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To the editor,

Poem for “Let Us Hear From You” Section:

“Dyker Lights”

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, is a place of renown,

When Christmas time comes, it’s the talk of the town.ç

There are huge decorations lit up in lights,

It makes houses and lawns brighten the nights.

Cars and tour buses line up on each block,

It’s worse than Manhattan on days of Gridlock!

Extra police are brought in to keep large crowds in hand,

Don’t be surprised to see a food vendor stand,

A committee was formed to stop this public display.

They all want these strangers to “please go away”!

Now I’m not a curmudgeon, but each year it gets worse.

How do you stop this neighborhood curse?

Strangers ring doorbells all hours of the night,

They want use of your bathroom without an invite!

Others sneak in dark driveways where no one can see,

Then they get that strong urge to take a long pee.

When this holiday fiasco does finally end,

Can neighbors make up and be good friends again?Mario D’Elia


Less could be more

To the editor

Steven Danko got it right. My brother lives in northern Florida, in a small sub-division, which was having the same Christmas problems as Dyker Heights. Residents of the sub-division would go all out decorating their houses, front yards, back yards and whatever.

A few years ago, the newspaper and local news TV programs started to announce the neighborhoods in town that were festively decorated; that’s when the problems started. Many nights before Christmas, small streets were overwhelmed with cars, people on foot, blocked driveways etc., much like Dyker Heights. They pleaded, to no avail, to the local news agencies to stop promoting their area as a Christmas sightseeing attraction. So the sub-division took matters into their own hands and cut the decorating to simple wreaths, a couple of strings of lights etc. Problem solved.Richard Hecht

Bay Ridge.

Random insights

To the editor,

Much of the leadership in these no longer united states is ethically bankrupt, exhibits little to no aspects of an humanistic approach to leadership.

This has, in turn, eroded much of a vibrant, creative cultural ethos that once existed.

Here are a few recent examples of what is on my mind:

1. In recent news: a GOP tax bill proposes a repeal of a tax credit for teachers who buy school supplies so that they can do their job properly because monies allocated by government are not nearly enough. With respect to education in general, funding and expectations have been lowered in many parts of this country for a long time now; creating uneducated, incapable of thinking-for-themselves individuals.

2. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: re his contract extension, is seeking the following: 5-year deal at $50 million; lifetime use of a private jet; lifetime health insurance for his family. Many laud, find this inspiring.

3. A non-stop barrage of “talent” shows that promote the notion that faster is better. I am of the belief, via experience, that these shows decry the true reality that far more often than not, real knowledge, expertise, talent and creativity does not (just) come fast, but instead evolves; is aged like a good wine over time ... which leads to my last example herein:

4. I just read that popular gossip columist Liz Smith died at age 94. Please note that this last piece is not about Liz Smith. In the early-mid 80s I had occasion to run into Liz Smith at Rockefeller Center, New York City when we both did work for NBC-TV. Smart, Southern raised charm, and funny; who realized that “realistica­lly, what I do is pretty insignific­ant” ... which leads to my last point:

Why is our cultural ethos, mainstream media, so narrowly-focused on the inane when there are so many folks with real achievements that actually improve mankind and our environment in many ways; thus our quality of life?

Interestingly I recently came to learn the word wastrel [n]; a wasteful person, spendthrift.

There is far too much of this in our cultural wasteland defined by a class divide that is drifting further and further apart; where there is wealth held by individuals that could last thousands of lifetimes, if in a world that is colored by humanist and ecological values and endeavors; rather than the tawdry and/or inane.That is all.Barry Brothers


Crass in class

To the editor,

What is being done in the case where two boys are accused of attempting to blow up their school — PS/I.S. 202?

As always, right away we hear from an education spokesperson, who never taught a day, but knows everything. They always state that the matter is troubling, an investigation is being conducted and that’s the end of it. The public is never made aware of the outcome.

I can’t stop laughing when the Mayor and Chancellor “boast” about graduation rates in the city being higher. Even if that were the case, how many high school graduates need remediation courses when they enter college?

Sure, the rates are up as standards are eased and those drop-outs who subsequently get their GED degree are counted in the higher graduation rate.

It’s really a shame that tax-payer money is wasted and schools are allowed to deteriorate by the ultra liberals who want to give unlimited freedom to all students and are more concerned with the rights of the troublemakers than those students who come to school to learn.

As always, the UFT is out to lunch in these matters. Having been removed from the classroom since Eisenhower was president, they just don’t want to rock the boat. How do you allow class sizes to be high when you have ATR teachers who were excellent pedagogues, but demoted and relegated to substitute duty because their schools were downsized, and they found themselves excessed or had differences with school administrators over pedagogical methodology? Bringing these teachers back would certainly alleviate the class size situation. When these teachers complain, the UFT says to them: “Be grateful you’re working and after all, you still get all the benefits as the regular teachers do.”

Ed Greenspan

Sheepshead Bay

Done with Schumer

To the editor,

Taxpayers have nothing to celebrate for Senator Charles Schumer this November. He continues to raise millions of dollars from trial lawyers, Wall Street and other special interest “Pay for Play” friends. He proudly boasts of billions in financial assistance “treats” from Washington brought back to New York but never tells voters where the money to pay for this came from.

Since 1981, under Schumer’s watch as both a Congress member and Senator our national debt went up by $19 trillion. It increased from $1 trillion in 1981 to $20 trillion today. Schumer never talks about this at his standard Sunday news conferences or campaign reelection commercials. It is nothing to be proud of.

What is really scary is the trillions more in national debt that he continues to support as Democratic United States Senate Minority leader. Imagine how much worse it could grow if he ever became Democratic United States Senate Majority leader.

In 2016 like the cowardly lion from the Land of Oz, Schumer came out against the proposed treaty with Iran but with a wink and nod to President Obama refused to lobby his fellow Senators in joining him to oppose the treaty. Many Jewish and non Jewish friends of Israel will never forget or forgive his abdication of leadership on this issue.

Larry Penner

Great Neck

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Updated 1:34 am, July 10, 2018
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