make a full stop easily and will " accidently" hit pedestrians. Yes, some people will get home five or ten minutes later but lives will be saved by leaving the limit at 25 mph. At the corner of Ocean Parkway at Avenue O Alan Halter was killed by a speeding car. He had done everything right that day. Of course, you cannot completely avoid accidents but you can work to minimize them. Please come stand at my corner one evening and see how people drive on Ocean Parkway. It's very scary.
April 17, 2017, 8:30 am
Rick Horan from Queens says:
Ocean Parkway was originally designed to allow cars move automobiles north and south quickly and safely. Hence the designation "parkway" as opposed to a street or avenue.

Lowering speed limits and mis-timing lights to artificially try and slow down drivers is a failed strategy.

The appropriate speed limit on this parkway is 40 MPH and the traffic signals should be synchronized accordingly.

If there are additional measures that we can implement to improve safety for pedestrians, such as providing more time to cross, those measures should be considered.

Reducing the speed limit, like eliminating entire lanes of traffic, are examples of a dumb-ed-down populist approach that will result in a slower, less safe road for all who use it.
April 17, 2017, 11:21 am
Rick Horan from Queens says:
Since I am unable to correct a couple of edits in my original post (above) I am resubmitting a corrected one here...

Ocean Parkway was originally designed to allow cars to move north and south quickly and safely. Hence the designation "parkway" as opposed to a street or avenue.

Lowering speed limits and mis-timing lights to artificially try and slow down drivers is a failed strategy.

The appropriate speed limit on this parkway is 40 MPH and the traffic signals should be synchronized accordingly.

If there are additional measures that we can implement to improve safety for pedestrians, such as providing more time to cross, those measures should be considered.

Reducing the speed limit and eliminating entire lanes of traffic, are examples of a dumb-ed-down populist approach that will result in a slower, less safe road for all who use it.
April 17, 2017, 12:16 pm
Peter from Brooklyn says:
Allan Rosen again b-tching about how he cannot run over pedestrians.

Allan, everything you say is wrong
April 17, 2017, 12:56 pm
Susan Berkowitz from Midwood says:

As a resident of Queens you do not have to deal with Ocean Parkway every day as I and my neighbors do. Raising the speed limit will cause more pedestrian accidents. Please come to Ocean Parkway and spend one evening seeing what goes on. We pedestrians have the same rights as drivers to make it safely through our neighborhood. Even now, cars screech through the intersections barely missing persons who have the light and are not wearing headphones or looking at their phone.
April 17, 2017, 1:08 pm
Philip McManus from Queens says:
It's time to organize against extremists who support lower speed limits, stealing traffic lanes, bus stops, parking and left turns. Zero Vision is killing our city with more gridlock, tickets, accidents, pollution and poverty. We need more trains, buses, ferries and reopen our roadways and railways including the Triboro Rx and QueensRail in the outer boroughs. We need a balance approach to transportation services and enforcement. We are all pedestrians and commuters everyday. Stop demonizing pedestrians who drive. We need to work together to prevent accidents and gridlock. The Queens Public Transit Committee, supports repealing the citywide 25 mph speed limit. We support reasonable enforcement and education for all. No one is above the law including reckless cyclist & drivers and jaywalkers. Get rid of the big Brother cameras and bus and bike lanes. We need more frequent buses not bus and bike lane gridlock and tickets. Our family and friends who are forced to drive are being unfairly targeted while jaywalkers continue to die and get injured. Zero Vision and Select Bus Service BS is a failure.
P.S. I think Alan Rosen is absolutely correct and Peter from Brooklyn is a bike fanatic. I really love cycling but I don't believe in stealing speed limits, traffic lanes, left turns, parking lots and bus stops from our family, friends and neighbors who have no subways or affordable, reliable transit options. People who drive are victims of a divisive, unfair transit policy that divides commuters and entraps commuters who have to drive. We need a new Mayor who unites our city and treats everyone equally.
Mayor DeBlasio is stealing our time, freedom, safety, unity and prosperity. One Term Bill has to go. Do you think our transportation system is getting better with DeBlasio? Are our roadways and railways getting better? Have you ever seen a cyclist or a jaywalker get a ticket? If not, vote Mayor Chaos out in 2017. Join the Queens Public Transit Committee at 718-679-5309 and together we can stop Transportation Alternatives deceitful transit ploys. I don't need a bike lane to ride a bike.
April 17, 2017, 2:03 pm
Peter from Brooklyn says:

Yes, us fanatics who prefer not to get run over are the problem.

At the end of the day you have two options

Move to a farm somewhere in rural America where there's no people to bother you.
STFU and deal with it you sociopath.
April 17, 2017, 2:16 pm
Susan Berkowitz from Midwood says:
Philip McManus,

The man who died a block from my home was not jaywalking. He had the light and was in the crosswalk. I also have coworkers here in my Manhattan office who commute every day by bicycle and use the bike lanes instead of having to ride in traffic. In fact none of the pedestrians injured or killed on Ocean Parkway were jaywalking or had head phones on according to the NYPD. Those "big brother cameras" are helping to prevent tragedies. If you don't speed you have nothing to worry about. Again, I have lived on Ocean Parkway for 42 years, not in Queens. Come here and see what drivers are doing. By the way, Queens had pretty decent subways and buses. I suggest you try them as most Queens residents do.
April 17, 2017, 4:09 pm
Allan Rosen from Sheepshead Bay says:
To Susan Berkowitz,

The standard amber signal is three seconds which is ample time to come to a complete stop from 30 mph, so cars causing accidents have to be going much faster.

It is also a known fact that drivers will not abide by unrealistic speed limits and 25 mph is unrealistic for arterial roadways like Ocean Parkway. As a non-driver, I wouldn't expect you to realize that. It seems like virtually everyone opposed to a higher speed limit does not drive and has no idea how slow 25 mph is when there is little or no traffic.

The issue isn't pedestrians having the same rights as drivers, but pedestrians insisting on having more rights than drivers. Most drivers are safe, and unfortunately as long as there are cars on the road, there will be a few bad drivers and some accidents.

Lowering the speed limit will not reduce accidents, because those who insist on driving 50 mph on Ocean Parkway will continue to drive at 50 mph whether the speed limit is 25 mph or 30 mph.

And your comment about Queens having decent subways and buses is way off the mark. It is even more car dependent than southern Brooklyn because of inadequate mass transit options. A twenty minute car trip should not take 90 minutes or two hours by mass transit and that is why many choose to drive.

And Peter from Brooklyn, just keep insulting those who disagree with you without offering anything of substance. You will go far that way.
April 17, 2017, 5:18 pm
Philip McManus from Queens says:
We are all pedestrians being manipulated and divided by Zero Vision and Transportation Alternatives extremism and lies. We need more transit options not less. Take a look at a map that shows the lack of subway and railway options in Queens. That's why people drive cars. Don't play the divide and conquer blame game. Don't discriminate against pedestrians who drive. Susan, I'm amazed that you know or believe that every pedestrian or cyclist was not jaywalking or running a red light when they were tragically killed. When I take Ocean Parkway I never see pedestrians jaywalk or cyclist run red lights only pedestrians who drive. Lol. Peter from Brooklyn is a nasty bike extremist who wants to steal my time, freedom, safety and prosperity. He also wants to force me to move or wants to take away my right to speak. Not only are you a
nasty bike guy. You sound like a bike Nazi. Lol. God bless America. We have a right to disagree. Your Zero Vision lawlessness and lies are killing pedestrians and cyclist. Your policies are a complete failure and you should hug a baby and not a tree. Chicken little would be proud of you. Stop hurting your family, friends and neighbors who use a car or bus to travel. Everyone has a right to choose their mode of transportation without fear of punishment. It's time to get rid of Mayor Disaster.
April 18, 2017, 3:59 am
Philip McManus from Queens says:
Dear Peter,

Don't blame commuters who are force to drive. Why do people drive cars? They don't want to travel 90 minutes to 3 hours on a overcrowded bus or train within the city to get to work, school or home. Why do you think you have the right to steal commuters time, freedom and prosperity? I take the Q 53 bus to work every day. I stopped taking the Shuttle train and the A train because it's actually slower. I drive to work when the Q 53 bus doesn't show up. I also take my car when I have to travel more than 75 minutes by bus or train. If you really care, you would advocate for more faster and frequent buses, trains and ferries so your family, friends and neighbors will have more transit options. Give us the same transit services that Manhattan has and we will leave our cars home. Stop hating people who want to share our roadways and do not support bike only policies. Chicken Little was a fool. Share the roadways and stop running red lights and hitting pedestrians who jaywalk. The sky is not falling and I do not advocate more jaywalkers, reckless cyclist and drivers dying because of Zero Vision wackadoos. Lol.
April 18, 2017, 5:43 am
Peter from Brooklyn says:
Yes, Phillip - It's all lies, reality is lies. Perhaps I can note there is a difference and a large one at that between:

Restricting people's right to drive - not happening


Enforcing basic safety laws - isn't happening either but people are working to change that.

So as I said earlier STFU until you have something useful to say and also mental help might not be such a bad thing for ya.
April 18, 2017, 7:35 am
Peter from Brooklyn says:
Oh and yes people are going to be mean to you if you advocate for policies that cause residents to get run down in the street.

So deal with it.
April 18, 2017, 7:40 am
Susan Berkowitz from Midwood says:
According to the NYPD all, yes all the accidents within the last two years on Ocean Parkway were caused by careless driver, not careless pedestrians. I once yelled at a driver on OP who sped through the light and just missed me and my mother. His response was " Kiss my .....". In response to Allan Rosen please come and stand on the corners of Ocean Parkway between Avenue M and Avenue U and you will be shocked. It is very difficult for a pedestrian who is elderly or with a stroller to get across with the cars speeding often through the lights. My boyfriend drives and he says that 25 mph is absolutely fine.
April 18, 2017, 8:04 am
Allan Rosen from Sheepshead Bay says:
Sounds like there needs to be better enforcement against bad drivers. But the city is more interested in revenue than safety or improving traffic. I see double parked cars which block traffic not ticketed while double parked cars that do not block cars ticketed.

Those intent on breaking the law will do it whether the speed limit is 25 or 30. In fact, an unrealistic speed limit frustrates drivers more causing them to act more crazy. 25 is not the answer.
April 20, 2017, 7 am
Susan Berkowitz from Midwood says:
I'm sorry those drivers are frustrated but giving in to bad behavior ( increasing the speed limit) is not the answer. Raising the speed limit will cause accidents. I agree that all drivers doing wrong should be ticketed- all double parked cars. It's like telling a student who's failing- why study when you are going to fail anyway- forget about the class altogether and expect failure. Many drivers on Ocean Parkway drive crazily- how much more crazy can they get? It's a shame good drivers have to deal with rotten ones... and it's a shame pedestrians doing nothing wrong have to be afraid.
April 20, 2017, 9:56 am
Allan Rosen from Sheepshead Bay says:
As I said 25 mph for Ocean Parkway is just unrealistically low and causes drivers to get more frustrated so they will try to make every green light they can even if it means speeding up at intersections which is dangerous. So I maintain that a25 mph speed limit on Ocean Parkway is in fact even more dangerous than a 30 mph speed limit.
April 21, 2017, 9:28 am
Susan Berkowitz from Midwood says:
Drivers who get that frustrated because they will be getting to their destination minutes later need to calm down before getting behind the wheel. There is no excuse for speeding up at intersections! That's what happened to the late Mr. Alan Halter at the corner of Ocean Parkway and Avenue O. He was a pedestrian doing everything right when was hit by a speeding car. I stress that most drivers are decent but there is a substantial minority that are irresponsible.
April 21, 2017, 3:30 pm
Allan Rosen from Sheepshead Bay says:
Of course you are correct. Drivers shouldn't get frustrated and those who do shoukd not be behind the wheel. But in reality, they do get frustrated and they are behind the wheel.

Also, pedestrians shouldn't cross right in front of moving cars, but a few do that too. We don't live in a perfect world. If a 25 mph speed causes drivers to miss an additional five signals and adds to their frustration, that is not good.

There is no proof that the 25 mph limit made the road any safer. If accidents were down, that could be because of other measures that were taken like remarking clearer crosswalks and lengthening pedestrian cycles.
April 22, 2017, 8:34 am
Susan Berkowitz from Midwood says:
Alan, I'm glad we agree about frustrated drivers. Pedestrians who were not crossing in front of cars while they were moving have been hit when a car suddenly began moving. Also, the local police precincts do note that accidents have declined since the speed limit was lowered -more so than when adjustments were made to traffic lights and crosswalk markings.
April 24, 2017, 1:10 pm
Allan Rosen from Sheepshead Bay says:
There is no excuse for a stopped car to suddenly start moving and striking someone. That has to be a rare occurrence.

I would like to see a reference that traffic accidents have declined exclusively because of a lower speed limit.
April 25, 2017, 12:31 pm
Susan Berkowitz from Midwood says:
Cars stopping and then suddenly moving and striking someone happens much too often in the service roads of Ocean Parkway. A driver thinks he can speed right through and doesn't look for pedestrians ( who have the green light). Also, the police precincts that cover Ocean Parkway such as the 66th can provide you with the statistics showing that accidents have been less since the speed limit was reduced. I know the police are pleased not to have to respond to as many crashes.
May 1, 2017, 8:35 am
Allan Rosen from Sheepshead Bay says:
Before you said it was the main road where cars could not stop in time when the signal changes. When I gave you a simple solution to solve that problem, now you say the problem is in the service roads. Also most intersections on the service road has stop signs not signals, so I doubt someone is "speeding through" when you can't even do 20 mph on the service road.

And how is it working out with all those right turn bans from the main road? You realize I hope that that has greatly increased traffic on the service roads.

And I suppose you have been to all those precincts and have seen the lower crash statistics and know for a fact that no crosswalks gave been repainted or signal timings changed since the speed limit was lowered enabling you to make such a claim. To be certain it was just the speed limit, you would have to first convince me that cars are actually abiding by it and nothing else could have lowered the statistics. I was on Ocean Parkway last week during the day and I and everyone else were still cruising along safely at 30 mph.
May 2, 2017, 1:20 pm
Susan Berkowitz from Midwood says:
The problem is both on the main road and the service road. These drivers yes, speeding through has been a problem long before any right turn bans were even proposed. That is what happened to Alan Halter at Ocean Parkway and Avenue O.
No, I have not been to all those precincts but lower accident statistics have been reported COINCIDENTLY since the speed limit was lowered.
You see the issues as a driver. I see them as a pedestrian who always crosses with the light in the crosswalk, never looking down at a phone or with earphones. That is how those persons opposed to raising the speed limit see Ocean Parkway. Try being a pedestrian. I do not drive so I honestly can't see things as a driver I admit. Again, try crossing Ocean Parkway often as a plain old pedestrian.
May 3, 2017, 2:15 pm
Allan Rosen from Sheepshead Bay says:
No, I see the issues as a driver and as a pedestrian. You however, only see the pedestrian side which puts you at a distinct disadvantage. You have absolutely no idea how slow 25 mph is for a road like Ocean Parkway. If you were in a car, would you even know if someone is driving at 25 or 30 mph? I highly doubt it and believe you wouldn't even believe you were "speeding" at 30 mph.

You also have no idea what other measures were also taken in addition to lowering the speed limit, like repainting crosswalks and changing signal timings so you have no idea which measure or a combination of which measures actually lowered the accident rate. Since most drivers still drive at 30 mph when they are able to, it is doubtful that the 25 mph limit had any affect.

And no, most drivers do not believe all pedestrians are wearing headphones or looking at a phone when crossings. Sure, some do, but must do not.

And I have never had a problem as a pedestrian crossing Ocean Parkway.
May 3, 2017, 3:05 pm
Susan Berkowitz from Midwood says:
I sincerely believe that saving lives, both pedestrians and drivers, is more important than making frustrated drivers feel better. According to the Department of Transportation taking in consideration changing signal timing and repainting crosswalks had a minor impact on the number of accidents but lowering the speed limit did the trick. I'm glad you have never had a problem crossing Ocean Parkway- you are real lucky. If the speed limit goes up to 30 mph many drivers will go above that.
It says in the Talmud if you save one life it is as if you saved the whole world.
May 11, 2017, 8:35 am
Susan Berkowitz from Midwood says:
I was shocked and had to read Allan Rosen's latest letter twice in the current issue of this newspaper. No, most people do not jaywalk crossing Ocean Parkway- they know if they did they would be taking their life in their hands. I wish Mr. Rosen would stand at any corner on Ocean Parkway between Avenue H and Avenue U with a clipboard note how many persons jaywalk and how many cars speed through the intersection with a red light. These drivers would outnumber anyjaywalkers 10 to 1. They do not care about cameras. Also, despite what you say most bikers do wait for the light. They do not want to risk their lives. Also, petitions have been circulated among residents of Ocean Parkway and the neighboring streets stating that the speed limit should remain at 25 mph. These are residents who have to deal with Ocean Parkway every day not from other neighborhoods as you have said. Persons crossing Ocean Parkway in the crosswalk with the green light not looking down at a phone or with headphones are hit with speeding cars quite often. To say they were jaywalking is A LIE ( I am not calling Mr. Rosen a liar- but in this case he is very mistaken). Also, three subway lines parallel Ocean Parkway-
May 15, 2017, 7:54 am
Stan from Midwood says:
Here's the real problem in the area around Avenue J. People on cell phones! Many in the area have no respect for the people around them. Being barely able to drive with two hands, throw in a cell phone and something is bound to happen. Coney Island Avenue from Ave. J to K is a parking lot. Double parking when there is a parking spot. No regard for those trying to navigate that stretch of road.
Tell Simcha Felder to take a hike. And, Vision Zero works both ways. Pedestrians need to wake up!
May 30, 2017, 1:32 pm
Philip McManus from Queens says:
Hi Peter, the bike Nazi from Brooklyn. Who has a mental problem? I think you need a little anger management course. Really? You can't control yourself can you? "STFU" That's not nice. You sound like a bike Nazi. I believe in freedom of speech and expression. I disagree with you but I would never tell you to STFU. That's so bike Nazi rude. You obviously hate people who disagree with you. I suggest you keep riding your bike in heavy traffic and see what happens to those who think they can stop a three ton truck. Lol! I think you're a little suicidal and a little foolish.
We all know you want to force people onto overcrowded buses and trains so you can ride your bike more. We should share our roadways and steal them with exclusive empty bike lanes.
We support all commuters while you support the bike Nazis.
We also support fair enforcement for all commuters who break the law including jaywalkers and wrong way cyclist who run over jaywalkers. Lol. How many pedestrians did you hit and run away from this year? Come on let's be honest. How many red lights do you run through every day and you think that's right? How many people who drive have you cursed at after you recklessly broke a traffic rule?
Silly little bike Nazi. Lol. You'll be sorry when you run a red light going the wrong way in the middle of a street that you refuse to ride in the bike lane. That never happens right? Lol.
I think we should ticket cyclist who ride outside of bike lanes, drive too close to moving vehicles and use cell phones while riding the wrong way through a red light. Lol! Bike boy Nazis are so sensitive. Seriously, please be careful. I love riding my bike too. I also drive, walk, run, skate, take a bus, taxi, train and a ferry. I'm a real commuter.
June 8, 2017, 5:03 am

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